Saturday, December 19, 2009

Taming of the Shoes: Horray Responsibility

These are my responsible, business, brown, comfy shoes. Good for airports, touring plants and manufacturing facilities, and winter snowy days where tall heels don't do well. :-)


Employee No. 3699 said...

You forgot 'cute' in that description. I'd wear those shoes.

Miss Yvonne said...


I need some shoes like that. All of my shoes are either "comfy but not business appropriate" or "business appropriate but hurt like a mo fo".

P.S. Thanks for being my 200th!!!! You will always hold a special place in my blog heart.

g said...

Good pair of work shoes. I have a couple of pairs by a company named Sofft that I love - they have low heels like yours but they are great on the feet!

Brook said...

Practical aspects aside, Sam could chew on these forever with my blessing.

Anonymous said...

i'm a flats kind of girl. i prefer converse but my job might frown upon those. :)

mo.stoneskin said...

You walk in them on ICE too?! And DEEP snow?

Nej said...

@ 3699 - they are a little "mellow" looking when you see them with all my others. But - they serve a purpose!!! :-)

@ Miss Yvonne - I'm constantly on the quest for shoes that are business appropriate, comfy, and's hard to find all three characteristics in the same shoe, that's for sure!!!

@ g - I've heard of that company...I think I might have a pair of shoes of theirs actually. I'll have to look. :-)

@ Brook - yeah, I know....I'm on the search for lower heeled, brown, comfy, yet funky. Brown and funky at the same time is nearly impossible I'm finding. :-)

@ CWG - I'm pretty equal opportunity when it comes to shoes. Heels, flats, sandals, running shoes....(Mot mentioned again yesterday, buying me the funky bowling shoe looking ones I posted two weeks ago.) :-)

@ mo - yeah, I do. I'll walk in heels through anything, and I'll drive in any weather as well. I'm daring like that. :-) :-) :-)