Thursday, December 17, 2009

No kidding....really???

I've always known Nebraska was littered with fault lines....but hearing of an earthquake, happening less than an hour from where we live, is (for lack of a better word). 

3.5 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Nebraska

 A minor earthquake shook parts of Nebraska Wednesday night.The United States Geological Survey reported a 3.5 magnitude earthquake centered in the Auburn, Neb., area just before 9 p.m.Several viewers called or e-mailed KETV NewsWatch 7 and reported feeling the quake."Houses all over town shook for about 15 seconds," wrote one viewer."At about 9:04 p.m. we had what seemed like an earthquake that lasted about 4 seconds," wrote a viewer from Peru, Neb.Viewers reported feeling the quake in Brock, Tecumseh, and Hamburg, Iowa, in addition to Auburn and Peru. The Nemaha County Sheriff's Department said the quake was felt all over the county.  KETV Twitter followers also reported feeling the quake. "It was a strange sensation," said Suzanne Whisler of Auburn. "The house shook for a few seconds much like a house shakes after a loud clap of thunder, only for longer."Minor damage is being reported, including plaster damage to buildings and cracks in house foundations. No injuries have been reported.
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Brook said...

huh, whaddaya know. We watched "2012" last week. Fasten your seat belt, or party like yo only got a couple of years left. I'm just sayin'! So did you feel it?

Nej said...

Nope, didn't feel it. :-( I wasn't home. Our quartet had another Christmas gig last night, so we were an hour north in Iowa.

Makes me wonder if any of our dogs were acting strange right around then. I'll have to ask Mot.

Badass Geek said...

Wow! We've had a couple very, very minor earthquakes up here in Maine over the years. They are kind of interesting, so long as no one gets hurt.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Yeah, but those are just intra-continental faults. It's nothing like the edges of the tectonic zones.

Of course, when New Madrid has a major shift, the Mississippi runs backwards for a few days and pieces of Kentucky break off and drift down river...

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Check the left side of this map if you don't know what the last comment was about.

That little piece out there used to be attached to the rest of Kentucky, but an earthquake rerouted the flow of the Mississippi and cut off that tiny slice of Fulton county.

Nej said...

@ Badass - It was a only a small one. No one hurt, foundations and plaster cracked, but that's about it.

@ mjenks - just baby faults for us...but I'm not complaining. Tornadoes and crazed Husker fans are keeping our emergency workers plenty busy. :-)

Kentucky drifting down river, eh? Do you have a bridge for sale too?

(tapping fingers patiently, bridge comment was typed to ensure the receipt of a website link, where one could read more about co-called escaping piece of Kentucky)

:-) :-) :-)