Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Adventure Boot Camp - Day 18


Here's the shirt that we got for this camp. She told us they had their interns design it for them this time around. The front just has the name of the camp and stuff...but this is the back. I thought it was pretty clever really.

So...I went in to the camp early this morning. I know, how much earlier can it get, right???

Everyone starts doing their final weigh-in's these next couple of days. I went ahead and put myself down for the slot this morning, instead of having to come in Friday night after work. All in all, with all of the injuries I've had to deal with, the results weren't TOO bad.

Let's see...what are the highlights??? Lost 1.5 inches around waist, lost .75 inches on my hips, my legs and arms are basically the same. Actually, my arms evened out. I know, that sounds funny. But with my shoulder surgery and such, my arms were not even in measurements - but they are now. She said that was really good. My weight went down by 3 lbs, which is a little under what I wanted - I wanted a pound a week - so 4 pounds minimum. But, the not being able to run really kinda hurt that.

Then she got out those darn pincher things to do my body fat composition comparison measurements. I lost 2 'points' on my triceps, 4 'points' on my abs and 10 'points' on my thighs.

All in all, not too bad, considering.

I'd really like to sign up and do the next camp.....but that's quite a bit of money. If I can keep myself motivated (yeah right!) for the am workout thing, then I won't spend the money. But if I slip off again, I'll sign up for the next one. :-)

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