Monday, December 14, 2009

What did we just get ourselves into??

After waiting just over 2 years, the day finally arrived!!!  That's right....he finally talked me into it, and I couldn't be happier.

Well....I couldn't be happier, until I woke up to find her in between our pillows....trying to chew on the headboard of our bed.


What have we gotten ourselves into?

Everybody, say hello and give a warm welcome to Sam...the newest member of our household!!!

During previous visits to the kennel, we'd narrowed our choice of pups from 5 to 2. 

They were both sweethearts, they were both loving, they were both energetic and playful, they were both going to be exactly what we wanted.

But we couldn't take them both home with us.

Mot threw a dead pheasant onto the floor.  All 7 puppies tore across the floor and pounced...all but one, that is.  She ran over there just as fast.....but she wandered around the group......she waited for an opening....she plotted against her litter mates....she charged in, and took the bird from all six of the other pups.  One yank, and that's all she wrote.  Sam carried that bird out of the group with the biggest grin on her little puppy face.

She's a thinker.


What have we gotten ourselves into?


When we get home, she explored the house a little, then curled up on Mot's lap for a nap.  We decided it would be a good time to let the adult dogs in to check her out.

Isaac gives her a couple sniffs, and walks away.  Penny growls a little....then walks away.    The growling wakes the puppy up, and she gets up to follow Penny.  (Probably not the brightest move...but she's young and will learn.)

Isaac walks over to Mot....sniffs the new puppy smell of his lap.....then......lifts his leg and marks him.


What have we gotten ourselves into?


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Guess Isaac killed two birds with one stone: reclaiming Mot AND telling him what he thinks of the new pup.

mo.stoneskin said...

Threw a dead pheasant on the floor? Next time I'm thinking about flogging a dead horse I might try that instead. You know, vary it a bit.

Brook said...

A thinker? You guys are in BIG TROUBLE! You'll love every minute you're not crazy. Wait wait wait! We forgot the "baby shower" (hehehehe) She's beautiful!

Amy said...

Such a pretty baby! Hang in there! The pup stage will be trying-but she looks and sounds like a keeper!!

Cowguy said...

You do realize that the dog will soon own you... don't you?


Badass Geek said...

I saw a mention of a dog on Facebook and almost asked about it, but I figured you'd mention it here soon enough.

I am more jealous than words.

Nej said...

Darn it. For some reason blogger isn't sending me emails when people post a comment. All the settings seem right...wonder what the deal is??

@ mjenks - Isaac about GOT killed after that one. I was trying not to laugh. :-)

@ mo - Yeah, I guess I kinda said "threw a dead pheasant on the floor" like is was no big deal. (sigh) Sounds a little redneck, doesn't it? :-)

@ Brook - BIG TIME thinker! And now, she's started carrying her ceramic food bowl around the house to tell us she's hungry. (mental note - labs are ALWAYS hungry!) :-)

@ Amy - she is a keeper....but having a puppy is reminding me why we don't have kids. Murder (of either pets or children) is illegal...and prison shoes are horrible! :-)

@ Cowguy - Soon own us? Oh know, she owned us the minute we walked in the door of the kennel. :-)

@ Badass - my blog posting has gotten a little sparse lately. This "never seeing the light of day because the sun never comes out thing" is killing me!! During the day it's cloudy, and it's dark when I drive to and from work. If I don't see the sun soon, I'm going to go (more) insane! :-)

(You can live vicariously through our dog if you want. Are you ever going to give it another shot, now that you know your issues were yellow #5, etc related??)

Jon said...

I'm new here, so please forgive my ignorance... does Mot just carry around dead pheasants with him all the time, or was this a special occasion?

I have two dogs, one really smart one and one really dumb one. The dumb one is WAY less work.

Nej said...

@ Jon - You just never know when you'll need a dead pheasant...always be prepared. :-)

Seriously though, she's a hunting dog...and the kennel we got her from has a fridge/freezer in their main building, with ducks and pheasants for puppy purchasers to use when picking their dog.

We now have three smart dogs....but the other two are small breeds, so we out-mass them. :-)

g said...

What a darling!!

Sounds like she has an outgoing personality.

Nej said...

@ g - Outgoing...yeah, I'd say that's a pretty accurate word. I call her satan spawn. :-)

Lyvvie said...

Puppy!!!! Gimmegimmegimme!!

Nej said...

Lyvvie - For right now she's still on my good side, so I think I'll keep her....but after the first pair of shoes she destroys, she'll need a sitter for a while. :-) :-)

Brook said...

Your shoes. Your awesome shoes. Eternal vigilance has begun I'm sure. I was practically devastated when my puppy chewed up my favorite high heels. I forgot about that.

Nej said...

There is a puppy gate across the entrance to the laundry room and my closet...and, if I take off shoes when not near those places, I send them down the laundry chute and out of harms way. The thing is, I just KNOW it's going to happen, at least once. We'll let our guards down...and WHAM! :-(

Brook said...

I least you don't have a little girl clonking around the house in your favorite heels!

Elliott said...

At no point, in the history of mankind, has getting a puppy been a good idea.

I've told the dammit that every day for the last eight years, lest he think he's special.

Nej said...

@ Elliott - not a dog lover, or you are a dog lover, but don't want to tell the dogs and make their heads swell?? :-) :-)

Come on, admit it, they are all cute and crap!!! :-)

Elliott said...

Check him here...if I give him any slack, he'll start believing he's alpha and we can't have that.

Nej said...

@ Elliott - Dammit is adorable!!!!

(But don't tell him I said that. I'd hate to ruin the carefully crafted hierarchy in the house. He doesn't know he has his own myspace page, does he?)


Elliott said...

We try not to let him use the computer. I'm now thinking I need to post last year's Christmas photo - we decorated his cone.