Monday, September 28, 2009

Post-It Note Therapy: But whenever Monday comes, you can find me cryin', all of the time.

OK, hold onto your hats, I have another masterpiece ready to add to my collection.

Here is the post where I unveiled my first (of what has now become a series) of what I'd like to call........"post-it note" therapy.

For any of you that missed it the first time around, or those of you that don't want to click on that it is again......

I've entitled it..."Call me again, please."

Today's therapy session started out as an idea of me, bashing my keyboard, over my own head.

Unfortunately, yet again, my artist talent (or lack there of) comes shining through.

In reality, it ended up more like this......

It appears I'd just gotten through channeling the Hulk, had ripped my keyboard in half, and was now ready to shove it where the sun won’t shine gently place it back down on my desk, and walk away from calmly and quietly.

I'm calling it...."Send me another email, please."

P.S. I'd like to throw out thanks to my buddy Badass Geek, for providing the inspiration. Drawing these things actually makes me feel a little better. And having them there in front of me to look at, makes me giggle!!! :-)


mo.stoneskin said...

I love it. Though it has to be said that proportionally it is a bit confusing. The keyboard-to-head proportion looks ok, but everything else seems quite small...

Were you sketching through a special lens?


g said...

my desk is a damn mess. The one at work, I mean. But I just recently bought myself a Ganesh figurine, that I have perched at the back of my writing surface. It helps me out, I think.

Plus I have a Sirena, a picture of Elvis, and a Maneki Neko.

Nej said...

@ mo - guess there's no need to mention that I'm a horrible artist. :-) :-)

@ g - You have a crowd watching over you!!!! :-)

Badass Geek said...


I've been meaning to draw another picture, but my inspiration has been lacking.

Nej said...

@ Badass - some days I have more inspiration than others. When they get bad enough to inspire poor artwork, I know it's a bad day. :-) :-)

Goody Two Shoes said...

My inspiration is a picture of a gun. You are looking down the barrel of the 357 Magnum (or so I'm told)and it says "You want what???" In the facilities world, it is what keeps us all sane.