Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Tornado Alley

On 03/22 (or thereabouts), a spring tornado or two hit the area.

With the tornadoes, came large hail.

On our way to a movie later in the evening, I notice up ahead of us, a car that had something odd going on.

Mot sped up to investigate.

I could see that the back window was smashed and missing. Shards of glass sparkled on the trunk.

As we got closer, I noticed the front window was completely shattered, but still in place.

Once we got closer, I started noticing dirt and corn stalks, and debris stuck to the sides. (this picture didn't do it justice)

The passenger in the car spotted us taking pictures, so they sped up and pulled away.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Anniversary Babe!!!!

Love you Mot!!!


Oct 2010

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Weekend of Food...or....Why I Run (in pictures)

Welcome folks, to the weekend smoke, February 18-20th.

Ah, I remember it like it was yesterday.

OK, not really...but luckily I always have a camera or two (literally) with me at all times. :-)

First up, Friday night the 18th

The college hockey team we have season tickets for (the UNO Mavericks) were out of town....but Steve scored us some rockin' awesome, first row on the ice, seats to the local USHL hockey team, the Omaha Lancers.

I didn't have much trouble talking mom into coming along. She even wore orange special for the night. :-)

Mmmmm....crunch. (please see title of this post)

It was train safety night. Everyone got wooden train whistles.

Including the birthday party of 5 little 6 year old girls sitting immediately behind us. Ugh!

But have no fear, I stole one of their foam rubber hockey pucks.

Just kidding.

Or not.

Sadly, the Lancers lost.

But never fear...we headed to O Dining for dinner.

Steve got himself a very (VERY) sweet drink.

Mom didn't seem to mind the tart.

I was the no drinking for me. :-)

The two of them tried some sushi dishes....while I may or may not have feasted on an entire order of crab rangoon by myself. (please see title of this post)

After dinner, we split a dessert. (please see title of this post)


Saturday was a run around day. Mot and I headed to Mo. Valley for a stop at our vet's office. Then back to Omaha for lunch. We had a coupon for a Greek place we'd never been to, and wanted to try it out.

They weren't open yet.

We decided to go to a new pub we'd seen a few weeks before and wanted to try out. A good greasy pub burger sounded great!! (please see title of this post)

They weren't open yet.

We thought we'd just stop at Jason's Deli for a light sandwich.

The line was out the door.

We remembered there was a Panera (snicker) across the street.

They were so busy there weren't any open tables to be seen.

B&G's is across the street. A loose meat sandwich sounded yummy.

Again, no where to sit they were so busy.

For the love of Pete!!!!

By then, we'd worked our way down Dodge Street, and were really close to one of our old haunt we used to visit every weekend.!!!! (please see title of this post)

If I remember correctly...we each had a bowl of cereal for dinner. Corn flakes...skim milk. Totally didn't fit in with the theme of the weekend, but oh well. :-)

Sunday was Danny's birthday....and he wanted to meet at his new favorite breakfast place.

Pancakes, hashbrowns, eggs, sausage.....

(please see title of this post)

After that, we went our separate ways....but ended up meeting for lunch.

I'm full just looking at this picture!!

(please see title of this post)

From there we went back to our place for cards.

Instead, we decided to try out a new board game.

We weren't so sure if we'd like it when we started....but have played it a number of times sense.

And, from there the birthday boy wanted to hit The Worm for an early evening birthday drink.

I may have had one drink.

One bad thing (if you can call it that) about getting in shape and loosing all this weight. My alcohol tolerance is next to nothing.


"I have to get up in the morning and run. I have to get up in the morning and run. I have to get up in the morning......."

You see, we'd once mentioned to Natalie that we really liked a couple bottles of tequila on her shelves. Yes, the bottles. Not necessarily the tequila inside. They are clear with a red glass tiki man in it, and the other with blue.

Anyway, we decided a lonnnnggggg ago that we were going to find a night when none of us had to work the next day, we'd bring cab money for the rides home, and have ourselves a Tiki Tequila Sunday night.

I really wanted those bottles to go on my tequila bottle shelf at home. The little tiki men are so cute. And evil. All at the same time.

Well...Danny, and Natalie, and Tom, and Steve, decided it would be a good night to do it.

Granted, two of us had to work, one of us wasn't drinking tequila that night, and one of us wasn't drinking at all.

Somehow (we may or may not have been buying shots for others in the bar to help with our progress) we ended up finishing off both bottles, and they now sit on my shelf at home.

Voodoo Tiki Tequila