Thursday, December 2, 2010

Houston, We Have a Problem

So...I've been a slacker the last month (OK, two months). I have a Halloween post to do, I have a Thanksgiving post to do, and I also have a trip to New Orleans to write about. Plus assorted other misc weekends thrown in there in between.

Now that I'm finally able to find the time to do computer has died.

My home computer is currently in surgery, in the trusty and skilled hands of my work IT hero, Paul.

He's a skilled surgeon....but the prognosis is not good.

"But Nej, you're obviously able to post from another computer, what's the hold up?"

All of my pictures are on my laptop. ALL. OF. MY. PICTURES.

And you all know how many pictures I take.

"Don't you back up your pictures? When's the last time you've done it. There can't be that many missing, right??"

(mumbling) I last backed it up this summer sometime...or maybe it was this spring.

Crap, I don't even remember when it was. :-)

Yes, yes...I know. How stupid could I be??? I've just been busy, and haven't thought about doing it. And now....well....I'm screwed.

I do, although, have a handy little flash drive at home, that MAY just have some of those missing pictures on it. (please keep your fingers crossed for me)

So....until I can get home and find out....I'm in mourning.

Actually, I'll still be in mourning if the pics ARE on a little flash drive....because there are many pictures I've taken between this summer and October.


Paul tells me to stop being so negative, and that not all hope is lost....but I'm asking all of my readers to please light a candle - heck, light a whole box of 'em if you can. (birthday candles in the junk drawer totally count!!)

As of the last report, the hard drive fixer upper program he's running will be complete in 3633 hours and 14 minutes.

(shaking my head)