Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: She's not spoiled....not one little bit!!

Mot and Sam are heading off across Nebraska to visit Mot's (and Sam's) family.

During the trip out, Mot sent me many a picture from the road.

Mot used to say that I could sleep anywhere. I've got nothing on Sam. :-)

Happy Wednesday folks!!!!!

Swingline 747

So....if you've had something happen at work...something big.....something that makes you want to repeatedly hit yourself over the head with your Swingline 747 stapler, and then jump through the nearest window....and, let's say your boss comes over to get your "take" on the event....and you throw your hands up in the air while, while yelling..... "that's it! I've had it, I can't take it any more. I'm leaving, I'll see you all tomorrow"......and you look over at him, and he's smiling....

Does that mean "Yes, it's ok to go home" ?

I think it should.

"The squirrels were married." Classic!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Update: Getting behind again

I'm two weekends behind. I'll get it all caught up this week, I promise!!!!

But, as I look at my window right's pitch black and raining cats and dogs....I think I'll post a picture from this Saturday. I found the perfect spot to sit and read for a while.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Dog for sale.....

They spend Sunday morning buying plants. He buys veggies (tomatoes, peppers, herbs, etc)...she buys flowers.

He's in charge of planting the garden, she's in charge of filing the pots on the back deck.

One afternoon after work, she comes home and does just that.....fills all the pots. Ponders over what to put where.....and then digs in, literally.

The finished product is happy, fun, and colorful. Bright pots of colorful Gerber daisies and other things she doesn't know the names of.

Names aren't important though. It looks nice. She can't WAIT to get more pots and make the big bare back deck into an oasis of color.

He wakes her up on his way out the door this morning. "Uh...honey?"

"Hmmmm?" (still clinging to the last minutes of sleep)

"I'm sorry. I tried to pick up all the pieces."

She's instantly awake. She puts on her robe and walks to the kitchen.

Through the window she can see the aftermath.....the debris.....the horror.

The back deck is mud, muck, greenery....and bright little bits of plant life here and there.


She could tell he'd tried to pick up the pieces before he woke her. You could tell where he tried to put the plants (or what was left of them) in the pots they came from.

She loves him for it more than anything.

As for the dog.......

.....she's priced to sell.

(Badass - you get first dibs if you want her.)

:-) :-)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Put your right foot in, put your right foot out.....

Last weekend, I spent a couple hours Sunday am (04/25/10) taking pics of Inny (little sis) and Doug (bro-in-law) competing in a small interschool dance competition. They signed up to take ballroom dance lessons a number of months ago (how long HAS it been, Inny?)....and every so often the school puts on a competition so the students can be judged on their progress.

It's also a fun excuse to buy fancy dresses and strut their stuff. :-)

I love this picture. You can see the concentration on their faces as they are waiting for the music to start.

Aren't they cute??

Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Update: Which way to the Ark?

I grew up camping at Wilson Island State Park. Some summers I spent more time there, than at home. My parents are still that way. We love it there!

In April, the Missouri river went over it's banks, and the park flooded. It's happened before, and I'm sure it will happen again....but it's never a happy thing.

The Friends of Wilson Island have been doing what they can to help park staff get the place open for business.

I was able to go out last Saturday and help.

There was still quite a bit of standing water....but nothing compared to what it was. The place was completely UNDER water when the river was at it's highest.

Mom and I took the ranger out for a drive along the river. We spent the first part of the morning rescuing the new seedling trees they planted last year. (this pic isn't one of the new trees, as if you couldn't tell - those were completely covered my muck, mud, and gunk - muddy job)

Then we moved back into the park to start picking up debris.

After a while, I moved over to dad's team to work on the bigger debris.

One of the fatalities of the flood were the outhouses.

Don't worry though, they have new ones coming. :-)

Dad let me drive the truck for a while. Do you see the boggy mess where we were dumping the downed trees and limbs? (look closely behind the trailer in that last pic)

Oh yeah, I got the truck stuck.

Yessiirreee I did. :-) :-)