Friday, August 29, 2008

Free at last, free at last!!!


Last day of boot camp...well, last day of this one. I would love to do another (ugh), but will wait and see how working out on my own goes.

I pretty much knew what we'd be doing today, before I got there. Near the beginning of the class, we had to run a mile, and record our times. Today, was the mile again, for comparison. Too bad my comparison was without and now with shin splints. :-( I didn't care though, was going to do it one way or the off I went.

I chose jogging over actually running. I personally think it's more jarring to the body, but it's a different jarring. It put more pressure on my knees and my calf muscles...and less on the fronts of my legs. So, I jogged most of it. I say most...because I was being good and stopping when I felt it really starting to hurt.

My goal was to keep my original time...and I was pretty close. 10 seconds slower not running it...but that only means that I would have blown it away, if my legs were up to I'm happy with that!!!!

After running, she also had us do push ups...for comparison. Wow!!!! What I difference I could tell there. Seriously!!!!! I was going down much further, and I did a ton more than at the beginning of the camp. I was pretty impressed.

All in all, a VERY great experience. It made me realize some things about myself. #1, my pain threshold, when it comes to some things, is much highly than I realize, and I should probably watch out...I'll end up hurting myself, when I should stop and rest #2, sweating actually feels...well...rewarding #3, I HATE running when it's dark out, but running when it's cold enough to see your breath rocks!! (that was this's August, right??) #4, 4:30 is way to early in the morning - there's just no question about it #5, there is hope for my flabby thighs :-) :-) :-)

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