Thursday, December 24, 2009

Weekend Update #39: Singing, bowling and The Worm

Last weekend was pretty busy. It was one of those weekends, where I didn't get to see my house much at all....but that's ok...I was the WHOLE Christmas long weekend to enjoy it!!!

Anyway....back to this past weekend. Saturday morning I had to get up, and head out of town fairly early in the morning. Our quartet had a session with our coach in Lincoln. It, of course, went longer than expected. Time flies when we're singing. :-)

I got home, fed and played with the dogs and puppy....then got ready to head out to hockey. No one else was I ended up staying home. Got some stuff around the house done, and slept on the couch with Sam. (sooooooo spoiled already!!!)

Sunday morning I got up early (thanks Sam!) and worked on the computer a little....headed out to get some pictures developed and printed to put in a thank you card to Natalie (Eat the Worm owner, for the dog bed)...did a little misc grocery shopping, then went home to wake up Mot.

They'd been swamped with med runs all night, and I snuck out of the house so he'd have some good quiet sleeping time.

We jumped in the car and headed to the boy's house for a holiday brunch. On the way, I remembered we were supposed to bring a gift for the gift exchange. Darn it! I'd been out and about all morning with plenty of time to do it...oh well. We stopped at Target, and after 20 minutes of going back and forth on ideas, settled on something and were on our way.

The brunch was great!! I had my camera, forgot to get it out.

But, to be completely honest....besides the boys, I don't know the rest of them well enough to have the camera out all the time. I usually break people into my constant picture taking slowly. :-)

From the brunch, we went home, fed the dogs, and headed back out to bowling.

We won all 4 games, which knowing us, is a miracle in itself.

Helped that I somehow bowled out my a$$ that day. :-)

From the bowling alley, we went home, fed the dogs then headed to our normal Sunday dinner and drinking establishment. We talked Ron and Jon (bowling friends of the boys - who were also at the brunch that morning) into coming out with us.

I think they may be regulars now. :-)

From the left...Mot, Ron, John, Steve and Danny.

I'm not sure what the story is with the license plates on the wall. I guess the one right above the door belongs to someone that John knows...or know of...or something like that? Because he had to smack it every time he walked down the hall.

I also have a couple of videos of John trying to make it down that LONNNGGG hallway to the restroom. It's tiled in black and white tiles. And the pattern is a little....discumbobulating...when tipsy. So, when he left to walk the hall...we all grabbed a bar stool to sit at the end of the hall for the show. :-)

Not sure about posting them though....don't know him well enough to know if he'd appreciate it, or want my head on a platter. :-) :-)

Oh, and owe me for not posting the picture of you holding the Zaya Rum bottle. You owe me big!!!!

P.S. (accepting bribes...I'll post it for the right price!)

P.P.S. (giggle)

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