Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fresh slate

This long holiday weekend, I decided to actually accomplish something - instead of parking my behind on my comfy couch the whole time. I woke up about 8:00, and slumped out onto the couch. Yeah, yeah....I couldn't totally neglect the couch, I might have hurt it's feelings...duh! :-)

Anyway, Mel and Sheila got me hooked on the television show Ghost Hunters while we were at their house last. I'd set the DVR on our TV to record past episodes. So, I watched one or two of those....made myself an English muffin...and decided to head downstairs. Once down there, I changed into clothes worthy of getting dirty and went to work. My mission, revamping of the home gym. If I'm going to start using it, I may as well get the space so that it's welcome and inviting. I mean, if rearranging the space makes me want to use it more, I may as well do it!

Currently, the basement arrangement is as follows....going from west to east. Weight bench on the western most side, in the middle (north side) is the treadmill (facing East), in the middle (southern side) is a 4x3 section of those cushy kids playroom mats, and on the Eastern most side of the room is the entertainment center.

My plan, move the blue mats to where the weight bench is, creating a more relaxed yoga/Pilates, etc area. Put the entertainment unit pieces on a smaller TV cart with casters where the treadmill is. Casters will allow it to point to either the yoga area, or the treadmill. Both the weight bench and the treadmill or going to be moved to the East side of the room.

I had to do a little 'shell game' action to get everything moved, without having to move everything from the room, and then back in - I actually accomplished it with little to no cussing. Can you believe that??? :-)

I ran to Target and Walmart just after eating lunch...for a small bookcase, to match the new smaller TV cart - to put dvd's and such upon. I also ended up getting a can of paint and supplies. I mean, while I'm at it, I may as well go all out!!!!

I hate painting, anyone who knows me, knows this. After buying this house, my buddy Robin and I almost double handedly :-) painting the whole darn thing...every single room. I hoped to never have to paint again. But this basement has been neglected too long. It's a really nice space actually...with a ton of potential...but I've been avoiding the whole rearranging/painting project for a long time. It's supposed to be 90 degrees all weekend, what a great time to hide in a cool basement.

With the boost of two hot dog meals, veggie/potato chip things, and energy drinks, I ended getting everything done in one day - instead of the whole weekend. Three cheers for chemical laden energy drinks...hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray!!!!!!!

I painted the whole darned room. Wow!!! What a difference!!!!

Here....let me post some pics of the final product, pictures speak much louder than words!!!!

First you will see the view (from both the north and south vantage) showing the east wall where the entertainment center was.

Next, I'll show you the middle of the room, the TV and bookcase are sitting along the wall that the treadmill was up against...

And last, but not least, my favorite area....the yoga/Pilates, etc area. You aren't disrupted by anything going on up the stairs (which are just to the left of this area. I can be doing yoga and Pilates moves, that look completely goofy, without worrying about Mot peeking his head around the corner, laughing at me. :-) (hehehe)

Obviously, Morgan finds the area comfy as well. :-)

Now, maybe later this weekend, I'll tackle the basement on the opposite side of the wall. The laundry area DESPERATELY needs some help. The walls are just drywall brownish, and the ceiling is pepto pink. I would love to paint it a light, happy green. Something to brighten it up. But, if I paint in there, I'm also going to have to prime (which I didn't do in the gym, since the walls were already white)...and I'll have to paint the ceiling. Of which I just can't even imagine having to do. So, just organizing it might be enough for now. :-) Let's see how motivated I am the rest of the weekend for that. Getting the gym rearranged and painted might just be it for motivation this weekend. :-)

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