Friday, December 4, 2009

Weekend Update #38: Well, maybe a bit more than a weekend

Last week was a short week, what with that wonderfully scrumptious "stuff my face until I can't eat any more, but go back for dessert anyway...twice" holiday tacked onto the end.

Not that I would ever stuff my face until I can't eat any more, then go back for dessert...twice.



I took Wednesday off from work to cook.

(screeching tires...breaking glass....cartoon-like double take)

Wait, wait, Say it ain't so!

Alas, it's true. Nej CAN cook....Nej just doesn't enjoy doing it. Unless it's a big holiday, then she loves it!!!!

(And Nej needs to stop talking about herself in the third person, it's getting annoying!)

But, I'm getting ahead of myself just a tad.

The weekend officially started Tuesday night. The boys, Steve's mom Marian (or is it Marion? Oh heck, we just call her mom!) met for drinks.

And you'll never guess where we went?? will.

Eat the Worm. Officially our favorite drinking/dining establishment in the whole wide world.

And, if you think saying "in the whole wide world" is a bit overstated and juvenile...then you need to fly your butts to Omaha and go with us. You'll see what we're talking about!

Natalie, our favorite bar owner in the whole wide world (grins) wasn't working that Chris had to put up with the five of us.

And, even though Natalie might make a better margarita (she better, she owns the place, right?)...Chris redeemed himself with his personality. He put up with the camera, and kept a smile on his face the whole time. Happiness is just can't help but smile when someone smiles at you.

Unless it's a malicious "I just killed your next door neighbor" smile.

Those are never good. :-)

Wednesday was a good day. It had it's ups and downs...but nothing I couldn't get past.

Like, for instance, opening up the wild turkey I was going to cook, and finding a very black and bruised bird.

It was probably perfectly fine to cook....knowing my luck...but I wasn't going to risk it. The thing looked horrible.

It was about then that Bobbi, a new friend (and fellow speeding ticket receiver - along with Mot) stopped by. She was home for the day, and didn't want to sit around her house and be bored.

If anything, the Weaver house is never boring.

So, she and I loaded up into my car, headed to grocery store...and I became one of "those" people. The ones that buy their turkey the day before....poking all the birds, trying to find the most defrosted one you can possibly find. The person looking for a 14-16 pound bird....but ends up with a 20 lb bird because it's not going to need much thawing.

Oh yeah, buying a turkey the day before turkey day.....I like to live on the edge! :-)

When we got back to the house, I placed the bird in it's brining bucket...filled it with water, and started the speed thawing process. Then set to work getting the side dishes prepped and ready for cooking the next day.

Cranberry sauce from scratch, marinated duck breasts, crunchy sliced potato casserole (a new recipe...which played a role in my not being able to type or tie my own shoes for almost a full week - I'll explain later).

Bobbi left in the afternoon, and mom arrived on my door step not 30 minutes later.

After she arrived, we made, yet another, trip to the grocery store.

Wait...I can explain.

The Schwann's guy stopped by...and he was selling shrimp. And it looked really good (and Mot confirmed it was, in fact, very tasty - by eating it all himself the next day) I bought a box of it. But you can't serve shrimp without cocktail sauce.


No really, I'm asking. I don't eat shrimp....but whenever I see it served, there is cocktail sauce. So we went and got some. 'Nuff said.

The two of us spent the rest of the night picking the place up, and watching rented chick flicks.

Mot got home Thursday morning around 7:00 am. Actually, a little past, but he stopped to get the paper for me. Black Friday ads!!!!!

I was in the kitchen, emptying the dishwasher.

The mandolin I'd used to slice all 5 lbs of potatoes was still a little wet. So I grabbed a towel and dried it off.

And this is where not being able to type or tie my shoe comes into play. Not only did I dry it off, I made it so we had to clean it again.

Yep, you guessed it.....I successfully tried to remove my entire fingerprint from the top of my right index finger. Sliced it right off...just like I had with 5 lbs of potatoes the day before.


After dancing around like a 5 year old saying "ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch"....we got it bandaged up (for the first of many times that day - fingers really bleed...ouch!!).....Mot smiles and says, quite loudly...."We have blood!!" Then went to the kitchen to retrieve the piece of my finger. Paramedics, gotta love 'em!!

For those of you that don't know us.....any time we complete a project around the house, Mot gets injured. Blood...nearly every time!

And, I like to document the blood letting on my blog.

And, now, anytime someone gets hurts....whoever is around says "blood, we have blood"....meaning "Nej, get the have to see this!!"

Unfortunately, it was me getting my picture taken this time.

(big sigh)

But anyway, that's quite enough about that. I'm happy to report that I'm finally able to type with that finger today (over a week later)!!!

The meal was great! My parents, Mot's parents and grandmother, my sister and was a nice sized group!!!

Part of the food spread. Mom got GREAT pics while I was cooking. Again, I was on the other side of the camera.

Oh, and Emalee was there too!!!

After dinner, both of the kids took turns playing Spore on my laptop....while the adults mingled.

And, as is custom, my sister and I took the holiday ads and retreated into the bedroom.

This year, Mot and Lauren joined us.

Mom joined my sister and I Black Friday morning. Up at 1:00, in line at the first store by 2:00.

The three of us were right in the middle of a minor "scuffle" at Kohls. The people standing in line had issues with the people staying in their cars until the doors opened...then storming the line.

The lady in front of us had more of an issue with it than most.

There wasn't any blood shed though. :-(

After our shopping had ended, about 9:30 am, Mot and I jumped into the Jeep and headed out to North Platte, Ne.

1) We needed to go visit the litter of puppies again!!! We get to bring our little girl home on the 12th!
2) Duck hunting was calling to us.

A friend of Mot's brother came along, and brought his blind boat. What a gas! We had a ball!!!!

Mot's brother's brother in law, Chris, brought his dog Rook. (sp?)

There she is bringing a duck back.

Here is Heath, the boat owner, putting camo paint on his face. The sun came out and was right in our glaring white faces. And, as Mot's brother put it "we're going to go all Duck Commander on their asses."

Mot poking his head up through the top of the ducky, ducky, ducky.

The blind beached on the bank.

We had a great time in North Platte, as usual. But I was ready to get home. Monday was sneaking up on us way to quick.

But.....we had to stop at Eat the Worm for our weekly Sunday margarita on the way.

We talked Steve's mom into drinking a daiquiri. That thing was mighty tasty!!!

This is Nej on the phone...talking recipes and food....can you believe it? Bobbi ended up borrowing some of the recipes she'd watched me prepare on Wednesday, and was calling for tips.

Obviously the boys all thought it was a moment worth remembering via a picture. Steve grabbed my camera, and the two in the background cheesed it up a little. :-)

They weren't feeling much pain by then!

There's Natalie...owner/margarita maker/shot deliverer.

And, before my dad can say what lushes we've become (admit it dad, you're thinking it right now!)....I was the DD. I drank part of one margarita, then drank water and ate tacos the rest of the night.

Hooray Responsibility!

Like I said, feeling no pain.

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