Monday, July 27, 2009

Seeing Dots

Have you ever visited the site "Awkward Family Photos (dot) com" ????

I'm giving you a really embarrassing (for me) reason to check it out. :-)

Go here. Scroll down a few to the one titled "seeing dots" and look really closely.

Granted, I don't post many pictures of myself on my blog, so you might not catch it right off the bat....but I'll give you a hint.

My sister in cousin Amanda (who just came up for 4th of July weekend - and the one that submitted the pic to the site) is in the orange.....and I may or may not be the one in blue. :-)

Last I checked...there were 50+ comments to the pic. My favorite so far....

I think this is one of those magic eye pictures, because I stared at this for a few moments and the word “AWESOME” emerged.

Now, that's the spirit!!! :-)


Brook said...

It is up to 89 comments now! WeeHoo! I must say my favorite is your lovely dotty tights/socks-so lovely and just the right touch with your belt/sash. I have visited this site before(It is awesome!)AWESOME!

Nej said...

89 comments? That's 37 more than when I looked at it last. How funny!!!

Mot was laughing, as he was scrolling through the other pics.

"Nej, you have WAY more comments than most of these others. You're kicking butt!"

The matching tights, and accessories. Rolled pant legs. Big (ish) hair. The look on my sister's face.


Izzy said...

Ok, that was the photo equivalent of having a combination V8-espresso in the morning with a side of LOL.

Nej said...

@ Izzy - It's like a train wreck, isn't it? You just can't help but look...laugh...and try and forget you, too, have pictures like this hidden in some deep dark closet. :-)

Amy said...

I remember those multiples-units clothes!! they were one size fits all, right? How 80s. :o)

Nej said...

@ Amy - Besides wearing them, as gifts from Christmas, I can honestly say I have no idea what the multiples/units thing even was. I was so out of style touch when I was younger!! :-)

But, by the looks of Amanda in hers, one size fits all seems to fit.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

The only picture I have of my entire family growing up was one we took for the church directory.

it's awkward at its finest.

Nej said...

Those church directories are worth their weight in gold...if you ask me! :-)