Friday, July 31, 2009

Sometimes you feel like a nut.....

I went to lunch with my buddy Lorrie today. We ate at Subway and decided we were sick of sitting....but we didn't want to go back to work just yet.

(or in my case...EVER!!)

There's a Shopko across the street, so we headed over.

We walked through some clearance aisles. I did as I always do.....slowly doing my part to rearrange the store one product at a time.

I'll pick something up to buy....then two aisles later decide I really don't need it, want it, whatever. Instead of taking it back, I put it wherever I am.

When you see a pair of socks with the peanut butter, you know I've probably been there. :-)

I only have one ground rearranging perishable items. If they'll go bad where you leave them, put them back from whence they came.

After 8 years of managing a grocery store, the rearranging of items was OK...but there's nothing worst than finding a perfectly good carton of milk left to spoil in the pickle aisle.

As we wandered through the snack aisle, I thought to myself......"Self, I could really use a snack for this afternoon. Something crunchy, something not absolutely horrible for myself...."

"I would totally love a bag of Corn Nuts."

My sister bought a bag while on our way to Texas a couple weeks ago. I didn't even know they still made them until then.

Shopko didn't have any....and I couldn't find anything else that sounded good., that's a lie.....the Chocolate Chex Mix actually sounded intriguing.

I was desperate, give me a break!!!

In any case, I didn't get them. Probably a wise decision. :-)

While wandering and meandering our way towards the checkout, we went through the purse/jewelry section.

And I found this gem on sale.

(That's right Mel, I bought a watch.)

It's nothing fancy, no big name brand, no snazzy functions (although, it does have a stop watch on it, go figure). But it's fun.

They also have it in lime green. I just might have to go back and get it. :-)

Loyal readers will know that, if anything, I can leave them about for the poltergeist to he'll leave my good ones alone!!!!

As we walked along the rows of cashiers....we noticed none of the lines were moving very quickly.

* One lady had 5 different orders, for 5 different people, to be paid with five different credit cards.

* One woman had grabbed every single sale item they offered....and was arguing the price on every one of them.

* One cashier looked new....really new. Deer in the headlights new.

So...we each picked a lane.

The race was on!!!!!

I got behind "argue every price lady", and Lorrie chose the new cashier.

She won.

My lady was giving me the hard sell on a warranty for my $10 watch. A $3 warranty.

Cashier: You want the warranty for that? It's only $3.

Nej: No thanks.

Cashier: You sure? It's only $3.

Nej: Yep, that's what you said. But no thank you.

Cashier: That's a really nice watch. I'd get it if I were you.

Nej: I really don't.....

Cashier (interrupting me): That watch has a nice band and stuff. The warranty would cover that.

Nej: I'm not interested in the warranty.

Cashier: But what if it breaks?

Nej: I like to live life on the edge.

Cashier: (hmph)

On a good note....look what they had in the middle of the spontaneous buys hanging at the check out!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Random Thoughts: 07/29/09

1) Why aren't women's' skirt sizes regulated? How can I try on one skirt that is way to big, one that is way to small, and then one that fits great......and they are all the same size???? It's criminal I tell ya! :-)

2) How can my scale say I gained 3 pounds since yesterday morning? I'm putting it on unpaid leave...if it acts up again, it's gone!!!! :-)

3) What does this license plate mean? EXTAMTR

4) There is a Wendy's Frosty calling my name.....I can hear it. It's been getting steadily louder since 2:00 this afternoon. I'm trying to be good, I'm not eating junk.....and then this self-absorbed frozen treat starts calling my name, how dare it?!?!?! :-)

5) I hooked my phone up to my laptop to backup all the information in it, in case I drop it in the toilet or something (it's been known to happen). All of my calendar events are now gone. Every single one. Since when does "back-up" and "erase completely" mean the same thing? Did I miss a memo Blackberry people??

6) If you work at Best Buy, and you don't know the answer to my question, just tell me. Be honest. Don't make something up, just so I'll buy your product. It's sooo not cool.

7) My iPod nano is about dead. It's a first generation model, and has served me well. I charge it fully, and it lasts just long enough to get me through a 3 mile run....then dies. No warning, just dies. I need to replace it...and have been thinking it over for quite some time now.

I'd love to get an iPod classic...120 gb...sweet! But, it has moving bits, that won't like the jostling from my running with it. And, from what I can find out online (no thanks to the Best Buy guy who lies), you can't use the Nike + iPod chip with the classic.

The iPod touch is awesome.....with it's fancy apps and all. But if Verizon ever gets the iPhone contract (due for renewal in 2010 - or so I'm told), I'll get one of those. So why have two devices with all the fancy apps? Plus, the blackberry I have now has plenty of apps, bells and whistles.

A new nano is 16 gb, plenty to hold all of my music, any podrunner downloads I want to load onto it, and audio books when we go on road trips. It's lighter weight, no moving bits to bang around while running. Plus, it's cheaper than the first two options.

Or, I could just load stuff onto my blackberry and use it. I've heard the sound quality isn't that grand, but who cares about sound quality when running? (Most days, I'm just concerned with making it to the end of the run without tripping on the treadmill, breaking my neck, and embarrassing myself. ) And, if I do that, I need to find an armband that will fit the blackberry....I'm not having much luck with that quest yet. :-)

8) Our quartet has been asked to sing at the Sarpy County fair tonight. They've asked us before...and every year, they have us singing the same time as the tractor pull. We spend the hour trying to time our singing and the revving of the tractor engines. Usually good for some laughs! :-)

9) 34 minutes until I can blow this Popsicle stand. Rock on!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weekend Update #26: Taking a breather

That's right....I'm writing this blog, while laying on my couch, under a blanket. The A/C set at our usual 63 degrees. I have a can of Pringles, my cell phone, the house phone, and Mot's cat (believe it or not).

You can see it in her eyes....."Human, I'm only laying with you because HE isn't home."


I'm wearing nothing but one of those towels they sell on know, the kind that your wrap around yourself, and has Velcro to keep it in place.

Yet, I haven't taken a shower, so there's really no reason to wear a towel....except I'm just too darned lazy to walk down to the basement to put something else on.

And that, my friends, is why I've decided to call the theme for this weekend. "Too D*mned Lazy"

Oh yes.

I came home from work Friday night and lazed about. Mot was working, I had the place to myself. And I did nothing. NOTHING!!!!

Yesterday, we went to the gym when he got home.....then went to Mo. Valley to see some friends....then went to the bookstore (go figure) here in Omaha. Then....home, to be lazy the rest of the afternoon and all night.

The DCI (Drum Corp International) had their annual competition here in town, and we usually go.

But we didn't.


This morning, Mot headed back out for work, and I went back to bed. I finally drug myself from the bedroom around 9 am...which is unheard of for me!!!! :-)

I had this idea that I was going to grab my bike, and head to DeSoto to do some much needed biking. Look up above in that pic....see my bike in the background? Yes, there it is. Staring at me as I lay here on the couch.

It's 10:30, and I haven't moved since I laid down. The idea of biking slipping further and further into impossibility.

Somehow I ended up stopping (while flipping channels) on the Style network. The show is called Ruby. Basically, it's a show that follows Ruby, a very obese woman, around as she lives her life, looses weight, and puts herself back into a more public life (getting a job, etc).

This particular episode centers around 2 things. 1) getting a job 2) going to the doctor.

And not just any doctor....but a gynecologist.

Oh boy.

She calls her "womanly parts" her christmas. You heard me....her christmas.

Apparently, she considers it a gift...and thinks this is an appropriate name.

I don't know what to say. I'm changing the channel. Why do people put this stuff on TV?

Sunday TV is horrible. We have every cable channel out there, plus HBO, and nothing is on.


So....with that...I'm going to set the laptop down, and find something constructive to do. Check back with you later. :-)

Well...I picked up a few things around the house...then the couch called to me again. I lasted all of maybe 30 minutes being productive. I really should just stop fighting it. :-)

The boys stopped by later in the afternoon...with the last few re-faced cupboard doors. It's done! It looks awesome!!!!!!!!

Actually, not totally done. We still need to paint the cupboards themselves....and touch up some work needed on the ceiling above the fridge (where we ripped cabinets out). But...the door are all done!!!

And they look AWESOME!!!!!

And....drum roll please!!

I present to you the before and after pics for the doors!! much better!!!!!!! :-)

Hanging the last few doors didn't take as long as we the three of us (Mot was working yesterday) headed out to do a little window shopping.

A Big Lots recently opened near my house, and we went in to check it out. I was immediately drawn to this huge stack of fuzzy pillows. The stack was taller than Steve and I searched the store for a step stool.

They were REALLY fluffy pillows. Once i sat down, they scrunched almost to the floor. No step stool needed to get down. :-)

After doing a little shopping, we drove down 60th Street to the Pizza Shoppe, and PS Collective for a little dinner and entertainment.

The girls took me to see Roxi Copland in Des Moines. And I fell in love with her music....her voice...her songwriting...her piano playing.

She was finally coming to Omaha to perform....and I was excited!!!

She played a short set (maybe an hour)....then Shannon Curtis took the stage. I'd never heard her music before, and was curious. She's from LA, and is driving across country, playing a summer tour.

I left with all three of her Cd's.

Roxi and Shannon are completely different ends of the spectrum.

Roxi sings with a jazzier or bluesier tone to her voice and her music. Shannon plays love songs, hard hitting, but happy.

Both put on a great show!

After the ladies were finished, a local (new) group went up to play.

They were new, new.

Really new.

We left about 10:45, and I was home and in bed by 11:00.

Great weekend!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Seeing Dots

Have you ever visited the site "Awkward Family Photos (dot) com" ????

I'm giving you a really embarrassing (for me) reason to check it out. :-)

Go here. Scroll down a few to the one titled "seeing dots" and look really closely.

Granted, I don't post many pictures of myself on my blog, so you might not catch it right off the bat....but I'll give you a hint.

My sister in cousin Amanda (who just came up for 4th of July weekend - and the one that submitted the pic to the site) is in the orange.....and I may or may not be the one in blue. :-)

Last I checked...there were 50+ comments to the pic. My favorite so far....

I think this is one of those magic eye pictures, because I stared at this for a few moments and the word “AWESOME” emerged.

Now, that's the spirit!!! :-)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Taming of the Shoes: Shoes with a View

I work in the manufacturing industry, so walking around in 4" heels usually catches some stares. I have a ton of them...but rarely wear them.

And, to answer your questions.....they are "moderately" comfy. You won't find me out running errands in them....but I can wear them the whole day here at the office, and not spend my time wishing to be put out of my misery.

I've been walking around the office, to and from my car (etc) all day today. But when I ran to a store over lunch, I switched into a pair of black sandals. Any time I can reduce the stress on my feet, I try to.

I could totally get rid of the stress by not wearing the shoes at all...but what fun would that be???


Friday, July 24, 2009

Brake, Gas, Brake, Gas....

I drove to work this morning, behind a woman driving an older red Ford Taurus.

This lady was on her cell phone.

This lady had a mental (and physical) connection between her feet and her cell phone.

When her phone would ring, she'd hit the brakes.


On the interstate.

When the phone came up to her ear, she'd hit the gas.

Really hit it. And Speed off.

When she hung up and looked down to dial another number....BRAKE!!!

Phone up to her ear.....GAS!!!

Hang up, dial another number....BRAKE!!!

Phone up to her ear....GAS!!!


Traffic was thick, I couldn't change lanes to escape. :-)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Weekend Update #25: 24 hours in a car...shoot me now!!!!!

My grandfather, Milo, is not doing well in the health department. It seems smoking for his whole life has finally caught up to him.

Lung cancer. :-(

It's an obviously unpleasant, and very dark topic of conversation. So....I'll do as I always try to do, and find the positive.

Granted, there isn't ANY in this case....but I'll do my best to give you the positives from this weekend.

Inny, mom, Mot and I drove to Amarillo, TX this weekend. We left Friday at 4:00, once everyone was off of work.

My sister's car is nicknamed Harry. Can you figure out why by looking at this picture?? :-)

We drove halfway (to Wichita, KS) the first night. The drive was actually quite nice. We listened to music and audio books. All in all, the first day of driving went pretty quick.

* Mental note: Must research Tuttle Creek wildlife area in Kansas. Beautiful to drive through. Want to go back and check it out for real.

* We drove past Salina, KS. Which brought about a small "discussion" of how to pronounce it.

saleena?? salina??

Tomayto, Tomahto. :-)

* We drove past the Fort Riley Gunnery.

Gunnery, I love saying that word!!

Gunnery, gunnery, gunnery. :-)

By the time we passed the gunnery (giggle) we were pretty slap happy.

Nej: Do they actually....ah...rehearse there?

Mot: They practice, they do drills, they don't rehearse.

Nej: Rehearse means the same thing.

Mot: (shaking his head)

Friday night, on the other hand....was horrible!! I don't know what it is about us....but we were unable to sleep the first night.


Drunk people in the room next to us. Yelling, screaming and carrying on. (sigh)

At 1:30, we called hotel security, and they came to break up the party.

So much for getting on the road by 6:00. We slept in, once we finally got to sleep. :-)

Saturday we drove from Wichita to Amarillo. Via a bunch of highways our GPS (Daniel) deemed the best and quickest route.

Through the Gloss Mountains.

We disagreed with the "mountains" label they'd been given....but do agree they were pretty. I mean, we have scenery taller than this by us....and they just call them hills. (Loess Hills) How do these "hills" rate the mountain label??? :-) :-)

Just as we were nearing the OK/TX state line...we were stopped in a small town. For many minutes. For a cattle drive to cross the road. Gotta love it!!!

Once we arrived in Amarillo, we spent the day hanging out in the hospital with grandpa. He was very happy that we came!!!!

Our original plan was to start back for home that night....but no one really felt like it. So, we got a hotel room.

* The elevator was behind a regular room a hallway of like doors.

* And the lighting in the room was driving my OCD crazy!!!!!

But we slept the best we had in a long time. The a/c was fully operational, and we slept in meat locker temperatures.....LOVE IT!!!! :-)

We left for home first thing Sunday am.

12 hours on the road ahead of us.

Inny tells me this is the largest cross in Texas...or something like that.

We stopped here (below) for fuel and beverages. I wanted out of that place as soon as I could. Something about it, and the attached spooky looking motel had my hair standing on end.

I read too much Stephen King. It's official. :-)

We stopped at the most curious little place for lunch. After finding the Quizno's we'd stopped at was closed, we went across the street to Braum's. Per the guy working inside, they don't exist much north of Wichita, KS.

When we walked inside, the smell of grease about knocked us all over. We had to swim through it to get to the counter to order. If it hadn't been for our hunger, and wanting to get home, we probably would have left to find something else.

At one end of the building, fast food and the other end, a small little grocery store. Dairy, produce and meat sections. Plus about every flavor of packaged ice cream available. They had little shopping carts and everything.

For some reason, it struck us all as very strange.

Heart attacks on one side, healthy living on the other.

The rest of the drive home was pretty anti-climactic. We listened to more audio books....and barely spoke. We were all ready to be home!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Inter-office mail (07/22/09

To the powers that be,

I understand that I come in to work every day to earn a paycheck. To pay my bills, buy my groceries (and the occasional pair of shoes). :-)

But, as of late, you've been making me work much more.

This extra commitment I've provided to you has seriously cut down on my blog reading and commenting time.

Right now, I currently have 247 posts that need my prompt attention, and you've been making it very difficult to get done.

I'm sure all of this "making me actually work my 40 hours per week" is merely an oversight....and look forward to things returning to the way they were.


Wordless Wednesday: Hotel Bed Jumping

My sister and I do this at every hotel we go to together. And this past weekend was no exception. It's tradition. :-)

The next picture taken (had there been one) would have been of me trying not to fall off the bed. You can see it in my face in this shot. :-)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July Writing Challenge: My Fridge

Homework. When it was assigned in school, I hated it. But when it's assigned in blogland...I can't wait!!!!! (I know, I'm a little crazy sometimes.)

Natalie at Curly Wurly Gurly assigned a little bit of homework earlier this month.

TAKE A PICTURE OF THE CONTENTS OF YOUR FRIDGE and then post it on your blog on July 21st. Please, don’t clean up or hide your junk food behind some freshly purchased fruits and veggies–we’re going for HONESTY here.

I went home immediately, and took this picture. I knew I had 21 days to complete it, but I learned in college, if I'm given a longer amount of time to do always ends up getting done the day before (or the day of) it's due date. Procrastination, my name is Nej.

Top Shelf: Grapefruit juice, Margarita mix, store brand salsa, and a growler of microbrew from our favorite brewery. :-)

Second Shelf: I call it the butter shelf. On it, there is butter, and two tubs of butter substitute. Plus a container of key lime yogurt and a small bottle of horseradish.

Oh, and a plastic container with left overs. I took this picture on 07/01....I'm typing this post on 07/11 - and the left over container is still there. I'll have to check back on 07/21 and see if it's still hanging on.

UPDATE: June 15th, it's still there.

First drawer: Lunch meats, shredded cheeses, whole wheat tortillas, and a big chunk of extra sharp cheddar cheese (yummy!!).

Third Shelf: Lite cream cheese, low fat sour cream, pickles, a container of lunch meat, and left over homemade pizza (in aluminum foil).

Fourth Shelf: The liquid shelf. Bottled water, coffee creamer (chocolate and caramel), syrup, coffee creamer (vanilla), and Smirnoff Black (with a touch of lime - delicious!!!).

Second drawer: Green pepper, head of lettuce, bag of nasty old carrots that really need thrown away, and pre-packaged, vacuum sealed gloves of peeled garlic (wonderful product!!!).

Third drawer: Box of batteries (all sizes) and the bladders from our Camelbacks (keeps them from getting all gross - no matter how hard you try to get them completely dry, it never works).

Door, top shelf (not pictured): Eggs.

Door, second shelf: Assorted condiments.

Door, third shelf: Milk, milk and more milk. We're milk addicts. I used to drink so much of it when I was in high doctor actually banned me from it. For 6 months. I had calcium deposits everywhere in my body. And it was causing some joint issues. :-( So, now I drink a ton of it...but skim. So really, is there any milk actually in skim milk?? :-)

Door, third shelf: Assorted condiments.

Door, fourth shelf: You guessed it, assorted condiments. One can never have too many I guess. :-)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Thoughts

1) The sky, on my way to the gym this morning, was purple...or maybe it was blue?

It was that color.......that color you look at and say, "Is that blue, or is it purple?"

You know the one???

2) The human body is supposed to be great....beautiful...and all that jazz. I get it. But, could the very nice woman in the locker room please leave her towel ON until she gets done talking to me? I was using a mirror in between the locker room and the shower room. She stopped to talk to me. Which was fine. But here are the two choices I'd like to offer her......

a) Keep your towel on and talk....or b) take it off and get into the shower.

She chose c) take it off, and stand there talking. I don't remember offering a c).


3) I haven't watched much baseball since high school. ESPN was on the TV in front of my treadmill this morning.

When did baseball players stop wearing those really tight pants, and start wearing pants that look like pajama bottoms???

I miss the old style. :-)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Weekend Update #24, Movie, singing and badminton.

This weekend was actually pretty mellow. It started after work on Friday with a decision to go see a movie with the boys.

We'd decided up on Ice Age, merely because we knew it would make us laugh....and we were all in desperate need of a laugh.

Mot and I jumped in our vehicle to go to the theater, but we had to stop at Target first. Some people want popcorn during a movie....I crave turkey jerky.

Not that I don't love popcorn, I do.....but turkey jerky has become my new movie theater snack.

From there we headed to the movie theater....but before realized where we were going, we were pulling into the parking lot of the theater next to Target. The wrong theater. :-)

As we were pulling back OUT, we passed the boys driving in.

It seems we'd had a communications breakdown. I'd confirmed with Steve which theater we were meeting at......and he confirmed the wrong one in error.

So, if Mot hadn't driven to our theater by mistake......well.....let's just say it worked out well. :-)

After seeing the large number of children in line, we decided against Ice Age, and went to The Hangover instead. It was a good choice. Funny movie, silly humor, politically incorrect, entertaining.......

And it didn't hurt that two of the lead actors were hot.


Did I say that out loud? (hehe)

Saturday was a long day. I got up early to run at the gym (sticking with it so far, down 8 pounds this month - yeah Nej!!)....then came home, rushed around to get showered and dressed before the other gals arrived. Our quartet was getting coached in Huxley, IA (just north of Des Moines).

The coaching session went really, really, really well!!!!!

Really well. :-)

Once home, I went almost directly to bed. 2.5 hours there, then 2.5 hours back. 4 hours of singing. A run that morning.

I was bushed!!!

Inny came to our house Sunday morning. We were going to take the bikes out for a ride....but the ominous looking weather kept us from going.

That, and I didn't have a way to air up my new bullet proof tires at home. You see, they have those new fangled Presta valves.

OK, so they aren't so new fangled....I just haven't had a bike with them before. And didn't have a air pump, or adaptor to fill them at home. It usually gets done at the store.

After she left, Mot and I caught up on some DVR TV, then headed to the bike store when they opened.

Apparently, they were having their annual sale. The store isn't small, and it was PACKED with people. Packed!!!!

We picked up a bike pump, some new pedals (platform/clipless hybrid), and a small bag to put under my seat (for car keys, etc). We almost got Mot a new bike...but decided it was a little spur of the moment, and needed to do some more research.

We then headed to the bookstore (go, bookstore? no way!!!)...the grocery store...then home.

Robin and Switch were coming over to play cards, and they were due any minute.

We played a couple hands of Hand and Foot (the ladies ruled!!!)...then headed outside for some badminton.

(getting the net untangled and set up)

Two-fisting it.

"Hey Robin, smile!!!"

After they left, I hopped in the shower, and Mot went upstairs to play on the computer.

We relaxed the rest of the evening. Great day!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

OK...I should actually call it "less wordy than usual Wednesday."

I'm still trying to find some time to post my weekend update. I promise to have it done before next weekend shows up. :-) :-)

This picture I'm posting today was from the previous weekend. Drunken Canasta.

The boys stopped by last night for dinner.

Steve brought with him a flash drive.

A flash drive with videos.

Videos of me, that night...playing cards....sloshed.


I watched it through my was a horror movie, brought to reality.

I'm such a happy, giddy drunk. :-)

At one point, I say, "See, I'm not that drunk, I knew it was your deal."

At least, that's what I think I said. The alcohol induced carpet wrapped around my tongue was wreaking havoc with my speech. :-)

And, ironically, the tshirt I was wearing that night says...."Well-behaved women seldom make history."

Boy, ain't that the truth. :-)

Monday, July 13, 2009

"It" strikes again.

I know I've written about 'it' poltergeist.

It doesn't strike nearly as often as it used to....and for some reason....the little bugger has decided watches are it's favorite target in this new house.

Earlier this year it stole my new watch...and then, as usual, I found it in the strangest spot. Well, maybe not the strangest spot, per se....but in a spot I had looked quite a few times...and not found it.

Now, fast forward to this month.....another watch missing. I had it Wednesday afternoon (07/01), on my desk at work. And that's the last time I actually remember having it.

I looked everywhere it would have been.....nothing, nada. I'd written it off as stolen from work or the gym, or dropping it somewhere. But gone, none the less.

Last night I'm in my closet, trying to figure out what I'm going to wear today. I pick an outfit, then move onto what shoes I'll wear. As I'm trying on different shoes, I grab a pair I haven't worn for at least two weeks.

I pull one shoe out of the box, put it on the floor, and slip my foot into it.

Well....I tried to slip my foot into it.

My missing watch was in that shoe!!!!

The last time I wore those shoes was WELL before the last day I used the watch.

The shoes I was trying on were in a shoe box. There is absolutely NO reason for me to open that shoe box, put my watch in there...then put the box back and go on with life.

NO reason.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Taming of the Shoes: What can brown do for me?

Very comfy, but they sound heavy when I walk.

I swear I'm not stomping my feet. :-)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Escape plan needed.

Help!!!!!! Seeking new job.

What I can bring to the table:

* certificate in b*llshit (rec'd via on the job training at current position)

* thick skin (it HAS to be many times as I've been stabbed in the back, I'm still alive to talk about it)

* ability to work under pressure without completely losing my head, and while still holding onto what little sanity I may still have left

* unfortunate tolerance to having my job performance based on the actual performance of others (which means, I'm used to getting yelled at when somebody else doesn't get their job done)

* unfortunate tolerance to gender bias (which means, I'm used to not getting any respect and having no one listen to me because I have boobs and am missing specific pieces of male anatomy)

* large amounts of self control (I mean, come on, I've worked her for like 6 years or so, and haven't shot anybody yet...that has to account for something, yes???)

* Ability to tune out distractions (which means I'm getting really good at ignoring emails and phone calls from customers who want things that just aren't going to happen...because other people aren't getting their job done, and I ultimately get blamed for it....even though I have no power or control over them what so ever)

* They've turned me into a whining, sniveling, cowering mass in the corner. Please help!!!!

Image Source

Weekend Update #23: Drunken canasta, family visit, and the 4th of July (part two)

(Part one)

It rained a million inches of rain Friday night (that's a rough guess, but probably closer to the truth that anyone cares to admit....1 million inches!!!) and my aunt and uncle, who arrived Friday night and camped at the state park, took on a little water.

Ok, maybe allot of water. :-)

You can see their tent int he background, is actually sitting up off the ground on chairs and such, to help it dry out.

So much water, in fact, that we decided to seize the opportunity to move their campsite to the site next to mom and dad's (it wasn't open the night before).

Did we pack up their gear, and then pull it all back out on the other side of the park?

Nope...we just pulled stakes, and walked it across the campgrounds.

After Mot and I had moved the first tent, we went to watch the second group come in.

The park wasn't full to the gills....but there were plenty of people giving us some strange looks as we walked by. :-)

The day was pretty relaxed, really. It rained and sprinkled off and on. We never did see blue skies.

So, we all puttered around the campsite most of the day. Eating, talking, eating some more, playing some games, eating some more, talking................rinse, repeat.

4th of July, the way it should be. :-)

Mot and Kent talking while Kent put new bullet proof tires on my bike. I can't wait to take it out this weekend, and feel the difference!!!!

The coolest chair ever!!!! We nicknamed it the Venus FlyTrap, because the wind kept switching directions. And when it came from behind the chair, it would actually lower the "wing" down over Kent.

Grandma Margaret brought bubble wands for the kids to play with.

A group of us set up the ladder golf set.

A biologist from DeSoto Bend National Wildlife Refuge (bordering the state park) came around with her stuffed beaver, to tell us about the wildlife talk she was giving at 7:00 pm that night.

While playing cards around the picnic table at about 7:15 pm...I looked at Mot's watch and said "Oh, we're missing the lady talking about her beaver."


(oh whoops, that didn't sound so good)

(people started snickering)

Mot: "It was cool that she let us pet it."

(more snickering)

Mot hanging out at the campsite.....not sure where the rest of us were. :-)

Dutch Oven Peach Cobler. Yummmm!!!!! :-)

Mot went home that evening, he had to work on Sunday....but I stayed the night in mom and dad's camper.

Sunday morning, my aunt, uncle, cousin and I went to Blair to see Gram. We went to breakfast together....and waited FOREVER for our food. It was good food, it was big food, but we were there for at least an hour before the meal was served.

After dropping Gram back at her place, the 4 of us went back to the park to get out on the water. We were actually honored with blue skies on Sunday!!!

Kent, Linda and Amanda on DeSoto lake.

Kent taking a spin in Mot's boat.

Pulling the boats out of the water and heading back to the campgrounds.

We all showered and then took a nap once we got back. We were out on the water for a while, and it was hotter than h*ll.

I've got another strange sunburn to go with my last one. There's always one little place where the sunblock doesn't make it. :-)

Mom and I napped in their camper. Actually, we ended up watching Marley and Me, and didn't get much napping in. :-)

Dad's such a ham...I love it!!!!

The movie was close to done when we turned it off and joined everyone else who had gotten up from their naps.

Dad and I took a break from the action to drive the Ranger around the campgrounds and check the place out. My parents are camp hosts during most of the summer, so we checked toilet paper levels in the bathroom, and inspected the deep ruts a Class A camper had left in the newly redone campground. With all the rain they got Thursday night, the occupants woke up and found they had sunk to the axles in the mud. Ugh!!!

We made dinner that night and then decided to head into town to get some ice cream.

I headed for home when we got back. Had to get up and go to work the next morning. :-)