Thursday, December 31, 2009

500 bottles of beer on the wall....

Holy smokes folks!! This is the 500th post on The Adventures of Mot and Nej.


Who would have thunk it? :-)

And, not only is it #500, it's also the last day of 2009. New Year's Eve. And...

I'm leaving, on a jet plane......

Well, we will be at 5:00 tonight. Denver, CO. It's going to be a hockey tournament, new year's celebration, birthday extravaganza!

(ahem) Anyway.....

The pressure of writing something with meaning, or writing something comically awesome for my 5ooth post is overpowering.

I can't think of a thing to say.

Pretty ironic, don't you think. To have written 500 posts and not be able to think of a thing to say.

I thought maybe I'd do a post of 500 things you don't know about me...then realized that in order for this post to be published before Christmas of 2023, I'd have to think of something else.

Maybe I'll just move the decimal point over one space?


I think that sounds like a do-able number. Don't you??

50 Things you didn't know about Nej.
by Nej

1) Mot and Nej are aliases. Can you believe it? Those names are being used to protect the innocent (or something like that). Hmmmm....I wonder if I have to put Nej on official documents that ask for aka's used?? We'll pretend that question didn't come to mind. Plausible deniability is where it's at!! :-)

2) I've a new addiction. It's Orbit gum...Bubblemint flavor. I'm actually not much of a gum chewer. If a piece lasts more than a minute or two, then I'm doing good. Even still, I've managed to go through one of those 2.9 oz containers of it in the last month. Craziness!

3) The letters C, V, N, M, E , the "," and ".", and the number 1 no longer exist on my keyboard. No wait...that sounded funny. Of course they are still there, you just can't read them. The lettering is gone. A couple of people (hunters and peckers when it comes to typing) have come over to use my keyboard, and find they can't do it. I just snicker and make fun of them. I'm mean that way. :-)

4) I have a houseplant on my desk. Actually I have two...but one of them I really don't like. It looks funny, and is slowly dying off. I water it, I fertilize it, I've given it coffee, I've set it under my fluorescent lights...and nothing seems to work. Yet...I can't bring myself to throw it put it out of it's misery. I feel bad even at the thought of it lying alone in the garbage.

5) I always wanted a job where I have business cards. Now that I have one, I keep wondering why I wanted those cards so darned bad. I never have them on me when I need them.

6) I'm terrified of using the telephone when calling people I know. Yep, you heard me right. If I have to call a stranger, I'm golden...but ask me to call a friend or family member, and I get all anxious, nervous, and weird. It drives Mot completely nuts. More and more he refuses to make the calls for me. I know he thinks it will make me better....but it just makes me come up with new reasons to avoid doing it myself, and have him do it. I'm not nervous to answer the phone, or talk on the's just calling them that gets me all freaked out.

7) Soft foods should not have crunchy surprises. Crunchy peanut butter, jello with fruit, tacos with raw onions on top....these are all examples.

8) I just looked out the window and it's snowing again. Like the 24 inches we have on the ground isn't enough, we're getting some more. I love this weather, I really do.....but when it's snowing, the sun isn't out. And I really, REALLY need a fix of vitamin D.....stat!!!!

9) I had 2, count them, 2 margaritas Sunday night. And I was feeling no pain. Only 2 margaritas! What is happening to me??? I guess I'm becoming a cheaper date. :-)

10) Wow...this is #10...I have 40 more to go. Yeah, I'm rethinking the 50 thing.

11) I love the number 11...always have. I found out that quite a few of my friends in high school were the same way. I'm not sure why they liked it so much...but I thought it was funny we all had the same favorite number. Whenever I look at the clock and it says 11:11, I smile.

12) 12:34 am or pm....when I see it on a clock, I refuse to look at the clock again until that time is gone. Bad juju.

14) Just like the airlines and hotels, I chose to skip #13. Did you even notice until I pointed it out?

15) I watch America's Next Top Model. I admit it. When friends ask me what I'm watching, I say "Train wreck TV" and they know what show I'm watching. I can't help it. For some reason it's intriguing to me. I think it's because these really good lookin' chicks are messed up. And their lives aren't perfect. Makes me feel better about my not so perfect life.

16) I wish I could pull off the jeans tucked into Uggs look. My legs are too short or something, but I just can't do it. They say TV adds 15 pounds...jeans tucked into boots adds at least 50 onto me.

17) I love my three dogs to death. They are the sweetest, cutest, most loyal and loving creatures. But I secretly wish we only had one dog. Maybe it's because I'm more of a cat person...or maybe it's because I have a hard time dividing my attention equally. Maybe it's because walking them, boarding them, and taking care of them is all done in three's right now, and it's a pain in the patoot.

18) I desperately want to scream when Mot puts his shirts down the laundry chute attached to each other. If he wears a sweatshirt, flannel, etc...with a tshirt under it....he takes them off together and they go down to the laundry room still inside one another. It seems like such a small thing, but I'm going to stop washing the ones that are attached. Same goes for underwear or socks that are still inside his jeans. :-)

19) I have a shoe addiction. I love shoes. I go into shoe stores, and end up buying pairs that I have nothing to wear with....and then have to go clothes shopping so I can wear them. I haven't been in a shoe store in months...for that very reason.

20) Every day for the past month, I've gone home with a small post-it that has three things I need to get done written on it. And for an entire month, I've yet to do those three things. How strange is that? It's not like it says 1) make dentist appt 2) rip off right arm and feed to neighbor's German Shepard 3) slam fingers in drawer repeatedly. Nope, they are small, non painful and non life threatening things.

21) There is this lady that runs on the treadmill in front of me every morning I'm at the gym. And she does the strangest things with her arms when she runs. It's a cross between a right (and left) hook, the chicken dance, and the "cabbage patch" (90's dance move reference, sorry). I have to fight to not giggle every day when she starts running. I can only imagine what I look like. In fact, I avoid all eye contact with the mirrors. I really don't want to know.

22) I forgot, yet again, to get copies of Bug and Lauren's school pics while at my sister's on xmas eve. Darn it!! I don't know what just made me remember that, but argh!!!!!

23) I have, for as long as I can remember, wanted to take photography classes. Ones that make me study, ones that make me go out and do specific projects with my camera. But....committing to 2 more weeknights where I'm not at home, or not able to hang out with's killer.

24) I wanted to join the FBI while I was in college. I did. I had it all figured out...then chickened out. I wonder what my life would be like now if I had. Would destiny still have brought Mot and I together?

25) Half way there! Well, not quite, if you count me skipping #13.

26) I had a dream last night that I changed my alarm to go off at 6:15, instead of 6:00 (the normal time it goes off when I don't go to the gym). When it went off at 6:00 I was mad. I could have sworn I'd changed it. Who dreams about silly things like that?

27) Getting my hair trimmed and such on Thursday. Should I go black, red....or stay with the dark brown (and caramel highlights)??

28) I've never tried eggnog. For no other reason than it sounds disgusting.

29) OK, never mind. I changed my mind about the 50 thing. So...since my birthday is coming up (2nd of January)...I'll stop at my age, instead of going all the way to 50. This is where I stop..right here at 29!!!

30) What? You don't believe that I'm only going to be 29? :-)

31) I've never smoked a cigarette, cigar, etc.....ever. But, in my dreams, I'm a chain smoker. I can tell you how it feels, how it smells, how it tastes. Does this mean I smoked in a past life?

32) If you put a package of Oreo cookies in front of me, I could probably eat them all in one sitting. I haven't had an Oreo for almost 10 years....but I bet I could still do it. :-)

33) Speaking of Oreo cookies, when I used to buy them, I'd open the package and let it sit out all night. They are best when a little soft.

34) I want an Oreo. Badly. (sigh)

Have a Happy New Year everyone!! Talk to you in 2010!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Redrum, Redrum

Here is a quick pic of the cake Mot's mom made for her mom's 97th birthday party a couple weeks ago. It was quite tasty!!!!!!!!! :-)

Whenever I see red velvet cake, I think of little Danny Torrance in The Shining.

"Danny isn't here, Mrs. Torrance. "

"Redrum, Redrum"

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New digs

We took a little time last Tuesday and got the new digs for "TL" (Tastes Like) and "Chicken" all set up and going for them.

The home they came with was wayyyy too small. Wayyyy too boring. And wayyyyy not cool.

From the research we've done, they need a gallon of water per frog...and the tank they came with (for both of them) was maybe a quart.


We took them from a studio apartment to an uptown loft.

Aren't we good parents???

I brought in a 6 gallon tank I had on my desk when I worked at the zoo...stopped at the pet store and got a heater, and some silk plants....while Jean stopped in to get the pot (for hiding) and the base (for feeding) over lunch today.

You can already tell a difference in their personalities (even though they are technically nocturnal creatures). They are swimming, checking things out...and looking less like depressed little amphibians.

It's amazing how attached the whole office has become to them already.

You can even see little "Chicken" sitting on the right side of the big black rock in the middle...if you look really close. :-)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009 (part 1)

Mot's parents are going on tour.

A Christmas tour.

First stop, their place, December 15th. Second stop, North Platte, NE (oldest brother and fam) December 19th...which just happens to also be their 50th wedding anniversary. (50 years = wow!!!) Third stop, Portland, OR (middle brother and fam).

So, as I said....on the 15th, a small group of us got together to celebrate the season together.

His mom made the most awesome ham!!!!!

Because we took Sam, I didn't get many pictures of the occasion. are a few I did get.

Grandma Marion

Mom Karen

Aunt Dord






Walt avoided my camera most of the night....but I think everyone else is present and accounted for. :-)

Friday, December 25, 2009

I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus....

Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!

Here are a couple of fun pictures from Mot and Nej's Christmas past.

My sister was NOT happy about sitting on Santa's lap. This is also an example of why I keep my hair long. There is no controlling it when it's short! :-)

Every year, our church would put on a small Christmas pageant. And, I got to be the camel.

Well, I got to walk down the aisle holding the camel.

His name was Frankincense.

He was so big, I hit every single person, sitting on the aisle seat, along the way.

It was like a stuffed animal version of the 3 Stooges.

(nyuck nyuck nyuck)

Eat lots, laugh loads, and drive safely!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Weekend Update #39: Singing, bowling and The Worm

Last weekend was pretty busy. It was one of those weekends, where I didn't get to see my house much at all....but that's ok...I was the WHOLE Christmas long weekend to enjoy it!!!

Anyway....back to this past weekend. Saturday morning I had to get up, and head out of town fairly early in the morning. Our quartet had a session with our coach in Lincoln. It, of course, went longer than expected. Time flies when we're singing. :-)

I got home, fed and played with the dogs and puppy....then got ready to head out to hockey. No one else was I ended up staying home. Got some stuff around the house done, and slept on the couch with Sam. (sooooooo spoiled already!!!)

Sunday morning I got up early (thanks Sam!) and worked on the computer a little....headed out to get some pictures developed and printed to put in a thank you card to Natalie (Eat the Worm owner, for the dog bed)...did a little misc grocery shopping, then went home to wake up Mot.

They'd been swamped with med runs all night, and I snuck out of the house so he'd have some good quiet sleeping time.

We jumped in the car and headed to the boy's house for a holiday brunch. On the way, I remembered we were supposed to bring a gift for the gift exchange. Darn it! I'd been out and about all morning with plenty of time to do it...oh well. We stopped at Target, and after 20 minutes of going back and forth on ideas, settled on something and were on our way.

The brunch was great!! I had my camera, forgot to get it out.

But, to be completely honest....besides the boys, I don't know the rest of them well enough to have the camera out all the time. I usually break people into my constant picture taking slowly. :-)

From the brunch, we went home, fed the dogs, and headed back out to bowling.

We won all 4 games, which knowing us, is a miracle in itself.

Helped that I somehow bowled out my a$$ that day. :-)

From the bowling alley, we went home, fed the dogs then headed to our normal Sunday dinner and drinking establishment. We talked Ron and Jon (bowling friends of the boys - who were also at the brunch that morning) into coming out with us.

I think they may be regulars now. :-)

From the left...Mot, Ron, John, Steve and Danny.

I'm not sure what the story is with the license plates on the wall. I guess the one right above the door belongs to someone that John knows...or know of...or something like that? Because he had to smack it every time he walked down the hall.

I also have a couple of videos of John trying to make it down that LONNNGGG hallway to the restroom. It's tiled in black and white tiles. And the pattern is a little....discumbobulating...when tipsy. So, when he left to walk the hall...we all grabbed a bar stool to sit at the end of the hall for the show. :-)

Not sure about posting them though....don't know him well enough to know if he'd appreciate it, or want my head on a platter. :-) :-)

Oh, and owe me for not posting the picture of you holding the Zaya Rum bottle. You owe me big!!!!

P.S. (accepting bribes...I'll post it for the right price!)

P.P.S. (giggle)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Righty tighty, lefty loosey.....

A random piece of equipment seen along the Four Roses distillery tour.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

They say it's your birthday, happy birthday to you!

Mot's grandmother, Marion, celebrated her 97th birthday on the 3rd of December. His mom held a coffee/brunch for her that weekend.

It was quite the turnout!!!!!

Check out my webshots page for more pictures taken that day.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Play it again, Sam

People are pestering, I mean, asking me politely for new pictures of Sam. Everyone loves a good puppy picture, right?

Last weekend when we brought her home, she was just up over our of yesterday, her head is up to Mot's knee. She's doubled in size in the last WEEK.

Cowguy, I might need some advice on how to raise a horse...because I think we mistakenly purchased one.

Actually, we went looking for a big lab. I hope she gets to be the size of her mother!!! That would totally make my day...

or my year.....

or...well, you know what I mean. :-)

This picture was taken three or so days after we brought her home. I can tell the approximate time because she's sitting still long enough to get a picture....yet, she's old enough to not be sleeping 24/7.

Her feet are so darned cute.

And so darned BIG!! :-)

My sister and brother in law brought her a stuffed goose Saturday afternoon. She takes it with her everywhere. Sometimes just carrying it, sometimes shaking it to death....and sometimes growling.

It makes a noise if you squeeze it. She's figured out how to make it squawk. And she growls at it every time it does.

Natalie, Eat the Worm owner, bought her this pet bed, in anticipation of our visit to the bar last weekend. She had plenty of room to move around in it, plus room for a toy or two to sleep with her. She behaved so well....playing with all the patrons, sleeping the rest of the time.

As of yesterday, she just barely fits into it, by herself.

We opted to not take her to the bar this weekend. The "I sleep all the time" puppy phase is officially gone.

This was the exact moment she realized the world extends past our driveway and yard. It was like she finally looked up and went "holy cow - there's MORE??"

This tree is right by the ONE patch of grass we have. The cedar tree in our yard blocked the blowing snow from the blizzard two weeks ago. There is now a path from the driveway to this ONE patch of snow.....for puppy. She spends half the time ferociously protecting her people from the tree, by chewing, tugging and growling at it.

Well...there you go folks. Enough cute puppy pictures to last you a little while, yes????

And, on a final is the longest day of the only gets better from here on out!!!! FINALLY!! :-) Happy winter solstice!!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Taming of the Shoes: Horray Responsibility

These are my responsible, business, brown, comfy shoes. Good for airports, touring plants and manufacturing facilities, and winter snowy days where tall heels don't do well. :-)

Friday, December 18, 2009

It's Friday right....please tell me it's Friday!!!!

This has been one of those never-ending, super long lasting, please put a bullet in my head if it doesn't end soon kind of weeks.

Nothing bad has happened (knocking on wood).

Yet, nothing marvelously fantastic has happened either.

Nothing fantastic at work, that is.  We have a new puppy at home!!!  

Hmmm...I already mentioned that?

sorry  :-)

Everyone here is going out for lunch to finish up their holiday shopping.  Some have even taken the day off to do so.

There are also those who doing all their shopping online.  Which brings me to the stars of this post.

Look closely.

Do you see them?

That's right.  Mail order frogs.

We're not sure what we're going to name them just yet.  I think it would be wise to see if they last the weekend before we do.

The company president got a set for his grand kids, and while he was ordering them, he got a set for the office as well.

He's usually a tad grouchy over the holidays, but this year has brought a large improvement in the good mood and merriment department.  It's quite nice actually.

These two dwarf African frogs are currently residing in the accounting department just around the corner from me.

It seems I've been deemed their foster parents....for two reasons 1) I opened the box and said "awwww" when we opened the packaging (what?  they're cute!)   2) I used to work at a zoo.

Granted, I worked in finance...but I guess everyone feels that is plenty close enough.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

No kidding....really???

I've always known Nebraska was littered with fault lines....but hearing of an earthquake, happening less than an hour from where we live, is (for lack of a better word). 

3.5 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Nebraska

 A minor earthquake shook parts of Nebraska Wednesday night.The United States Geological Survey reported a 3.5 magnitude earthquake centered in the Auburn, Neb., area just before 9 p.m.Several viewers called or e-mailed KETV NewsWatch 7 and reported feeling the quake."Houses all over town shook for about 15 seconds," wrote one viewer."At about 9:04 p.m. we had what seemed like an earthquake that lasted about 4 seconds," wrote a viewer from Peru, Neb.Viewers reported feeling the quake in Brock, Tecumseh, and Hamburg, Iowa, in addition to Auburn and Peru. The Nemaha County Sheriff's Department said the quake was felt all over the county.  KETV Twitter followers also reported feeling the quake. "It was a strange sensation," said Suzanne Whisler of Auburn. "The house shook for a few seconds much like a house shakes after a loud clap of thunder, only for longer."Minor damage is being reported, including plaster damage to buildings and cracks in house foundations. No injuries have been reported.
Info Source

Monday, December 14, 2009

What did we just get ourselves into??

After waiting just over 2 years, the day finally arrived!!!  That's right....he finally talked me into it, and I couldn't be happier.

Well....I couldn't be happier, until I woke up to find her in between our pillows....trying to chew on the headboard of our bed.


What have we gotten ourselves into?

Everybody, say hello and give a warm welcome to Sam...the newest member of our household!!!

During previous visits to the kennel, we'd narrowed our choice of pups from 5 to 2. 

They were both sweethearts, they were both loving, they were both energetic and playful, they were both going to be exactly what we wanted.

But we couldn't take them both home with us.

Mot threw a dead pheasant onto the floor.  All 7 puppies tore across the floor and pounced...all but one, that is.  She ran over there just as fast.....but she wandered around the group......she waited for an opening....she plotted against her litter mates....she charged in, and took the bird from all six of the other pups.  One yank, and that's all she wrote.  Sam carried that bird out of the group with the biggest grin on her little puppy face.

She's a thinker.


What have we gotten ourselves into?


When we get home, she explored the house a little, then curled up on Mot's lap for a nap.  We decided it would be a good time to let the adult dogs in to check her out.

Isaac gives her a couple sniffs, and walks away.  Penny growls a little....then walks away.    The growling wakes the puppy up, and she gets up to follow Penny.  (Probably not the brightest move...but she's young and will learn.)

Isaac walks over to Mot....sniffs the new puppy smell of his lap.....then......lifts his leg and marks him.


What have we gotten ourselves into?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Taming of the Shoes: Aye Laddies and Lassies

Black Friday, the Olympics of retail shopping.


But better than the Olympics, because you don't have to wait 4 years for the next one to roll around!!

My sister, mom and I ended up at a shoe store (go figure)....and of all things for me to find, I didn't expect it to be the work boots Mot has been looking high and low for.

I didn't expect to get them for an additional $20 less.

And I sure didn't expect to receive a (basically) free pair of shoes for myself just for buying them.

Aren't surprises great?!?!?!?!?!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Post-It Note Therapy: Back Breaking Work

If you haven't seen any of my other post-it note therapy posts....feel free to take a look here, here, here, here, or here. :-)

Omaha recently received an early Christmas gift from Mother Nature herself.

Ms. Nature needs to hire a personal shopper.

Actually....I love the white stuff....I really do. I love driving in it, I love being outside, and I love sitting inside watching it fall.

And I normally enjoy scooping my driveway.

So, let's say I get home from work early Tuesday afternoon, because the city is shutting down - it's blizzard time!!!

I'd spent that morning driving to work on tires that were nothing more that rubberized skis....convinced the tire shop across the street to put new ones on....drove home busting through snow drifts....walked in the door, and changed into my most flattering scooping outfit.

And, by flattering I mean "hide the children, avert your eyes, oh my god the horror" of an outfit. Brown insulated overalls, camo waterproof rubber boots, fleece camo coat, grey hat (with balls)...

You get the icon I was not!!!

I spend 90 minutes scooping 6 inches of snow off the driveway, all the while thinking to myself "did my driveway grow since I left this morning? have we always had enough room to land small aircraft? I don't care how far I've gotten, 90 minutes is all I'm doing!" and lastly "that hawk has been circling overhead for 20 minutes now, should I be worried?"

I made it 3/4 of the way...and figured the end of the drive could either be scooped later....or we could just drive over it....I was honestly beyond caring!!

I put the shovel away, patted myself on the back for a job well done, and hid inside the rest of the evening watching mindless TV and eating some reheated tamales I'd brought back with me from my last trip to Mexico.

When I wake up the next morning, I can hear the wind howling.

Hmmmm....oh no. Say it ain't so.

I got out of bed (ignoring the screams of agony from my lower back).

Pulling back the living room curtains, I'm humming "Let it snow, let it snow, let it......


Where did the driveway go???"

The 6 inches I removed the evening before was replaced by 12 the form of 3 and 4 foot drifts.


The coat and overalls I'd worn the day before were a might bit chilly. Maybe just piling them on the floor inside the back door wasn't such a good idea?? :-)

From the front porch, I find the snow is drifted halfway up the outside of the door. You can cross that emergency exit off the list!!

As the garage door opens a few minutes later, snow comes cascading in. Guess I'm not going out that way either.

I grab the shovel and head for the sliding glass door. The drift against the door is 2 foot tall.


After placing towels on the floor, I take a deep breath and open the door.

Have you ever used a shovel to scoop snow from your dining room floor??

I have.

After an hour of scooping a path across the deck, around the dog kennel, and a small "landing zone" for the Jeep in the driveway, Mot makes it home....and I pass off our ONE and only shovel.

Two "sessions" later, the driveway is finally done.


My back was a little stiff yesterday.....but today....I feel as though I've aged by about 40 years. I can only imagine what Mot feels like today.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Dream Job

"And that's all I have to say about that."
Forrest Gump

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Taming of the Shoes: Coolest ones yet!!!

I don't own them yet.

I stress YET!!!

I squealed like a girl when I saw them....and did a little dance when I found out the display pair they had were my size so I could try them on!!!!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Weekend Update #38: Well, maybe a bit more than a weekend

Last week was a short week, what with that wonderfully scrumptious "stuff my face until I can't eat any more, but go back for dessert anyway...twice" holiday tacked onto the end.

Not that I would ever stuff my face until I can't eat any more, then go back for dessert...twice.



I took Wednesday off from work to cook.

(screeching tires...breaking glass....cartoon-like double take)

Wait, wait, Say it ain't so!

Alas, it's true. Nej CAN cook....Nej just doesn't enjoy doing it. Unless it's a big holiday, then she loves it!!!!

(And Nej needs to stop talking about herself in the third person, it's getting annoying!)

But, I'm getting ahead of myself just a tad.

The weekend officially started Tuesday night. The boys, Steve's mom Marian (or is it Marion? Oh heck, we just call her mom!) met for drinks.

And you'll never guess where we went?? will.

Eat the Worm. Officially our favorite drinking/dining establishment in the whole wide world.

And, if you think saying "in the whole wide world" is a bit overstated and juvenile...then you need to fly your butts to Omaha and go with us. You'll see what we're talking about!

Natalie, our favorite bar owner in the whole wide world (grins) wasn't working that Chris had to put up with the five of us.

And, even though Natalie might make a better margarita (she better, she owns the place, right?)...Chris redeemed himself with his personality. He put up with the camera, and kept a smile on his face the whole time. Happiness is just can't help but smile when someone smiles at you.

Unless it's a malicious "I just killed your next door neighbor" smile.

Those are never good. :-)

Wednesday was a good day. It had it's ups and downs...but nothing I couldn't get past.

Like, for instance, opening up the wild turkey I was going to cook, and finding a very black and bruised bird.

It was probably perfectly fine to cook....knowing my luck...but I wasn't going to risk it. The thing looked horrible.

It was about then that Bobbi, a new friend (and fellow speeding ticket receiver - along with Mot) stopped by. She was home for the day, and didn't want to sit around her house and be bored.

If anything, the Weaver house is never boring.

So, she and I loaded up into my car, headed to grocery store...and I became one of "those" people. The ones that buy their turkey the day before....poking all the birds, trying to find the most defrosted one you can possibly find. The person looking for a 14-16 pound bird....but ends up with a 20 lb bird because it's not going to need much thawing.

Oh yeah, buying a turkey the day before turkey day.....I like to live on the edge! :-)

When we got back to the house, I placed the bird in it's brining bucket...filled it with water, and started the speed thawing process. Then set to work getting the side dishes prepped and ready for cooking the next day.

Cranberry sauce from scratch, marinated duck breasts, crunchy sliced potato casserole (a new recipe...which played a role in my not being able to type or tie my own shoes for almost a full week - I'll explain later).

Bobbi left in the afternoon, and mom arrived on my door step not 30 minutes later.

After she arrived, we made, yet another, trip to the grocery store.

Wait...I can explain.

The Schwann's guy stopped by...and he was selling shrimp. And it looked really good (and Mot confirmed it was, in fact, very tasty - by eating it all himself the next day) I bought a box of it. But you can't serve shrimp without cocktail sauce.


No really, I'm asking. I don't eat shrimp....but whenever I see it served, there is cocktail sauce. So we went and got some. 'Nuff said.

The two of us spent the rest of the night picking the place up, and watching rented chick flicks.

Mot got home Thursday morning around 7:00 am. Actually, a little past, but he stopped to get the paper for me. Black Friday ads!!!!!

I was in the kitchen, emptying the dishwasher.

The mandolin I'd used to slice all 5 lbs of potatoes was still a little wet. So I grabbed a towel and dried it off.

And this is where not being able to type or tie my shoe comes into play. Not only did I dry it off, I made it so we had to clean it again.

Yep, you guessed it.....I successfully tried to remove my entire fingerprint from the top of my right index finger. Sliced it right off...just like I had with 5 lbs of potatoes the day before.


After dancing around like a 5 year old saying "ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch"....we got it bandaged up (for the first of many times that day - fingers really bleed...ouch!!).....Mot smiles and says, quite loudly...."We have blood!!" Then went to the kitchen to retrieve the piece of my finger. Paramedics, gotta love 'em!!

For those of you that don't know us.....any time we complete a project around the house, Mot gets injured. Blood...nearly every time!

And, I like to document the blood letting on my blog.

And, now, anytime someone gets hurts....whoever is around says "blood, we have blood"....meaning "Nej, get the have to see this!!"

Unfortunately, it was me getting my picture taken this time.

(big sigh)

But anyway, that's quite enough about that. I'm happy to report that I'm finally able to type with that finger today (over a week later)!!!

The meal was great! My parents, Mot's parents and grandmother, my sister and was a nice sized group!!!

Part of the food spread. Mom got GREAT pics while I was cooking. Again, I was on the other side of the camera.

Oh, and Emalee was there too!!!

After dinner, both of the kids took turns playing Spore on my laptop....while the adults mingled.

And, as is custom, my sister and I took the holiday ads and retreated into the bedroom.

This year, Mot and Lauren joined us.

Mom joined my sister and I Black Friday morning. Up at 1:00, in line at the first store by 2:00.

The three of us were right in the middle of a minor "scuffle" at Kohls. The people standing in line had issues with the people staying in their cars until the doors opened...then storming the line.

The lady in front of us had more of an issue with it than most.

There wasn't any blood shed though. :-(

After our shopping had ended, about 9:30 am, Mot and I jumped into the Jeep and headed out to North Platte, Ne.

1) We needed to go visit the litter of puppies again!!! We get to bring our little girl home on the 12th!
2) Duck hunting was calling to us.

A friend of Mot's brother came along, and brought his blind boat. What a gas! We had a ball!!!!

Mot's brother's brother in law, Chris, brought his dog Rook. (sp?)

There she is bringing a duck back.

Here is Heath, the boat owner, putting camo paint on his face. The sun came out and was right in our glaring white faces. And, as Mot's brother put it "we're going to go all Duck Commander on their asses."

Mot poking his head up through the top of the ducky, ducky, ducky.

The blind beached on the bank.

We had a great time in North Platte, as usual. But I was ready to get home. Monday was sneaking up on us way to quick.

But.....we had to stop at Eat the Worm for our weekly Sunday margarita on the way.

We talked Steve's mom into drinking a daiquiri. That thing was mighty tasty!!!

This is Nej on the phone...talking recipes and food....can you believe it? Bobbi ended up borrowing some of the recipes she'd watched me prepare on Wednesday, and was calling for tips.

Obviously the boys all thought it was a moment worth remembering via a picture. Steve grabbed my camera, and the two in the background cheesed it up a little. :-)

They weren't feeling much pain by then!

There's Natalie...owner/margarita maker/shot deliverer.

And, before my dad can say what lushes we've become (admit it dad, you're thinking it right now!)....I was the DD. I drank part of one margarita, then drank water and ate tacos the rest of the night.

Hooray Responsibility!

Like I said, feeling no pain.