Monday, September 14, 2009

Your home is where your heart is....

.....but your desk is where you display the insanity within.

Yesterday afternoon, Steve sent me pics of his desk at work....along with an idea to do something similar on my blog.

I've done posts showing people what is in my purse, what is in my fridge...and a weekly post showing everyone what shoes are in my closet. But I've never shown anyone what my desk looks like.

My desk is pretty boring, actually. It looks like any other workplace desk. printer, computer, phone, calendars, couple of house plants, bottle of tequila (whoops....I should put that away), in box, recycling box, and calculator.

My desk....

My dad bought me that radio when I was a pre-teen. AM/FM and cassette. Still works like a champ. There is a second set of speakers behind my monitor, that I plug my iPod into.

Hockey posters (24 days and counting), artwork from Brandon (thanksgiving 2 years ago) and Lauren (in one of them she has a girl fishing off a boat with a paperclip), a turkey feather and mardi gras beads.

This is stuck to the bottom of my monitor. It was inspired by a Facebook post by one of my blogging buddies, Badass Geek. The day I read his post, I literally wanted to either strangle myself with the phone that wouldn't stop ringing....or jump out my window.

I decided the 2 foot drop to the ground probably wouldn't be nearly as effective as initially hoped. :-)

I also had one with a stick figure blowing up our Jeep, and a certain co-worker's head being smashed in a molding machine.

I threw those away...

......after shredding them to bits.

I decided they had potential to be incriminating. :-) :-)

Love this picture!!!

Sometimes, this statement is just a little too true.

My boss finally saw this the other day. It's been hanging there for 6 years. I think the happy rainbow colors must have worked as camouflage.

So, what about you? What does your desk look like?


Badass Geek said...

Nice! My desk is as organized on the outside, but it is pure chaos on the inside.

Nice drawing! I struggle to not choke myself with my headset daily.

Nej said...

@ Badass - I didn't open the overheads and take pictures...for a reason. Piles of plastic parts, dusty trinkets, and stacks of paper. Paper I'd like to throw away, but need to keep around "just in case." (sigh)


mo.stoneskin said...

The drawing is phenomenal. Sadly I've never experienced the joy of pushing someone down the stairs. Do you need insurance for that kind of activity?

Nej said...

@ Mo - Sadly, that picture is the extent of my artistic talent. It's nicely suited for Pictionary, but nothing else. :-)