Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weekend Update #26: Taking a breather

That's right....I'm writing this blog, while laying on my couch, under a blanket. The A/C set at our usual 63 degrees. I have a can of Pringles, my cell phone, the house phone, and Mot's cat (believe it or not).

You can see it in her eyes....."Human, I'm only laying with you because HE isn't home."


I'm wearing nothing but one of those towels they sell on infommericals....you know, the kind that your wrap around yourself, and has Velcro to keep it in place.

Yet, I haven't taken a shower, so there's really no reason to wear a towel....except I'm just too darned lazy to walk down to the basement to put something else on.

And that, my friends, is why I've decided to call the theme for this weekend. "Too D*mned Lazy"

Oh yes.

I came home from work Friday night and lazed about. Mot was working, I had the place to myself. And I did nothing. NOTHING!!!!

Yesterday, we went to the gym when he got home.....then went to Mo. Valley to see some friends....then went to the bookstore (go figure) here in Omaha. Then....home, to be lazy the rest of the afternoon and all night.

The DCI (Drum Corp International) had their annual competition here in town, and we usually go.

But we didn't.


This morning, Mot headed back out for work, and I went back to bed. I finally drug myself from the bedroom around 9 am...which is unheard of for me!!!! :-)

I had this idea that I was going to grab my bike, and head to DeSoto to do some much needed biking. Look up above in that pic....see my bike in the background? Yes, there it is. Staring at me as I lay here on the couch.

It's 10:30, and I haven't moved since I laid down. The idea of biking slipping further and further into impossibility.

Somehow I ended up stopping (while flipping channels) on the Style network. The show is called Ruby. Basically, it's a show that follows Ruby, a very obese woman, around as she lives her life, looses weight, and puts herself back into a more public life (getting a job, etc).

This particular episode centers around 2 things. 1) getting a job 2) going to the doctor.

And not just any doctor....but a gynecologist.

Oh boy.

She calls her "womanly parts" her christmas. You heard me....her christmas.

Apparently, she considers it a gift...and thinks this is an appropriate name.

I don't know what to say. I'm changing the channel. Why do people put this stuff on TV?

Sunday TV is horrible. We have every cable channel out there, plus HBO, and nothing is on.


So....with that...I'm going to set the laptop down, and find something constructive to do. Check back with you later. :-)

Well...I picked up a few things around the house...then the couch called to me again. I lasted all of maybe 30 minutes being productive. I really should just stop fighting it. :-)

The boys stopped by later in the afternoon...with the last few re-faced cupboard doors. It's done! It looks awesome!!!!!!!!

Actually, not totally done. We still need to paint the cupboards themselves....and touch up some work needed on the ceiling above the fridge (where we ripped cabinets out). But...the door are all done!!!

And they look AWESOME!!!!!

And....drum roll please!!

I present to you the before and after pics for the doors!!

Ahhhhh....so much better!!!!!!! :-)

Hanging the last few doors didn't take as long as we expected....so the three of us (Mot was working yesterday) headed out to do a little window shopping.

A Big Lots recently opened near my house, and we went in to check it out. I was immediately drawn to this huge stack of fuzzy pillows. The stack was taller than me.....so Steve and I searched the store for a step stool.

They were REALLY fluffy pillows. Once i sat down, they scrunched almost to the floor. No step stool needed to get down. :-)

After doing a little shopping, we drove down 60th Street to the Pizza Shoppe, and PS Collective for a little dinner and entertainment.

The girls took me to see Roxi Copland in Des Moines. And I fell in love with her music....her voice...her songwriting...her piano playing.

She was finally coming to Omaha to perform....and I was excited!!!

She played a short set (maybe an hour)....then Shannon Curtis took the stage. I'd never heard her music before, and was curious. She's from LA, and is driving across country, playing a summer tour.

I left with all three of her Cd's.

Roxi and Shannon are completely different ends of the spectrum.

Roxi sings with a jazzier or bluesier tone to her voice and her music. Shannon plays love songs, hard hitting, but happy.

Both put on a great show!

After the ladies were finished, a local (new) group went up to play.

They were new, new.

Really new.

We left about 10:45, and I was home and in bed by 11:00.

Great weekend!!!


Badass Geek said...

I would love to go to a DCI show. They never really come to my area of the country.

Nej said...

We usually try to catch it every year. Someone in the chorus I used to sing in took me one year, and I'm hooked.

Bummed that I missed this year....but, I'll catch it next time.

Izzy said...

You had to go and post a photo of a Pizza Shoppe cup. Great. Now all I can think about is eating Pizza Shoppe.

Nej said...

@ Izzy - (hehehe) I could have posted a pic of the pizza, but refrained from taking any. :-)

(Chicken Sink and Butcher Block)

Brook said...

Sounds like a pretty awesome weekend from where I'm sitting. But 63? During the summer our AC is set to 78-sometimes 75 if we are doing hard work-like cleaning out the upstairs(I have not a single before picture-I should be shot-all I have to commemorate the work is a very painful back) Did you know I am getting a new kitty? End of August he will be mine all mine!

Nej said...

Oh yeah.....63 degrees baby!!!! I love it!!!! In the winter, our furnace doesn't run much.

Which basically means, our gas bill in the winter, makes up for the electricity bill in the summer. :-) :-)

A new kitty?!?!?!?!?!?!!? Awesome! He comes in August? You must be getting him from someone you know??

Slyde said...

sunday tv is horrible?

AND you have HBO?

tell me again WHY the hell arent you watchign "true blood"?

Nej said...

@ Slyde....well you see...I read the books...and didn't realize True Blood was based on those books, until not that long ago.

HBO took last season off of their On Demand menu....so I've been trying to rent season 1, before I watch season 2. And every time I go into my Blockbuster to rent them....all of them, but disc 1 (the one I've seen) is rented. :-) :-)

I'm just going to have to start watching episodes of past shows I've wanted to watch, but didn't catch. Sunday TV is horrible. :-)

Anonymous said...

Ahh Nala LOVES you, its in the eyes you can see it deep in there.

Ahh true blood is awesome, love that and well DEXTER. We NEED to switch to showtime for dexter.

love ya chic
stupid signon.. I should really write that damn thing down

Nej said...

If there is love for me in her eyes....it really, really, really really deep down in there somewhere...no where close to the surface. :-)

Employee No. 3699 said...

Sometimes laying around on a Sunday is necessary. Your kitchen cabinets look great!

Nej said...

@ 3699 - Being lazy this Sunday was totally necessary. A reboot, if you will. :-)

And thanks! I love the way they turned out. Gives the kitchen a completely different look. :-)