Thursday, July 16, 2009

Weekend Update #24, Movie, singing and badminton.

This weekend was actually pretty mellow. It started after work on Friday with a decision to go see a movie with the boys.

We'd decided up on Ice Age, merely because we knew it would make us laugh....and we were all in desperate need of a laugh.

Mot and I jumped in our vehicle to go to the theater, but we had to stop at Target first. Some people want popcorn during a movie....I crave turkey jerky.

Not that I don't love popcorn, I do.....but turkey jerky has become my new movie theater snack.

From there we headed to the movie theater....but before realized where we were going, we were pulling into the parking lot of the theater next to Target. The wrong theater. :-)

As we were pulling back OUT, we passed the boys driving in.

It seems we'd had a communications breakdown. I'd confirmed with Steve which theater we were meeting at......and he confirmed the wrong one in error.

So, if Mot hadn't driven to our theater by mistake......well.....let's just say it worked out well. :-)

After seeing the large number of children in line, we decided against Ice Age, and went to The Hangover instead. It was a good choice. Funny movie, silly humor, politically incorrect, entertaining.......

And it didn't hurt that two of the lead actors were hot.


Did I say that out loud? (hehe)

Saturday was a long day. I got up early to run at the gym (sticking with it so far, down 8 pounds this month - yeah Nej!!)....then came home, rushed around to get showered and dressed before the other gals arrived. Our quartet was getting coached in Huxley, IA (just north of Des Moines).

The coaching session went really, really, really well!!!!!

Really well. :-)

Once home, I went almost directly to bed. 2.5 hours there, then 2.5 hours back. 4 hours of singing. A run that morning.

I was bushed!!!

Inny came to our house Sunday morning. We were going to take the bikes out for a ride....but the ominous looking weather kept us from going.

That, and I didn't have a way to air up my new bullet proof tires at home. You see, they have those new fangled Presta valves.

OK, so they aren't so new fangled....I just haven't had a bike with them before. And didn't have a air pump, or adaptor to fill them at home. It usually gets done at the store.

After she left, Mot and I caught up on some DVR TV, then headed to the bike store when they opened.

Apparently, they were having their annual sale. The store isn't small, and it was PACKED with people. Packed!!!!

We picked up a bike pump, some new pedals (platform/clipless hybrid), and a small bag to put under my seat (for car keys, etc). We almost got Mot a new bike...but decided it was a little spur of the moment, and needed to do some more research.

We then headed to the bookstore (go, bookstore? no way!!!)...the grocery store...then home.

Robin and Switch were coming over to play cards, and they were due any minute.

We played a couple hands of Hand and Foot (the ladies ruled!!!)...then headed outside for some badminton.

(getting the net untangled and set up)

Two-fisting it.

"Hey Robin, smile!!!"

After they left, I hopped in the shower, and Mot went upstairs to play on the computer.

We relaxed the rest of the evening. Great day!!!


Brook said...

Sounds like the best weekend ever-they don't have to be crazy to be good. I am looking forward to a weekend with no long distance driving myself.
And now I'm off for my stint at the gym.

Nej said...

I don't think I have any more trips to Des Moines planned...but we are driving to Texas this weekend to see my grandpa. He's not doing well (medically speaking), and I want to get down there as soon as I can. 12 hours each way....leave on Friday, come back on Sunday. Ugh! :-(

Badass Geek said...

"The Hangover" was hilarious. My favorite part was the credits, when they showed all the pictures they took while they were tripping of roofies.

Nej said...

I still want to know the story with the chickens. :-) :-)

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I hate badminton.

Thought I'd interject that into the conversation.

What conversation, you ask?

The one my hatred of badminton just started.

Nej said...

Hate it? How can you hate the best game ever invented??

OK, so maybe that 'best game ever invented' thing is a stretch.

Just a little.

But still.....badminton rocks!!!! You just aren't playing with the right people. :-) :-)

mo.stoneskin said...

I think I'd like to have jerky AND popcorn at the movies.

Slyde said...

i may be taking the wee one to see ice age sunday.. i'll let ya know how it was..

Nej said...

@ Slyde, it looks good. I'm curious to hear what you have to say about it. :-)