Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New digs

We took a little time last Tuesday and got the new digs for "TL" (Tastes Like) and "Chicken" all set up and going for them.

The home they came with was wayyyy too small. Wayyyy too boring. And wayyyyy not cool.

From the research we've done, they need a gallon of water per frog...and the tank they came with (for both of them) was maybe a quart.


We took them from a studio apartment to an uptown loft.

Aren't we good parents???

I brought in a 6 gallon tank I had on my desk when I worked at the zoo...stopped at the pet store and got a heater, and some silk plants....while Jean stopped in to get the pot (for hiding) and the base (for feeding) over lunch today.

You can already tell a difference in their personalities (even though they are technically nocturnal creatures). They are swimming, checking things out...and looking less like depressed little amphibians.

It's amazing how attached the whole office has become to them already.

You can even see little "Chicken" sitting on the right side of the big black rock in the middle...if you look really close. :-)


Brook said...

I can't look that close...I tried. I love the names! So funny!

Nej said...

I was asking for name suggestions, and that's one Steve came up with. I love it!!!! :-)