Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fresh slate

This long holiday weekend, I decided to actually accomplish something - instead of parking my behind on my comfy couch the whole time. I woke up about 8:00, and slumped out onto the couch. Yeah, yeah....I couldn't totally neglect the couch, I might have hurt it's feelings...duh! :-)

Anyway, Mel and Sheila got me hooked on the television show Ghost Hunters while we were at their house last. I'd set the DVR on our TV to record past episodes. So, I watched one or two of those....made myself an English muffin...and decided to head downstairs. Once down there, I changed into clothes worthy of getting dirty and went to work. My mission, revamping of the home gym. If I'm going to start using it, I may as well get the space so that it's welcome and inviting. I mean, if rearranging the space makes me want to use it more, I may as well do it!

Currently, the basement arrangement is as follows....going from west to east. Weight bench on the western most side, in the middle (north side) is the treadmill (facing East), in the middle (southern side) is a 4x3 section of those cushy kids playroom mats, and on the Eastern most side of the room is the entertainment center.

My plan, move the blue mats to where the weight bench is, creating a more relaxed yoga/Pilates, etc area. Put the entertainment unit pieces on a smaller TV cart with casters where the treadmill is. Casters will allow it to point to either the yoga area, or the treadmill. Both the weight bench and the treadmill or going to be moved to the East side of the room.

I had to do a little 'shell game' action to get everything moved, without having to move everything from the room, and then back in - I actually accomplished it with little to no cussing. Can you believe that??? :-)

I ran to Target and Walmart just after eating lunch...for a small bookcase, to match the new smaller TV cart - to put dvd's and such upon. I also ended up getting a can of paint and supplies. I mean, while I'm at it, I may as well go all out!!!!

I hate painting, anyone who knows me, knows this. After buying this house, my buddy Robin and I almost double handedly :-) painting the whole darn thing...every single room. I hoped to never have to paint again. But this basement has been neglected too long. It's a really nice space actually...with a ton of potential...but I've been avoiding the whole rearranging/painting project for a long time. It's supposed to be 90 degrees all weekend, what a great time to hide in a cool basement.

With the boost of two hot dog meals, veggie/potato chip things, and energy drinks, I ended getting everything done in one day - instead of the whole weekend. Three cheers for chemical laden energy drinks...hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray!!!!!!!

I painted the whole darned room. Wow!!! What a difference!!!!

Here....let me post some pics of the final product, pictures speak much louder than words!!!!

First you will see the view (from both the north and south vantage) showing the east wall where the entertainment center was.

Next, I'll show you the middle of the room, the TV and bookcase are sitting along the wall that the treadmill was up against...

And last, but not least, my favorite area....the yoga/Pilates, etc area. You aren't disrupted by anything going on up the stairs (which are just to the left of this area. I can be doing yoga and Pilates moves, that look completely goofy, without worrying about Mot peeking his head around the corner, laughing at me. :-) (hehehe)

Obviously, Morgan finds the area comfy as well. :-)

Now, maybe later this weekend, I'll tackle the basement on the opposite side of the wall. The laundry area DESPERATELY needs some help. The walls are just drywall brownish, and the ceiling is pepto pink. I would love to paint it a light, happy green. Something to brighten it up. But, if I paint in there, I'm also going to have to prime (which I didn't do in the gym, since the walls were already white)...and I'll have to paint the ceiling. Of which I just can't even imagine having to do. So, just organizing it might be enough for now. :-) Let's see how motivated I am the rest of the weekend for that. Getting the gym rearranged and painted might just be it for motivation this weekend. :-)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Free at last, free at last!!!


Last day of boot camp...well, last day of this one. I would love to do another (ugh), but will wait and see how working out on my own goes.

I pretty much knew what we'd be doing today, before I got there. Near the beginning of the class, we had to run a mile, and record our times. Today, was the mile again, for comparison. Too bad my comparison was without and now with shin splints. :-( I didn't care though, was going to do it one way or the off I went.

I chose jogging over actually running. I personally think it's more jarring to the body, but it's a different jarring. It put more pressure on my knees and my calf muscles...and less on the fronts of my legs. So, I jogged most of it. I say most...because I was being good and stopping when I felt it really starting to hurt.

My goal was to keep my original time...and I was pretty close. 10 seconds slower not running it...but that only means that I would have blown it away, if my legs were up to I'm happy with that!!!!

After running, she also had us do push ups...for comparison. Wow!!!! What I difference I could tell there. Seriously!!!!! I was going down much further, and I did a ton more than at the beginning of the camp. I was pretty impressed.

All in all, a VERY great experience. It made me realize some things about myself. #1, my pain threshold, when it comes to some things, is much highly than I realize, and I should probably watch out...I'll end up hurting myself, when I should stop and rest #2, sweating actually feels...well...rewarding #3, I HATE running when it's dark out, but running when it's cold enough to see your breath rocks!! (that was this's August, right??) #4, 4:30 is way to early in the morning - there's just no question about it #5, there is hope for my flabby thighs :-) :-) :-)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Adventure Boot Camp - Day 18


Here's the shirt that we got for this camp. She told us they had their interns design it for them this time around. The front just has the name of the camp and stuff...but this is the back. I thought it was pretty clever really.

So...I went in to the camp early this morning. I know, how much earlier can it get, right???

Everyone starts doing their final weigh-in's these next couple of days. I went ahead and put myself down for the slot this morning, instead of having to come in Friday night after work. All in all, with all of the injuries I've had to deal with, the results weren't TOO bad.

Let's see...what are the highlights??? Lost 1.5 inches around waist, lost .75 inches on my hips, my legs and arms are basically the same. Actually, my arms evened out. I know, that sounds funny. But with my shoulder surgery and such, my arms were not even in measurements - but they are now. She said that was really good. My weight went down by 3 lbs, which is a little under what I wanted - I wanted a pound a week - so 4 pounds minimum. But, the not being able to run really kinda hurt that.

Then she got out those darn pincher things to do my body fat composition comparison measurements. I lost 2 'points' on my triceps, 4 'points' on my abs and 10 'points' on my thighs.

All in all, not too bad, considering.

I'd really like to sign up and do the next camp.....but that's quite a bit of money. If I can keep myself motivated (yeah right!) for the am workout thing, then I won't spend the money. But if I slip off again, I'll sign up for the next one. :-)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Adventure Boot Camp - Day 16,17


Well, I tried running a little today. I wasn't in agony, but I didn't run far. Actually, it was more of a "really hesitant jog" than anything. I stopped when it started hurting, and I did about half a lap around the parking I guess that's an improvement.

Today was 50's day. 50 of everything we did. Our trainer had her impacted wisdom teeth out on Friday, and was still in quite a bit of pain this morning, so she picked a format that would allow her the least amount of talking as possible.

50 lateral dumbbells raises (holy heck!), 50 forward lunges (on each leg), 50 reverse arm curls, 50 lateral squats (each leg), 50 Arnold presses, 50 squat/overhead dumbbell raises. I think I'm forgetting a few things in there, but you get the point. Then, we ran.....then we came back and did it all over again. After pushing a car around on Friday, riding my bike at full speed for an hour on Sunday, and then this thighs are mush...and my shoulders are hot. I bet they're going to hurt like crazy tomorrow. :-(


Had PT last night after work. They both tell me that my muscles are all doing what they should be, everything is pretty darn strong...and they don't know why I still have the shin splints. Oh, wait until they get to know me body is anything but normal!!!!!

I slept on the couch last night. No, there was no fighting in the Weaver household....but Mot was driving me crazy. His computer crashed yesterday, and now he thinks he shouldn't have bought the bike. He's in worry mode....I'm used to it, but it means he won't LAY STILL in bed. Toss and turn, itch and scratch, twitch, flip.....argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He woke me up when my alarm woke him up. I usually hit snooze once (yes, only once now, can you believe that??)...but since he just shut it off and came out to wake me, I didn't get my snooze today. Bummer!!!! Those are the most glorious 9 minutes ever!!!!!!!!!

So, I arrive at the park, 5 minutes earlier than I normally do.....and normally I'm there about 10 minutes before anyone else. It doesn't matter how slow I drive, I'm always early. Guess it's better than being late. :-)

We start off with our normal 2 lap run around the parking lot. I ran it. Well, I jogged it. Well....I really don't know what you'd call it. It was faster than a walk....but probably really ugly looking. I made it around both laps with this new 'running' style. But, I could feel my shins starting to complain. The workout today was good. At one point we did chariot rides. Basically, you take a strength training band, and get into pairs. One person puts the band around their waist, the other holds on. They provide tension as the one person runs. I did it, it hurt...but not too bad. Next up, just running sprints. My partner is one of the older, out of shape ladies in the I knew we weren't going to be breaking any record no pressure for me. I tried it. I didn't sprint, just 'jogged' up and back. But on the way back, my face was all scrunched up, and I was saying 'ouch, ouch, ouch' under my breath. Probably not the best way to hide the pain.....the boot camp lady busted me on it. "Jen, I heard that....don't do this if it hurts." Yeah, she kinda said it like I was two years old...I deserved it. But darn it, I'm stubborn, and this is getting really, really old!!!!!!!!!!

We got our camp tshirts today. I put XL for the size I wanted. These XL are like hockey player over their gear XL. Holy crap. With a pair of heels and a belt, I could wear that thing for evening wear. Bummer. I'll try shrinking it, see if that works. It's a really cool tshirt. I'll have to post a picture if I think about it.

After getting home and showered...I stood in my closet staring at my clothes. "What do I have left to wear that I can make look somewhat decent with tennis shoes?" This is where I entered the "I really don't care anymore, it's not getting better anyway, so why do I have to wear dorky tennis shoes to work today, what good does it do" phase. (I hit this with my shoulder surgery as well. It wasn't tennis shoes then, it was that darn sling. Ugh!!!) I went to Target over the lunch hour with Robin last week sometime, and found an outfit on clearance, (well, the skirt was on clearance at least)....anyway, I hadn't gotten a chance to wear it yet. So I put it on, along with a pair of nice high heels that I hadn't been able to wear yet either.

By the time I'd left the house, I'd completely changed clothes, and have on more appropriate shoes. My legs weren't hurting, but the guilt was getting to me. The heeling part is slow, and heels aren't going to help matters. Ugh! I hate being responsible. :-( Granted, I'm not wearing tennis shoes.....a little compromise never hurt anyone, right???

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Sundays, they're weird things, aren't they?? Today was the epitime of Sunday to me. The only thing missing was waking up to my dad playing country music way too loud. It was his way of telling the family that he was awake, and the rest of us should be as well. But you know, as much as I hated it then, I smile when I think about it now. It also usually meant that we'd be cleaning the house until noon....but again, I smile when thinking about it now. I'm sure it has something to do with why I have to be listening to music if I want to clean effectively. (but NOT country) :-) Now, contrary to what the beginnning of this blog entry may make you think, I did NOT clean my house today...nor did I wake up listening to music. Actually, it's 6:10 pm, and I just got done watching a well......intersting movie. If you know me, or when you get to know me, you'll find that movies and me aren't always good things. I'm an emotional leach....if the movie is happy, I'm happy....if the movie is angry, I'm angry....if the movie is sad...well, you get the picture. But, no matter what the movie genre may be..or what emotional journey it may take me on....I still usually end up the same way. Emotionally drained....and a blubbering idiot. Now, take into account, this usually only happens if I'm watching the movie alone. With someone to chaparone me, I'm as normal (as I can get) when the movie is complete.

You know what, let me back up, and take you to the beginning of my day. Up at all hours of the night, because my psycotic cat insists on playing with everything she can find (or imagine) all night long. This is the second night of it (Tom insists that it's every night, I just usually sleep through it)...but anyway, for the sake of my story, it's the second night in a row of the feline madness in our bedroom. Of all the rooms in the house that they can play in, ours is the one they pick. Nala ends up in bed sleeping with us eventually....but Morgan considers the room her playground....and everything in it is fair game!!!!!

At 8:00, I finally drag myself out of bed, put on some workout clothes, and go into the garage to load up the bikes. Inny (my sister Cindy) and I decided to go bike riding. She is currently without bike, and using Tom's. We load up and head for the local metro bike path that goes all the way through town. After riding for 30 minutes, we turned around and headed back. An hour workout...burned more calories than I do in my early am torture. Can you believe that??? I guess I'm going to have to start loading up my bike in the am's once boot camp is done??? legs were done when we got back to the Jeep...after pushing a vehicle around Friday thighs were complaining. :-) The end of the trail starts near my house....far enough away that you have to drive there...but it's not far. It's actually listed as the lesser used end of the trail..and also the most scenic (well, as scenic as biking in the middle of Omaha, NE can be anyway)....and we met very few people. I was pleasantly surprised actually. The trail was gorgeous....the people were all friendly (the men more than the women, go figure)....there were restrooms and water fountains every not and then even. Quite nice!!!! After unloading the bikes back at the house, Inny (her nickname has a be told later I'm sure) left for home, and I came in for some brunch.

I watched TV, and then thought about getting something done around the house....decided against it. Watched a couple of movies on TV, that we own, and I could watch sans commercials...but didn't want to get up to get them and put them I was 'one with the commercials' today. All in all, my day after 10:00 am was pretty much a waste. Like, I did nothing at all.

The last movie was one I actually got up to put in...Waitress. Little slice of life movie....not really happy, not really sad. Just a movie, that I'll probably never watch again...but I don't consider it 2 hours of my life I'll never get back. The leading lady was in a relationship that she hated, that she feared, and that she eventually got out of. Those kinds of movies always make me think. No matter how bad life seems sometimes, it's really not all that bad. I mean, I have a roof over my head....that's actually mine, and it's not made of tin. I have a job that pays me every week...maybe not as much as it should pay, but it's pay none the less. I'm healthy...well, half of my body parts are currently on strike, but I'm still reletively healthy when it all comes down to it. I have two cats that are awesome personalilities, and at least one of them likes me. Three dogs that are pretty well behaved, but not spoiled nearly as much as they should be. But, most importantly, I have a hubby that loves me like no other. After a handful of long, and horrible relationships, I had a hard time believing that he actually loved me. He wasn't out to use me, abuse me, cheat on me, or anything like that. He just loves me. Wants to be around me (well, unless there's a computer within a 5 mile radious of his current position). :-)

I bought him a bike this weekend. A motorcycle to be more specific....I wrote an entry and put a picture in, in case you haven't seen it already. I love seeing the smile on his face....and I dread the speeding tickets he's bound to get. In fact, here's an intersting story. He called me today, as we were unloading the bikes. He said that when he pulled into the fire station this morning, a cop with his lights on pulled in right behind him. Said he's actually radared him on the interstate. Ugh! He told Tom that he wasn't speeding, but he really needed to be careful....the bike looks like it's going alot faster than it actually is. Now, to make this information even more funny....on my blog about the bike, I wrote about him taking me for a ride. It may have only been 10 minutes long....but the talk we had when we got back was much longer...much, much longer. If we weren't at a stoplight, he was speeding!!!! I told him that after buying the bike, we can't afford to pay the tickets...and he needs to slow his ass down, or I'm selling the damn thing. So...the cop stopping to talk to him might have actually been a good thing. I also really dont' want to be a widow this early in life. Especially if I'm not the one killing him. (hehehehe)

So, here I sit....6:30 pm on Sunday. I have to get up early for the last week of boot camp tomorrow morning. I'm going to try running and see how it goes. Wish me luck with that!!! I really need to go downstairs and do laundry. I really need to put all the dishes in the dishwasher, and put the clean ones undoubtly in there already away.

I've been down in the basement multiple times today. I have all of these things that need done down there....but once I get there, I have no energy to do them. I have this dream of getting our home gym arranged so it's more functional.....but just don't know what to do with it. I have all of these dreams of putting up shelves and such down there, so that the stuff we have (and don't need - but can't seem to bring ourselves to get rid of) away in an organized fashion....aka, I'd like to be able to move no more than 1 item to get to what I need.

Here I go....what a rambling entry this is.....but my mind just reels with mindless thoughts when I get done watching a movie on Sunday afternoon by myself. Sometimes I just need to say things out loud (so to speak).

Well.....I'm off. Household duties call!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mot's New Toy

Yep...that's's pretty isn't it??? :-)
This morning we get up with no plans. The Ducati dealership in Omaha is having their annual tent sale and my company picnic is this afternoon....after that, sitting on the couch being a bum maybe?

We headed out about 8:30, stopped at Brueggers for breakfast (the store bought it for us when they found out Tom is a fireman, that's always so nice!!) The Ducati event started at 10, so we headed that way. Figured we'd drool over the bikes for a couple hours, buy a tshirt, then head to the picnic. 2:00, we left the dealership....I was in the Jeep, Tom was on his new baby. It's a 2004, the owner bought it brand new in 2006, put 2200 miles on it, then traded it in for the newest Ducati release. He also bought the 5 year extended warranty, so it still has 3 years left on it. The price was right, the color was what he we went for it. He's been looking at this bike for years and years. Actually, Ducati discontinued it last they don't make it any more. I thought he was going to cry the day he found that out. it sits in our driveway....and Mot has the biggest grin ever on his face. We were going to get him one this spring....and with the deal that was presented to us today, August is close enough to spring for me! :-)

He took me on a ride. This bike IS NOT made for hauling passengers. Yes, the thing might have that 'seat' on the back...but it's just for looks. Hello!!!!!! You feel like you're seventy feet in the air, and there's nothing to hold onto, but the driver. And if you hold onto him, your helmets smack each other. My butt was sliding around all over the place.....I was craning my neck to keep my helmet from hitting his...and I was trying to simultaneously grip my hands together for dear life - and put my hands on the tank to keep myself from pushing on him too much. My arms were jelly, and my neck was mush when we got back. Good thing I'm going to buy my own next year after I take the drivers test...because this thing (as we both new when buying it) is NOT for passengers. Well....unless you're 16, weigh 107 pounds, and are 4'11". :-) :-) :-)

Now, having said all that....I will now say HOLY SHIT!!! What an awesome f*cking bike. He wanted a bike by his 40th, and I beat that by 9-10 months. Big time browny points for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ducati 749, birthday 08/23/08.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Adventure Boot Camp - Day 14, 15

Missing one day stinks...getting up the next morning is HORRIBLE!!! But I did it. I wish I hadn't missed yesterday. :-) Today was mostly legs....ok, it was ALL legs. Squats, ice skaters, lateral squats, three way squats, run up 'the hill', wall sits, run back down 'the hill', burpies, sprints (quick walks for me), walking squats forwards and backwards....then it started all over again....and again. I think we only actually did the rotation twice, but it took us up to almost our hour. The last ten minutes was abs. I sweated my life away today, and burned 100 more calories than I have been since I stopped running. It really does feel good, being active and getting healthy. I don't notice ANY difference in my body...but I made it all the way through both sets of wall sits without stopping. So that's improvement. I just wish I was seeing more results. You know???

2:00 pm.....I could lay my head down on my desk right now, and sleep that way all afternoon. Man I'm tired. Like, I need to curl up under my desk tired. Or on top of my desk....I really don't care which. They say that working out gives you more, ummm.....when does that start? Was it a form I didn't get filled out? :-)

Wow, she just keeps hitting us with new things. Today was the 'big push'. We had to push her car around the park roads....up hills (but not down - she coasted to the bottom and waited for us to catch up to her). She divides us into teams of people.....and the teams will trade off pushing the car around...the goal is to not let it stop. So.....that nightmare that everyone has comes true....she divides everyone into even teams...I'm last, odd man out. She explains to everyone that she's hesitant to let me do that stuff today, because it involves running. The good thing about her announcement, is that she told everyone what is wrong with now I don't (totally) look like the wuss who never runs. each team pushes, the others run along behind the car....switching every 30 seconds or so. Since I can't run...I'm just to walk around the HUGE loop of road we're using, and join in when the car gets to me. Sounds great and all....but it takes quite a while to get around the these teams are pushing quite a bit....and I only push when the car makes it back around to my walking arse.

I ended up going cross country, over the hills and through the woods, back and I could catch the car on each side of the loop. It worked out nicely, they were dying by the time I got to them, and I could provide support. I actually got the car going so quickly I had to stop pushing, because it was going at a running pace. That thing I'm not supposed to do. Ugh!!!!

After wearing tennis shoes all week, and not legs really do feel much better. Now - when do I start doing things again??? How do you know when it's healed?? If I did this for a week, and then try running and re-hurt them...and have to do it all over again...I'll cry. :-) :-)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Joker Made Me Squirm

Tom, an old buddy of his, and I went to see the newest Batman movie last night. It was really good...but it gave me a stomach ache. It's no wonder Heath Ledger is gone....they say he puts everything into his roles, and becomes his characters. If he put his head 100% into the Joker role, I would want to rid myself of this world as well. What a good job he does playing a complete psychopath!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh!! I literally had a stomach ache watching this movie. It made me uneasy, uncomfortable, and it actually almost made me want to leave the theater. Yet - I call it a good movie. I know, I'm crazy!!!! I don't want to say anything about the movie, in case I give anything away to those of you who haven't seen it....but wow!!! Unnerving.

No Adventure Today - Day 13

Yes, that's right....I didn't go today. Bad Jen!!! Tom kept me up all night, tossing and turning, itching and scratching....ugh! Men!!!! By 1:00 am, I still hadn't gotten to sleep, and I have to get up at 4:30 for boot camp. So....I turned off my alarm and slept through camp today. I really, really hated doing it....and I felt guilty even while sleeping. But I would have been completely worthless.

My legs felt soooo much better yesterday, after wearing tennis shoes all day. I've got them on looks so silly wearing dress clothes with these things....BUT....if it gets me healed quicker, I'll do anything!!!!!! :-)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Adventure Boot Camp - Day 11,12

First day of the third week....I'm over half way done now. Not being able to run like everyone else is really bumming me out, but I just have to deal with it, right??? I'm still burning decent calories....I just feel like a real loser when the 50+ year old lady who can't run, is running more than I am. You know? As I walk, I wonder if I'm doing more damage by even just walking. I mean, it hurts still, but nothing like running. Do I have to stop 100% to make these things go away?

Today was just like any other day...nothing really wowing to report. She DID have us do wall sits today, lots and lots and lots of them. If you don't know what that is....walk up to a wall, turn around so your back is along the wall.....put your feet out in front of you about 2 feet....while leaning against the wall, bend your knees to a 90 degree angle. Now stay there....FOREVER!!! It's cool for the first minute...then your legs start to burn....and burn....and burn. And, if that isn't enough, she had us doing dumbbell work while in this position. OMG!!!!! We were all about in tears, truly! Then, when you're done....she has us run. This is where I really felt bad...I mean, the other ladies are dying because they have to run. And here I am walking. I look like the biggest wuss ever!!!! Argh!! :-)

I found a can of bug spray at home last week sometime....made all the difference in the world. Working out, by a lake...without bug stuff's kinda like suicide via mosquitoes. I am proud to report, that I've got no new bites in the last few days. Thank goodness!!! :-)

Today would have been a really good workout....and I probably would have enjoyed it - had it not been for my body in it's current state of revolt!!!! We took off on the trail around the lake....running (well, walking for me) for 3 minutes, then stops to do torturous activities for a few minutes (squats, lunges, etc, etc). At one point of my walk (argh!!), I came around the corner of the trail, and stopped dead in my tracks. The trail, as I said, winds around the lake...but at this particular spot, we were on a peninsula and we didn't know it. The trees between us and the lake had cleared....and the lake was in full view. We were literally on the edge of the lake, and the sun was starting to come up a little. Fog was hovering over the water, the lake was glass, and you could hear birds of all kinds singing. It was pretty, no other words for it. I really need to start coming out to this lake to workout on my own. The trail around the lake (about 4 miles in total I think) is new, and very nice. In the hour we were there, we only saw 4 other people total. One guy and his hunting dog, running around, enjoying the freedom of no leash - he was only a blur!! :-) One guy was riding his bike, and one couple were out walking.

My physical therapist asked me in therapy last night, what kind of shoes I wear to work. I told her that it's an office, so business casual is the least amount of dressy I can get away with. She asked if I could wear my tennis shoes...and I told her I could if I needed to. She told me I might want to think about doing that. Ok, I thought about it.....but that was about it.

Then, this morning, the boot camp instructor was walking with me along the trail for a while...she asked what kind of shoes I wear at work. HELLO!!! Geezzz....I guess I'll start wearing the darn tennis shoes for a while. (hehehehe) So, here I slacks, turquoise top, and tennis shoes (but, my shoes do have turquoise on them, does that count?)....just not the look I like to have....but if it makes my legs better, then I'm all for it!!!!!!!!

Now, for the highlight of the morning. As we were all getting into our vehicles to drive away, I noticed that putting the key in the Jeep's ignition was not turning on any dash lights....and not only that, turning the key was not starting the vehicle. No clicks, pops, buzzes...nada! Well..that's not cool...everyone is gone, and my new (to me) vehicle is dead. After a quick glance to make sure no one was looking - dead vehicles are always embarrassing, I popped the hood and messed around with the battery cables (hoping I wasn't going to electrocute myself). Luckily, whatever it was that I did, made a noise like a spark....and then I could hear the Jeep dinging because the door was open. I tried to start it, and it went dead again. After two or three times of messing with that same battery cable, and then trying to start finally did start. Hmmmmm......looks like that battery connection needs a good cleaning. And here I am without a can of Coca-Cola. :-)

When I got home, Tom was taping (Gorilla Glue tape rocks by the way!!!!) the bumper of my car so it would survive another trip to and from work. Then, he got to work cleaning off that battery cable connection. He took it out to drive around while I was getting ready for work...and when I got out of the shower, he was home. He seems pretty darn confident that the corroded battery cable was the issue, but wanted me to still take the car, so he could drive the Jeep all day...and see if it ever repeated the error. Hopefully it doesn't, so I can drive it...and he can take my car in to get it's rear repaired. :-)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

And the home of the brave.

Kind of a strange title to this post...but it was a strange thing that it fits. I had a nightmare last night. It was a short one...but boy was it a doosey!

In my dream, things were just like they were in real life. It was late at night and dark out. I was laying in bed alone, Tom was at work. I had just fallen asleep when something wakes me up. I open my eyes, and there's a person standing there staring at me. It's so dark in that room, I can't make out a face.....but I can tell it's a person. Right there!!!! Maybe 2-3 feet from my bed. Argh!!! It was a child....maybe 10 ish...and it was a boy. And that boy was evil. I couldn't make out any facial features, he was just a silhouette in the dark...but I could still tell he was completely evil.

Then, my dream self totally surprises me....I lunge at the boy. I actually throw myself out of bed to attack him. I wasn't going to give him the chance to attack me first. As I throw myself at him, I'm yelling...screaming...whatever you want to call it. It was almost a battle cry....ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

I woke up before I made contact. In truth, my screaming woke me up...I was actually screaming out loud. The cat was looking at me like I was crazy!!!!!

Now, when Tom isn't home, this is usually when I go and get my teddy bear. The little guy keeps the dreams away. If I go right back to bed, I have a habit of just returning to the dream/nightmare....and I didn't want to revisit that one!!!!!! But, since teddy was in the same direction as the little boy...I just laid there. I never sleep on that side, but I did the whole night. I was NOT turning to look that direction...not for all the tea in China!!!!!

So....checklist....I ate nothing before bed...I was watching women's beach volleyball before bed - no horror movies...I took no drugs and drank zero alcohol that night. I really, honestly, truly believe that after the frustrating day I had yesterday.....that little boy represented the things causing my frustration. Torn calf muscles, shin splints, work.....and I, in my dream, tackled those problems head on. There was NO way I was going to let him win.

As corny as it sounds, I'm guessing I'm probably pretty close to the truth. Because, I'm NEVER brave in my dreams. In my nightmares, I'm a wuss....and I run.

Adventure Boot Camp - Day 9 and 10

OK, I admit it....I was a little whinny yesterday. But, if you were smart - you didn't read it anyway!! :-) :-) I pretty much had myself convinced that I wasn't going to be able to get anything out of this camp, if I couldn't commit myself to it fully....but I woke up this morning, with my normal attitude in tow. I decided I'd do everything, but the running....and see what happened.

It actually went pretty well. As I was completing my first lap around the parking lot for warmup (and everyone else was coming up behind me running their second) I told the instructor that I felt like such a goober. She assured me that I wasn't....that I was doing exactly what I should be doing...and that it was good I didn't quit and give up just because of this one hurdle. Hell - ONE hurdle? I could win in the Olympic track and field event of hurdles right now!!!!!!!!

Anyway, the rest of the hour went well. I did try to run one section. They had cones set up, and they were racing from one cone to the other (uphill). I tried one section - running in the grass - as it's a softer surface, and was recommended on some of the online sites I was reading the other day. Yeah - well......that was the only section....and I was in pure agony the rest of the time there this morning....and it was really, really bad on the way home. I put ice on it and took some's much better now. So...lesson learned....NO running, whatsoever...until this heals. Darn it!!!!!!! :-)

You know, I never thought I would complain about not being able to run. That's a first!!!! :-) On another good note, I'm noticing a difference in myself, and my fitness. We did lateral squats across the parking lot again today, and they were MUCH, MUCH easier than when we've done them before. And this time, we were paired up....when one person was doing the squats across the lot, the other person had a resistance band around your waist providing more resistance (like we needed any more). :-) :-)

Day 1 of no running. I wasn't in tears on the way home. I'm burning roughly 100 fewer calories per workout by not running....but the paybacks are much better. I'm half way through the camp...and it's getting easier and easier to get up. I feel better at work, even though I'm dragging a$$ because of how tired I am. I've started the habit of falling asleep in the evenings again. If it was cooler out, I'd probably find a park at lunch and take a nap. I'm trying to think if anything really good happened today...and nothing is sticking out to me. It was a hellish workout, but that's what we're there for, right?????

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hell on Earth, Day 8

OK....this blog entry is basically a "poor me" you can just skip it and read the next one I write. I just need to get this out of my system...and I'm not one to go crying to people about my problems. I try to stay strong for others around me....but staying strong for myself just isn't going to work.

I kept falling asleep on the couch last night. We went to the shoe store for new running shoes, then to the grocery it wasn't like I sat on the couch like a slug when I walked in the door. But I was STILL falling asleep when I finally made it there. Then, I went to bed at 9:00...and actually fell asleep at 9:00....slept straight through...and could NOT get up when my alarm went off.

I stopped at wally world on my way in, to get an ace bandage. I read online in a couple places, that wrapping the leg will help support that inflamed area.

I'm so d*mned excited and motivated to get this lose some get healthy. And, of course, that's when my body decides to say "f*ck you!! you'll be fat forever". Not only could I not run today, I couldn't walk. I tried a light warm up jog...nothing heavy or fast. It lasted maybe 50-75 feet, before my leg dug it's heels in and said 'no friggin' way!' I hobbled around the rest of the hour, almost in tears the entire time...because I can't do what I want to do. I need to exercise to get healthy....but I need to be healthy to exercise?????? It's the chicken and the f*cking egg thing!!!!!!!

Today's workout was a little different, and I actually would have had fun with it...had I been able to WALK. There's a loop in the park road on the opposite side of the lake we normally work out on. When I say loop, don't think something's a HUGE loop....with tons and tons of green space in the middle. They set up the three stations at three 'points' on the loop. When you were done with each station, you had to run to the next...and so on. First station was ab work on our yoga mats. The second station was arms and legs work at the picnic tables. (step ups onto the benches, push ups against the table tops, dips, etc, etc, etc). At the third station we were split into pairs.....and had to flip HUGE farm equipment tires down a course, and back. My partner and I rocked at this. I was so mad about my legs, that I put all that energy into the tires. :-) Instead of running to each station, I cut across the middle at a limping, gimpy walk. God, I hate looking weak!!!!!!!! I mean, really, that's what it comes down to. All of these people are dead tired and still running...I look like I give up. I know, I know...I shouldn't worry about what they think....but being in a group of people while working out is one of the things that keeps me going. If they can do it, I can do it.....I don't want to be the weakest in the bunch. I think that's why I made sure my partner and I were the first (all three times) to complete the tire flipping course the morning. I had to prove that I wasn't that weak person they see hobbling in to each station last.

When we'd done 3 circuits, they had us all meet back at the tires for relay races. My partner and I were in the third heat....we caught us back up to first place, and then gave the anchor leg of the race a good head start as well. That's the kind of stuff I think of, when I think of boot camp. Not just running and sit know?? It makes it fun...makes it a you an ultimate you don't have time to think about how much pain you are in.

On top of it all, I was in so much pain, I forgot to start my heart monitor at the beginning of the workout, so I have no idea how many calories I WAS able to squeak out. That's such a small thing, in the scheme of things....but it really bummed me out!!! I download the information from my heart monitor onto my laptop in the evenings, and I can see how well I did each day. I know I worked out, and it wasn't the best workout day anyway....but my OCD really doesn't want today skipped on my laptop program. I know, it sounds silly....but it was just the icing on the cake today. It's always the smallest, dumbest thing that serves as the straw that broke that d*mn camel's back. Isn't it????

I should have stayed in bed!!!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Adventure Boot Camp - Day 6,7


Shin splints anyone? I don't know if that's what this horrible pain in my OTHER leg is....and I don't know if that's actually how you spell it. But either way, it's unpleasant, to say the least. I've been compensating for my calf muscle injured leg, with my other leg....and now it's not happy. Life is so unfair some days. :-) :-) I have PT this evening, so I'll ask Doc about it then. For now, I can walk on both legs, I'm happy. YES - you heard me!! I woke up this morning, and my calf muscle leg seems to be working quite well. No limping like a goober, no cringing or whimpering like a baby. YEAH!!!!! :-) :-)

The workout today was torture, as usual. I woke up pretty darned easily though. Sleeping in this weekend helped a ton to refuel and recharge for the week. We'll see how long that lasts. (hehe) Squats, abs, lunges, run, burpies (jump up like a volleyball block, then crouch down with your hands shoulder width in front of you and jump your legs back into a plank position, then back up and repeat...why they are called burpies, I'll never know!) some more, abs, squats......and so on and so forth.

I tried drinking a small amount of cranberry juice this morning before working out. Well......wasn't a good idea. I spent half the morning trying not to revisit the cranberry juice a second time. Ewww :-)

Last night, I went to bed at 9:00, since I have to get up at 4:30. I just laid there, wide awake for a while.....finally had just fallen asleep, and in comes Tom into the bedroom. Poor guy, I can hear he's trying to be quiet...but you just can't be quiet on 80+ year old wood floors. Oh well.

This morning there's a note on the kitchen counter when I get home from working out....

I love you & I am proud of you for staying with the boot camp. With love, yours, Mot.

7:20 Yep, shin splints. I just have to keep telling myself that this is all good for me. What is it they say...what doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger?? Ha!!! I'm going to be pretty darn strong after all of this. I would love to go through a day of boot camp, only experiencing the pain of working out. You know, sore muscle, aches and pains. NOT torn calf muscles and shin splints. :-) I just got home from the physical therapist. He started with the normal torture techniques saved for terrorists. Have I mentioned how pointy this dude's fingers are. I mean, does he sharpen them before bed each night???? After making me want to cry and limp from the was time to run. As I mentioned after my appointment last week...he decided he wanted to see me run. There must be something going on to make my legs revolt as strongly as they do each week. WRONG!!! In fact, he said besides needing to lean forward just a little, and take a little longer stride (the shorter stride was because I was on the treadmill...running on those things scares me to death!)....anyway, besides leaning forward a little more - he said the mechanics of my run are really, really good. Crazy, I wasn't sure what to say when he told me that. what?? Well, they gave me some more exercises to do to strengthen my hips and glutes....but, we're all pretty sure that the things happening are due to the fact that I'm overweight. And my bones and muscles are trying to support more weight then they should be. If my body is doing this, with my weight.....what do the bodies of people who are 300, 400 or even 500 pounds react?? I'm doing damage to myself, during my efforts to HELP my body. Alanis Morrisette's (sp) song is playing in my head right now"......a little bit ironic." :-)

I was up at 2:00...then 3:10, then 4:15. Was able to get up pretty easily though. I used a new yoga DVD before bed last night. It's called Candlelight Yoga. Basically, not yoga for working's yoga for de-stressing. It really worked. It was a good stretch, and I went to bed very, very, very relaxed.

As I'm driving to work this morning, I notice I have to use my windshield wipers every so often. Once I arrive to the park, it's official, we're going to get wet today. After 5 minutes of standing and stretching before we start, we're all soaked. I love the rain!!!! Only it was a little chilly this morning, to be wet, in only t-shirts and shorts. :-)

Today was a lighter day than usual. Either because the stuff we were doing targets the stronger parts of my body.....or, because I have to walk half of the running sections due to my newly injured leg. Just when I get the other one back in working order, wouldn't you know it.

I'm going to Peak Performance, the local shoe shop, today after work. I think I need new shoes. The last time (and only other time) I got shin splints was in high school. Trying to run with crappy tennis shoes. I've had these shoes for 2 years or so now....they look brand new....but I've used the heck out of them. I was trying to pay attention to myself while running last night and this morning....I think my shoes are the main contributor to my shin splints. Yes, my torn calf muscles on the other leg might not be helping, but I think shoes are the main culprit.

When I got home today, and out of the shower, I could hear Tom in the basement. When I went down to get dressed for work...he was using the weight bench we bought months ago. It's the first time either of us have used it...aren't we funny??? Anyway, it seems my new motivation to work out, have prompted some motivation of his own. Trying to get yourself back in shape and might be a pain in the butt (or leg)...but it's so worth it. Just knowing that I'm trying to do it, makes me feel better about myself!!!!!!!!

I had a dream last night.....I was shaving my legs. In my dream, I had shaved them the day before...but my leg hair was still worse than Chewbauca (sp) from Star Wars. I know having dreams about going to work naked are normal...but dreams that I 1 day's hair growth on my legs in inches long??? That's just not normal!!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Yep, we finally tried it this year. Wow!! Should have done it sooner. My only memories of canning tomatoes was with my grandmother when I was really young. I remember doing it in the hottest part of the summer (which I hate). There were big boiling pots of water making things more humid than it already was. I could never think of a reason to do this voluntarily. In years past, we've always frozen them. With two of us hunting deer this year, our freezer space is going to at a we finally broke down and decided to can the millions of tomatoes that are coming off of our 12 plants. Yes, TWELVE plants. We're crazy, I know!!!!

This morning, Tom and I went out and picked our first canning batch. We had bought a flat of pint jars at the grocery store last week, and thought we'd finally brave the canning process. I used a vegetable peeler to take the skin off of them....would TOTALLY recommend it. It's more time consuming than just canning them with the skins....but, Tom made a pasta dish. And using the tomatoes without pieces of skin in the sauce is AWESOME for this texture picky eater. :-)

After I peeled them (and inevitably squirting myself with tomato juice - with the skin off, those suckers pop like zits!!!!), Tom got as many seeds out as he could, quartered each tomato, and put them in the pot to cook. While they were cooking, we put the pint jars on cookie sheets in the oven at 350 degrees. When the tomatoes were done cooking, we pulled out the jars on cookie sheets from the oven, filled them with the boiling tomatoes and threw the lids and rings on the jars really quick. As the steam inside the jar cooled, you could hear the lids popping. How cool!!! No pots of boiling water. And only one broken jar - The spilled tomato juice the jar was sitting in cooled fairly quickly, and the cooler liquid broke the jar. Never a good thing. :-)

Here's a picture of our first official attempt (successful - yeah!!!) of canning tomatoes.

Friday, August 8, 2008

The car wash ate my car!!!!!

Well, maybe not 'ate my car'...but it took a bite for sure!! :-) The flap is about 1 foot wide. I heard it crunch, but was in the middle of the wash. Had I gotten out then to check it, there would have been a good picture of me covered in suds!! :-)

For lunch today, I needed to run some errands and also stop by the car wash to give my car a much needed bath. I decided to wash and vacuum the car first, then hit my other stops. I haven't cleaned it since just before leaving on vacation, and it really needs it. As I'm driving through the wash, I hear it. ccrrruuuunnnnccchhhhhh!! Uh-oh, that can't be good. :-) As soon as all the soap was off the car, I could see if flapping around back there in my side mirror. Crap! At this point I started calling the men in my life. Hubby isn't answering cell or home phone..crap, he's in Plattsmouth - with no cell reception. OK...I'll call dad. No answer on cell or home phone...he's probably still sleeping. So...I just went ahead and vacuumed out my car...I mean, I paid for the wash, and you get free vacuum....may as well use it, right?? :-) I finally get ahold of Mot. When I ask him what to do...he says "I don't know." Doesn't he know he's bound by the I'm Male So I Have to Know What To Do in These Circumstances laws? Argh!!!!

I drive it back to work, going maybe 25 miles per hour to keep the bumper from flapping in the wind as much as I can. Mot finally gets back into town from Plattsmouth, and comes by to check out the damage. I have him take me to lunch, since I missed all the stuff I was going to do (including eat) over my lunch hour. At Subway he tells me he'll just have me drive the truck and he'll take the car. But, by the time we get back to work, he's changed his mind and wants me to drive it home after work. Now, being the independent woman that I am, I can't tell him I'd really rather not drive it....and I prefer he do it. Nooooooooo. I just smile and nod, while sending psychic messages to his the car home for the car home for Jen.

No luck, he drops me off at work, and says "take the back roads and drive slow." Great!!! I wonder if we have any duct tape at home. Hmmmm...I wonder if we have any duct tape here at work??

As soon as the Jeep is out of the body shot (we bought a Jeep, but they are repairing a couple door dings for us), we'll replace it with my car. Silver lining...I get to drive the Jeep back and forth to work before he does. That's what he gets for leaving me here to drive it home....bumper sticking out like a dorsal fin. (hehehehehe)

How NOT to Carry a Kayak 101

Pictures speak louder than words. THIS is why I carry my camera in my purse at all times!! She was behind us in traffic for quite a while. I told Tom to slow down, so she'd pass and I could get a better pic. Every time she went around a corner, the kayak would slide over against her, then it would slide the other way at the next turn. This looks like something I'd try!!!! :-) :-)

Adventure Boot Camp - Day 4,5


I know I'm going to say this every morning, but today was the toughest getting up. I'll eventually get used to this schedule...won't I?? Please lie to me and tell me I will. :-)

Today was abs day. Abs, abs, abs!!!! We also did dead runs up one of the hills in the park...over, and over, and over. Abs and running up hill.....and I paid to do this???? :-) :-)

4:00, physical therapy appt. I only have one word to describe it.....OOOUUUUCCCHHHH!!!!! That dude has the pointiest fingers, I swear!!!!! I'm going to be bruised tomorrow. It doesn't really feel any better we'll see how it feels tomorrow. I'm NOT quitting this boot camp!!!

08/08/08 (that's a cool date!!!! 888)

Today was a milder boot camp day, but not a milder boot camp the same time. It was the day for our nutrition talk, so it was only going to be 1/2 hour, instead of the normal 1 hour. We started the day with our normal warm up, two laps around the parking lot (which is on a hill by the way)...then back to our mats. Once there, she informed us that our workout for the day would be a one mile run. Some people reading this may think "only one mile? that's not far." If you are saying that while reading this - I hate you!!! (OK, hate is a strong word...and I'm not a hater....but darn it - pretend, for me, that a mile is the impossible dream - OK???)

For me, and 3/4 of the other people, it was a run/walk. I'm proud to say that I did run MOST of it...but far from all. I think my final time was 10:49. I was quite a ways away, when I heard her say "you're almost at 11 minutes". Well!!! That just wasn't going to work! So I full out sprinted the last long final stretch. Sprinted - me!!!! Can you imagine? My sprinting actually prompted everyone who was already back, to stop what they were doing (sucking air, and trying not to die), and applaud and whistle on my way in. Man, that actually felt good!!

About 10 steps from the finish, I started getting really cold and clammy - uh oh....I think I'm going to be sick. I'm sprinting with everyone watching me...puking right now probably wouldn't be a pleasant idea. (hehehehe)

I made it to the end, no barfing. Yeah for me!

The lady in front of me had a tshirt on today, that said "There are no shortcuts to somewhere worth going."

Here's an interesting, and depression, tidbit of information I got today (I love tidbits of info...they are so fun!)....anyway.....if you eat ONLY 100 more calories then you burn everyday, you will gain 10 lbs each year. 100 calories!!!! That's a granola bar...that's ONE bite of chocolate cake...that's a 1/2 bite of cheesecake. Hello!!! Makes me think back to that trip to the Cheesecake Factory in Des Moines. I put on 10 lbs that one meal!!! :-) :-)

Oh yeah - update. I can walk today, much le
ss limping. And I ran that mile without my calf muscles going on strike. I go back in for another PT session on Monday. He told me to bring workout clothes and my tennis shoes (I usually just wear regular shorts with whatever top I'm wearing that day). When I walked in the door, he was disappointed to see me back. We thought we had it all fixed. When he asked me what happened, and I told him...he was stumped. No pain before boot camp started, none. No issues walking, climbing stairs, nada!!!! But, I just had to take 1 or 2 steps on that first run on Monday...and I knew there was trouble. Joking, I told him that I must just run stupid. He laughed and said "well, that's an interesting point...I've never seen you run". So....I get to run for him next week. No one should ever watch me run...I'm not a runner...I guarantee you that my runners gate would make real runners cringe. :-)

That'll teach me to be a smart ass!

One of the better reasons to get up at 4:45 for a early morning boot camp. This is what I drove home into. (Ignore the dirty, bug splattered windshield!!!!)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Adventure Boot Camp - Day 2, 3


4:36...that alarm and I are not going to be friends by the end of all this!! :-) I get there earlier this time. I didn't drive by the road to the park...I bet that helped!

More torture. Less people (the three day'ers aren't there on Tuesdays).

She brought jump ropes out of her trunk. I LOVE jump ropes!!! My calf muscles in my right leg, on the other hand, were less than happy. I actually couldn't finish it, it was so painful. If this keeps up, I'm calling in another physical therapy session!!!!!

08/06/08 has been the worst day of all for waking up this early. I figured that it would hit me either today or's the day. I DRUG myself out of bed to get ready...and drove my car, while eating my Nutrigrain bar. This is the second day for the Nurtigrain bar, and my tummy seems to be handling it ok. It still takes alot to force myself to eat one, but they tell me I need to , so I will. Who says I don't listen?!?!?!

Thankfully...she said we were working our arms primarily today. I can really feel the weakness of my shoulder that had surgery on it. This is going to do me alot of more ways than one!!!!

We did quite a few arm exercises, and in between she had a small obstacle course of sorts set up. Hurdles (6 inches off the ground, but really far apart....supposed to only step once between each one) my calf muslces - not weren't in agreement on that rule....then lateral moving squats.....then an agility ladder (think of the tires laying on the ground during football's just not tires, it looks like a ladder you'd hang down from you upstairs window for emergency reaons). Then, as usual, we go back around to do it all over again. And again. And again.

It's now 1:05 in the afternoon. I'm walking like a goober...and have called my physical therapist for another appointment. I WILL NOT quit this camp. As I told my hubby, I need to heal, but I also need to work out. Darn it! :-) Robin came up to me and asked if it was my right leg that hurt. I asked her why? She said that standing behind me, she could tell my right calf was definitely bigger and swollen. Curiosity killed the I had her take a picture of the backs of my calves on my cell phone. Yeah, it's pretty obvious where the issue is. :-(

As a positive, I weighed myself every am....wearing the same thing, at the same time of day, and in the am....these are all the requirements for getting consistent readings. I've lost 1 pound so far this week. I'm pretty happy with that actually!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Adventure Boot Camp - Day 1

Well....what good is a blog, if you can't journal and chronicle the ups and downs of life...right?

I signed up for this boot camp in June....but due to my calf muscle injuries, I only made it to day one. This time, I'm on track to get them all in. :-)

Just a little background...ABC (Adventure Boot Camp) is a fitness boot camp that takes place at different parks around the Omaha/Meto area. My camp is located at Standing Bear Lake, 10 minutes from home. The camps (well, most of them) go from 5:30-6:30 am. (I work for a living, so the 9:00-10:00 option isn't a possibility for 5:30 it is!) You can choose the 3,4 or 5 day a week option. (I went with 5...if you're going to do something, go all out, or why go at all?)

08/04/08 - Day One of Twenty
4:45 came earlier than I could ever prepare. I went to bed earlier than usual, but ended up just laying there in bed, wide awake. Darn it...I should have had that bottle of wine before I went to bed!!! Actually, the alarm went off at 4:36...which gave me one opportunity to hit the snooze before my 4:45 "actually have to drag my lazy butt out of bed" time. I changed into workout clothes...debating wearing the tank top I had picked out..and changed into a regular big 'ole baggy t-shirt.

The entrance to the park is very hard to see when it's dark out. It's not marked well, and there's really horrible lighting. I drove right past it. Since I was there last, they put in a street light. I didn't turn onto that road when I drove by the first time, because I knew the street didn't have a light. They really should send out memos when they do that. :-) :-)

I pull up to the parking lot we work out in....grab my Gatorade, towel, yoga mat and 2 5lb dumbbells....and walk over to where everyone is getting set up. I'm quite happy to see that, unlike the June camp that I attended for one day, this camp does NOT leave me as the biggest gal there. Everything happens for a reason, so maybe my calf muscle injuries happened when they were supposed to happen?

Camp started out the same as it did on that one morning in June....introductions of everyone and then 2 laps around the parking lot. Last time I was there, I knew after my first step that something was horribly wrong with my I was a little gun shy about taking off in a run. But - never fear - brave Jen is here!!!! I knew, on Sunday - the day before - that I was going to have trouble with that leg. It was starting to hurt again. I HONESTLY think it was my because I was a little nervous about the camp...and it came out as leg pain. The human body is a very strange thing!!!!

Made it through the 2 laps just fine (actually, I passed everyone, and did the second lap quite a ways in the lead of everyone). I'm not a runner, so anyone who knows me...knows that me being in the lead means there had to be something else going on. As I was running, I kept thinking, they are saving their energy...they are taking it easy to spread out the pain through the whole hour. But I just can't do it. Like - singing really quietly is SOOOO much harder than singing loudly.....running really slow is soooo much more difficult for me than just running at a good pace. And I figure it's probably better on my joints as well.

Anyway....once we get back to where we started the run...she shows us the group of exercises we'll be doing for the day. Man...what did she call them all.....I love the names of workouts, sometimes they are so funny...or torturous sounding. :-) Hindu squat, standing lunges, Arnold's presses, bicep curls, leg lifts.....then run two laps (I walked the first, ran the second)....then do them all over again...then run one lap (I limped this one)....then exercises....then run one lap. I walked the first half, then ran the second. But, I can be proud, not many people ran ANY of it. I was keeping up with the crowd. How exciting is that?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

After that last run, we did some ab work. ankle grabbers, bicycle and Pilate's hold (which I know as "The 100" from Pilate's classes) ....we rested a little while, then did all those again (thank god - no running!!)

At 6:30, class is over. She gives us a few words of wisdom....actually, it was just see you tomorrow (with a promise that she'd have something really inspirational tomorrow) hehehehe :-)

I drove home, breaking a few speed laws, showered, dressed, grabbed lunch and ran out the door. Made it in at 7:50. If I have my lunch ready the night before, and clothes laid out...I might not have to run around like a crazy person in the mornings...guess we'll see how tomorrow goes!!!