Thursday, March 24, 2011

01/21/11 - 01/23/11: Games, cards and snow.

01/21/11 - Friday

We had the boys over Friday night for a little game night action. I'd found a number of board games on a garage sale a year or so ago.....but we'd never had the opportunity to try them out. It was colder than crap outside (which, I guess, really isn't that cold, if you think about it)...and hanging out inside sounded good.

First up - Pazaz!!

Based on the cheese-factor of the cover art, we were in for a treat.

Steve read the rules.

We assembled the playing surface (along with snacks).

I shuffled the cards. (Kinda looks like I'm "up" to something here...hmmmmmm.)

Pizaz was actually really fun! I'd say it was 50 cents well spent.

We played a couple games....the moved on.


I've, of course, heard of it but have never played it.

After a couple games of Parcheesi, we decided to call it a night.

Now....please pay close attention. In this picture you will see Danny is talking to Mot (not pictured). I'm not sure what he was saying (as it was two months ago).....but whatever it was, it must have been good. Steve is trying to contain himself....and it ended up like this......

Notice snowball in Mot's hand. Notice Danny trying to hold the door closed. (Notice Sam just wanting to go outside with Danny.)

Notice Danny cowering in the corner of our front porch. Notice Mot putting snowball down Danny's shirt. (Notice Sam staring out the door, waiting for someone to let her out.)

Notice Danny running back through the house, into the bathroom......with the four of us (Sam included) not far behind. His shirt was FULL of snow!

01/22/11 - Saturday

We, again, had the boys over to our house. You see, it was card night at Val and Dee's (the girls) place, and I needed a refresher on how to play Euchre. I haven't played it since high school...and couldn't for the life of me remember how.

After a quick lesson, we decided to drive around town, wasting time and running errands.

One of our stops was Canfields - an outdoor, sporting goods, military surplus store.

When it got a little later into the evening, we headed to the girls' place for tamales and cards. While in Canfields, the forecasted blizzard had finally begun.

Roads were getting slick, and the snow was starting to accumulate on the streets slightly. But a little weather won't keep us from tamales!!

I mean, won't keep us from cards with friends! (giggle)

When we got to the party, there wasn't much snow on the ground.

When we left the party, it looked like this.....

01/23/11 - Sunday

Not only do Mot and I love the snow....but our dogs absolutely adore it!!!

It was so deep, we needed to walk through the yard and make a path for Isaac and his short old man legs.

Sam hiding behind our snow fence.

Mmmmm....frozen dog slobber.

Now, compare this picture of January a picture I took in December 2009. She's grown up a little in the last year, hasn't she?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Redroom

Redrum, redrum!!!!!

Restroom at one of the local movie theaters.

I had the place to myself, so took the opportunity to snap a pic. I'm nearly blinded every time I walk in the door.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Christmas 2010

12/24/2010 - Christmas Eve

My sister hosted Christmas Eve at her place this year.

Actually, she hosted it last year as well.....and we had a blizzard....and her garage door didn't get shut.....and they woke up to a garage completely full of snow.

This year there was less snow....but more cold. Frigid is more like it. Brrrrr!!!

But you won't find any weather that stops us from getting together. :-)

Mom and dad brought dinner....the rest of us brought snacks.

It was a fun day!

Apparently hosting the festivities was more than she could handle. :-)

Mot's gift from the kids was "Duck Hunter."

Doug teaches at the high school right down the block from their we went to the only wide open space (without below zero temps) we could think of.

We were completely and totally surprised by this toy!!! It flies high, it flies for a long time.....heck, we were impressed it was flying at all. It takes 10 seconds to charge it up on the "gun", then you turn it on and let it go.

You have to "shoot" it three times before it comes down. Each time you shoot it, the wings pause, and it drops a little...then starts flying again.

And when you've hit it for the third stops flying and GENTLY comes down for a landing.

We were all blown away!!!!

I took quite a few videos on my phone....but until I can figure out how to get them off my phone and onto my'll just have to use your imagination.

The "hunters" on their way back to the house.

When we got back, Mot and I packed up our loot, and headed to his parent's house for Christmas Eve dinner.


We gave their dogs, Bo and Jake, the same chew toys we gave our dogs, and my sister's dogs. All of the animals seemed to enjoy their holiday ducks and geese.

Mot's brother in Portland, OR gave grandma a call on Skype that evening. It was nice getting to see them on the holiday!!!

12/25/2010 - Christmas Day

The boys invited us to their place xmas day morning for breakfast.

The fireplace was roaring when we arrived. :-)

French toast....yum!

Mimosas before breakfast.

Chocolate milk and board games after.

13 Dead End Drive - Danny found this one at a garage sale, and we just had to get it out to play.

Box o' chips. to snack on while we played.

Pretty sure, once we'd finished the games, Mot and I went home....we watched tv, movies and slept the day away. Felt great!

12/26/10 - Day after Christmas

Breakfast at Amatos with the boys.

Now, this is where not posting for months and months is annoying. I can't for the life of me remember what we did between breakfast.....

...and the Worm.

Empanadas to try out before being placed on the menu permanently.

That mustache is a corkscrew!

Cheers! Happy Holidays!

Our designated driver...drinking Starbucks double shots. :-)