Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Weekend Update #23: Drunken canasta, family visit, and the 4th of July (part one)

It seems like I've been saying this allot lately, but my weekend started a little early.

Wednesday afternoon, to be specific.

Our company did it's annual holiday shutdown, and even though I had to burn vacation days for it.....I wasn't complaining 'too' much. :-)

Mot and I spent Wednesday cleaning and picking up the house for the weekend. My aunt, uncle and cousin were coming in from out of town, and it was a good excuse to spruce the place up a bit. Do some of those projects you put off for another day.

Thursday was a bit more of the same. Mot and I went to an afternoon matinee (Transformers II), and then went to Steve and Danny's for dinner and cards.

And lots and lots of alcohol for Nej. (There are videos I'm can see Steve with his camera in that last picture. I have one video I took on my own camera....and had to stop watching it about 30 seconds in. Holy cow was I sloshed out of my gourd!!!!)

It was kinda needed a way. Work has been h*ll lately, and now I've found out that my grandpa isn't doing so well in the health department. :-(

Friday morning was rough. I finally made it out to the couch, and then sent Mot to Burger King for the hangover cure. Grease and carbonated, caffeinated beverage.

Some time in the afternoon, Danny and Steve came over to pick up the last batch of doors and drawers from our kitchen.

We ended up driving around town, shopping and such.

Steve's new golf outfit.

And, of course, trying on hats. (It seems to be a thing with us.) Guess which two didn't want their picture taken. :-)

One of these days, Mot'll figure out the pictures are better when he just s*ck it up and joins in on the picture taking fun. (evil laugh)

After our shopping trip, we went back to our place to play some cards. Danny was convinced the card butt-kicking on Thursday night only happened because I was three sheets to the wind (or maybe four?).

Steve and I proved him wrong...we still won. Though, not by nearly as much as Thursday night. :-)

At 10 pm, we had to call the card game quits so Mot and I could go to the airport to pick up Amanda, my cousin. I haven't seen her forever, so it was awesome to have her visit!!!!

When we got back to our place, the three of us sat up and watched a Whale Wars marathon. (sigh)

Train wreck TV, 100%.

(to be cont)


Brook said...

Sometimes you just have to tie one(or several) on. You just do.

Nej said...

@ Brook, the boys came by last night. They brought with them videos Steve took that night. SCARY!!! :-)

But, there is one picture that I CAN'T WAIT to post. It pretty much says it all. :-)