Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Put your right foot in, put your right foot out.....

Last weekend, I spent a couple hours Sunday am (04/25/10) taking pics of Inny (little sis) and Doug (bro-in-law) competing in a small interschool dance competition. They signed up to take ballroom dance lessons a number of months ago (how long HAS it been, Inny?)....and every so often the school puts on a competition so the students can be judged on their progress.

It's also a fun excuse to buy fancy dresses and strut their stuff. :-)

I love this picture. You can see the concentration on their faces as they are waiting for the music to start.

Aren't they cute??


Brook said...

Totally incredibly awesome. I have tried to convince/coerce/tempt/trick even seduce the hubbs into dance lessons about once a year since we moved here, it's been 10 years. I don't think that fish is biting. EVER!
wv appiabe as in, "Appiabe if that boy'd take me dancin!"

Nej said...

We started taking lessons a couple weeks ago. I've always wanted to do it, but never figured I'd get Mot through the door. He surprised me by signing us up as a surprise.

You can take them without him...I see TONS of people doing it...girls and guys alike.