Friday, July 31, 2009

Sometimes you feel like a nut.....

I went to lunch with my buddy Lorrie today. We ate at Subway and decided we were sick of sitting....but we didn't want to go back to work just yet.

(or in my case...EVER!!)

There's a Shopko across the street, so we headed over.

We walked through some clearance aisles. I did as I always do.....slowly doing my part to rearrange the store one product at a time.

I'll pick something up to buy....then two aisles later decide I really don't need it, want it, whatever. Instead of taking it back, I put it wherever I am.

When you see a pair of socks with the peanut butter, you know I've probably been there. :-)

I only have one ground rearranging perishable items. If they'll go bad where you leave them, put them back from whence they came.

After 8 years of managing a grocery store, the rearranging of items was OK...but there's nothing worst than finding a perfectly good carton of milk left to spoil in the pickle aisle.

As we wandered through the snack aisle, I thought to myself......"Self, I could really use a snack for this afternoon. Something crunchy, something not absolutely horrible for myself...."

"I would totally love a bag of Corn Nuts."

My sister bought a bag while on our way to Texas a couple weeks ago. I didn't even know they still made them until then.

Shopko didn't have any....and I couldn't find anything else that sounded good., that's a lie.....the Chocolate Chex Mix actually sounded intriguing.

I was desperate, give me a break!!!

In any case, I didn't get them. Probably a wise decision. :-)

While wandering and meandering our way towards the checkout, we went through the purse/jewelry section.

And I found this gem on sale.

(That's right Mel, I bought a watch.)

It's nothing fancy, no big name brand, no snazzy functions (although, it does have a stop watch on it, go figure). But it's fun.

They also have it in lime green. I just might have to go back and get it. :-)

Loyal readers will know that, if anything, I can leave them about for the poltergeist to he'll leave my good ones alone!!!!

As we walked along the rows of cashiers....we noticed none of the lines were moving very quickly.

* One lady had 5 different orders, for 5 different people, to be paid with five different credit cards.

* One woman had grabbed every single sale item they offered....and was arguing the price on every one of them.

* One cashier looked new....really new. Deer in the headlights new.

So...we each picked a lane.

The race was on!!!!!

I got behind "argue every price lady", and Lorrie chose the new cashier.

She won.

My lady was giving me the hard sell on a warranty for my $10 watch. A $3 warranty.

Cashier: You want the warranty for that? It's only $3.

Nej: No thanks.

Cashier: You sure? It's only $3.

Nej: Yep, that's what you said. But no thank you.

Cashier: That's a really nice watch. I'd get it if I were you.

Nej: I really don't.....

Cashier (interrupting me): That watch has a nice band and stuff. The warranty would cover that.

Nej: I'm not interested in the warranty.

Cashier: But what if it breaks?

Nej: I like to live life on the edge.

Cashier: (hmph)

On a good note....look what they had in the middle of the spontaneous buys hanging at the check out!!!!!!


Mel said...

Wait til your special house friend gets a load of that thing. he he he

Badass Geek said...

Snazzy! Just the kind of thing your ghost will like to hide on you.

Nej said...

@ Mel and Badass - Oh yeah....and I've been taking it off, and just leaving it lay about all weekend.

I'm such a tease. :-)