Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July Writing Challenge: My Fridge

Homework. When it was assigned in school, I hated it. But when it's assigned in blogland...I can't wait!!!!! (I know, I'm a little crazy sometimes.)

Natalie at Curly Wurly Gurly assigned a little bit of homework earlier this month.

TAKE A PICTURE OF THE CONTENTS OF YOUR FRIDGE and then post it on your blog on July 21st. Please, don’t clean up or hide your junk food behind some freshly purchased fruits and veggies–we’re going for HONESTY here.

I went home immediately, and took this picture. I knew I had 21 days to complete it, but I learned in college, if I'm given a longer amount of time to do something...it always ends up getting done the day before (or the day of) it's due date. Procrastination, my name is Nej.

Top Shelf: Grapefruit juice, Margarita mix, store brand salsa, and a growler of microbrew from our favorite brewery. :-)

Second Shelf: I call it the butter shelf. On it, there is butter, and two tubs of butter substitute. Plus a container of key lime yogurt and a small bottle of horseradish.

Oh, and a plastic container with left overs. I took this picture on 07/01....I'm typing this post on 07/11 - and the left over container is still there. I'll have to check back on 07/21 and see if it's still hanging on.

UPDATE: June 15th, it's still there.

First drawer: Lunch meats, shredded cheeses, whole wheat tortillas, and a big chunk of extra sharp cheddar cheese (yummy!!).

Third Shelf: Lite cream cheese, low fat sour cream, pickles, a container of lunch meat, and left over homemade pizza (in aluminum foil).

Fourth Shelf: The liquid shelf. Bottled water, coffee creamer (chocolate and caramel), syrup, coffee creamer (vanilla), and Smirnoff Black (with a touch of lime - delicious!!!).

Second drawer: Green pepper, head of lettuce, bag of nasty old carrots that really need thrown away, and pre-packaged, vacuum sealed gloves of peeled garlic (wonderful product!!!).

Third drawer: Box of batteries (all sizes) and the bladders from our Camelbacks (keeps them from getting all gross - no matter how hard you try to get them completely dry, it never works).

Door, top shelf (not pictured): Eggs.

Door, second shelf: Assorted condiments.

Door, third shelf: Milk, milk and more milk. We're milk addicts. I used to drink so much of it when I was in high school...my doctor actually banned me from it. For 6 months. I had calcium deposits everywhere in my body. And it was causing some joint issues. :-( So, now I drink a ton of it...but skim. So really, is there any milk actually in skim milk?? :-)

Door, third shelf: Assorted condiments.

Door, fourth shelf: You guessed it, assorted condiments. One can never have too many I guess. :-)


Badass Geek said...

My fridge would be a disgrace to show to others.

Nej said...

That container of left overs, that was in there the day I took the pic....it's still there, as of this morning. I think the whole container is just going to get thrown away.

Some time.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Hooray for microbrew!

That's kind of a funny shaped growler. At least from what I remember when I would get them at my favorite places.

But then...that's been a couple of years ago.

Nej said...

That's the "members only" growler from our brewery. We have three or four of the regular brown jug size as well. :-) :-)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your growler!!! We had one back in West Philly - used to get it filled at Dock Street Brewery around the corner. The BEST! PS: Your fridge is way clean. :o)

Nej said...

@ thedailydish - Just don't look too close at the shelves themselves. I'm sure they need a good scrubbing. :-)~

Condiments, butter, and booze. You'd think we were fresh out of college. :-)

Brook said...

Dang it was that today? I need to get to work and take some pics. How very organized you are! Our fridge is a wreck.

Nej said...

It's easy to organize emptiness. :-)

Kerri said...

Good looking fridge - I like the idea to keep the camel back bladders in the fridge - who knew I would learn something from this homework assignment?

Nej said...

@ Kerri - The bladders in the fridge works great!!!!!!! I don't remember who gave us the tip, but I'm glad they did. :-)

Anonymous said...

what the hell is a growler?!?! why is everyone talking about it like they know? i always miss out on the good stuff!

i love your fridge...but side-by-sides make me cry a little--my mom has one and i can never fit anything in it. apparently it's rocket science.

Nej said...

@CWG - Think "little brown jug o' beer." Not sure why they call them that though. Probably something I should google. :-) :-) :-)

We took a pizza box with us when we went fridge shopping. We got some strange looks, but they fit perfectly in this fridge! :-)

And the shelves are adjustable (up and down). The only time they get adjusted is during the holidays, when all the strange bowls and containers start showing up with friends and family. :-) :-)