Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Random Thoughts: 07/29/09

1) Why aren't women's' skirt sizes regulated? How can I try on one skirt that is way to big, one that is way to small, and then one that fits great......and they are all the same size???? It's criminal I tell ya! :-)

2) How can my scale say I gained 3 pounds since yesterday morning? I'm putting it on unpaid leave...if it acts up again, it's gone!!!! :-)

3) What does this license plate mean? EXTAMTR

4) There is a Wendy's Frosty calling my name.....I can hear it. It's been getting steadily louder since 2:00 this afternoon. I'm trying to be good, I'm not eating junk.....and then this self-absorbed frozen treat starts calling my name, how dare it?!?!?! :-)

5) I hooked my phone up to my laptop to backup all the information in it, in case I drop it in the toilet or something (it's been known to happen). All of my calendar events are now gone. Every single one. Since when does "back-up" and "erase completely" mean the same thing? Did I miss a memo Blackberry people??

6) If you work at Best Buy, and you don't know the answer to my question, just tell me. Be honest. Don't make something up, just so I'll buy your product. It's sooo not cool.

7) My iPod nano is about dead. It's a first generation model, and has served me well. I charge it fully, and it lasts just long enough to get me through a 3 mile run....then dies. No warning, just dies. I need to replace it...and have been thinking it over for quite some time now.

I'd love to get an iPod classic...120 gb...sweet! But, it has moving bits, that won't like the jostling from my running with it. And, from what I can find out online (no thanks to the Best Buy guy who lies), you can't use the Nike + iPod chip with the classic.

The iPod touch is awesome.....with it's fancy apps and all. But if Verizon ever gets the iPhone contract (due for renewal in 2010 - or so I'm told), I'll get one of those. So why have two devices with all the fancy apps? Plus, the blackberry I have now has plenty of apps, bells and whistles.

A new nano is 16 gb, plenty to hold all of my music, any podrunner downloads I want to load onto it, and audio books when we go on road trips. It's lighter weight, no moving bits to bang around while running. Plus, it's cheaper than the first two options.

Or, I could just load stuff onto my blackberry and use it. I've heard the sound quality isn't that grand, but who cares about sound quality when running? (Most days, I'm just concerned with making it to the end of the run without tripping on the treadmill, breaking my neck, and embarrassing myself. ) And, if I do that, I need to find an armband that will fit the blackberry....I'm not having much luck with that quest yet. :-)

8) Our quartet has been asked to sing at the Sarpy County fair tonight. They've asked us before...and every year, they have us singing the same time as the tractor pull. We spend the hour trying to time our singing and the revving of the tractor engines. Usually good for some laughs! :-)

9) 34 minutes until I can blow this Popsicle stand. Rock on!!!!


Brook said...

1)Cause I like owning 2 prs of size 4's that fit gooood even though I know I'm no size 4.
2)Your scale and mine need to get together and go to "Ways to make my people feel Good" seminars.
3)Extra Amateur?
4)I had a orange ice cream float. That sucker wouldn't shut up so I ate it(with a lot of help from the Kid of course!)
5)I can barely get my phone plugged in. It took me hours to get just a few songs on it-and I can't remember how I even did that...)
6)I hate when people do that shit!
7)B loves her Nano. I want one of the big ass old school IPods myself, then again I don't run-ever.
8)Oh yeah, like when you sing row row row your boat in a round-that could be hilarious!
9)Your 34 minutes are up!

mo.stoneskin said...

Trousers (pants) drive me nuts too, two pairs with supposedly the same waist and same leg length clearly do not. It's a nightmare.

Badass Geek said...

I love my iPod, but the only reason I'd want to replace it is for more storage space. When I got it, 4gb was enough. Now, I need more than twice that to hold my entire collection.

An iPod touch would be cool, but you can get a new Nano with twice the storage capacity for the same price as one Touch.

Nej said...

@ Brook - My size 4 days are gone....damn you birth control!! But, I'm heading for single digits....come hell or high water!!! :-)

@ mo - I didn't think guys had the same issues. That actually makes me feel a little better. :-)

@ Uncle Badass - yeah, I was drooling (just a little) over the touch yesterday...but have pretty much decided it's the nano for me. Just makes the most sense. It's an upgrade from 4gb to 16. Not too shabby. :-)

Brook said...

I am really about a size 8-and I am actually pretty happy with that. Now to get a little muscle going-firm this booty up!

Nej said...

My ultimate goal is an 8....boy would I love that!!! Single digits baby!

My trainer at the gym was singing my praises for the running, and the weight loss....but she was all over me about not doing any weight training.

Cardio burns the calories, but weight training really accelerates the weight loss thing. :-)

Izzy said...

Clothing sizes drive me crazy -- I'd rather be the same size everywhere than a 2 at one store and a 12 at another. Doesn't help my confidence any! Plus, it makes ordering online a complete b*tch.

Nej said...

@ Izzy - online ordering for anything is horrible, isn't it? Pants, tops, shoes...the works.

Slyde said...

for the scale question...

sorry, i had snuck up behind you and put my foot on the scale...

sorry about that. wont happen again.

Nej said...

@ Slyde - it's a good thing we don't live near each other! Doing that to a woman is punishable by death or dismemberment...which ever is more fun at the time. :-) :-) :-)

Jan @ Struck by Serendipity said...

Hi, love your blog!

1. I totally hear you on this. It's even a problem within the same brands... I bought a skirt, shorts, & a pair of pants from Banana Republic last month and each item was a different size. Crazy annoying.

I live for Frosty's. Yum.

Have a great weekend!

Nej said...

@ Jan - thanks for stopping by!!! :-)

Same brand, same store, same day of shopping....3 different sizes. I think they put cameras up to watch the frustration! Evil!!! :-)

I never did go get that Frosty...but someone mentioned it to me again today. I don't know if I can resist the temptation 2 days in the same's just too much to ask of a girl. :-)