Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Is he back??

My poltergeist, is he back?

I'm not crazy, I used to have one. I swear. It's one of those strange things about me that makes people think to themselves "wow, this blogger lady is psycho!!" :-)

Let me give you a few examples. (There are a ton to pick from...but these are good enough examples for the purpose of this post.)

#1, When I was a kid, things of mine would come up missing all the time.

Yes, I had a smaller sister who stole things from me. (in fact, she would steal them, put them in a plastic bag, and bury them in the back yard - but that's another story altogether). And yes, I was a kid - kids lose things. I acknowledge both of those facts.


Sometimes, it wasn't me or my sister.

One day, I'm home alone. No one is there, but me. Sis was off somewhere doing something, and our parents were at work. I'm brushing my hair (at the time, my hair was well past my butt in length, so brushing it was something I had to do all the time).

Anyway (I'm having a hard time staying with the story today, can you tell?)....

I'm brushing my hair, and the phone rings. I put my brush down on the bed, and go out to the kitchen to get the phone. After a couple minutes, I hang up and go back to my bedroom. No brush on the bed. No brush in the bedroom anywhere.

Did I put it away on my way to answer the phone? No brush in the bathroom where it goes.

Did I take it out to the kitchen with me? No brush in the kitchen.

Hmmmm.....I walk back to the bedroom...and there it is. In the hallway, right in front of my bedroom door, on the floor.

No one is home but me.

#2, When I moved out of my parents house, because I had cats, I couldn't live in an apartment. So, I bought a mobile home. Not a manufactured house, or whatever they call them now. A "made before I was born, aluminum can, no insulation, trailer park" mobile home.

When you buy a mobile home, you don't get a deed, you get a registration....the same as with a vehicle.

I got home, put the registration on the kitchen counter, under a book (so it wouldn't blow away as I was moving things in the house). My great uncle stopped by with a storage chest for me...and helped me move it into the house. We put it in the bedroom and he left.

No one else came into the house, there was no one with me that day.

I lifted up the book later in the afternoon...no registration.

Hmmmmm.....there's almost nothing else in the house, I had just started moving in. I looked around, kinda freaking out....couldn't find it.

Finally, I gave up. These things had been happening to me my whole life, and they eventually show up. The little poltergeist shit eventually gives it back.

I walk back into the bedroom and open up the storage chest to check out the inside.

Guess what's in it? The damn registration!!! There was no one in the house with me. I had been alone all day, except for my uncle helping me move that chest into the bedroom. I was with him the whole time, it was heavy, our hands were full. He didn't take the registration out from under my book, and put it in the chest.


My hubby can tell you that it happens all the time. Well, it did.

I haven't had anything happen since we've moved to Omaha, into our new house.

Until now.

My watch is missing. I don't know if he (my little friend from the paranormal world) is back....or if I should blame it on my cat. Morgan is a thief. But, after carefully looking under every piece of furniture in the house with a flashlight, I can't find it.

It's been a week and hasn't shown up. My poltergeist at least returned things...usually the same day. So, I think it's my cat.

Either way, this stinks! I really liked that watch!!!! :-) :-) :-)

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