Monday, August 25, 2008

Adventure Boot Camp - Day 16,17


Well, I tried running a little today. I wasn't in agony, but I didn't run far. Actually, it was more of a "really hesitant jog" than anything. I stopped when it started hurting, and I did about half a lap around the parking I guess that's an improvement.

Today was 50's day. 50 of everything we did. Our trainer had her impacted wisdom teeth out on Friday, and was still in quite a bit of pain this morning, so she picked a format that would allow her the least amount of talking as possible.

50 lateral dumbbells raises (holy heck!), 50 forward lunges (on each leg), 50 reverse arm curls, 50 lateral squats (each leg), 50 Arnold presses, 50 squat/overhead dumbbell raises. I think I'm forgetting a few things in there, but you get the point. Then, we ran.....then we came back and did it all over again. After pushing a car around on Friday, riding my bike at full speed for an hour on Sunday, and then this thighs are mush...and my shoulders are hot. I bet they're going to hurt like crazy tomorrow. :-(


Had PT last night after work. They both tell me that my muscles are all doing what they should be, everything is pretty darn strong...and they don't know why I still have the shin splints. Oh, wait until they get to know me body is anything but normal!!!!!

I slept on the couch last night. No, there was no fighting in the Weaver household....but Mot was driving me crazy. His computer crashed yesterday, and now he thinks he shouldn't have bought the bike. He's in worry mode....I'm used to it, but it means he won't LAY STILL in bed. Toss and turn, itch and scratch, twitch, flip.....argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He woke me up when my alarm woke him up. I usually hit snooze once (yes, only once now, can you believe that??)...but since he just shut it off and came out to wake me, I didn't get my snooze today. Bummer!!!! Those are the most glorious 9 minutes ever!!!!!!!!!

So, I arrive at the park, 5 minutes earlier than I normally do.....and normally I'm there about 10 minutes before anyone else. It doesn't matter how slow I drive, I'm always early. Guess it's better than being late. :-)

We start off with our normal 2 lap run around the parking lot. I ran it. Well, I jogged it. Well....I really don't know what you'd call it. It was faster than a walk....but probably really ugly looking. I made it around both laps with this new 'running' style. But, I could feel my shins starting to complain. The workout today was good. At one point we did chariot rides. Basically, you take a strength training band, and get into pairs. One person puts the band around their waist, the other holds on. They provide tension as the one person runs. I did it, it hurt...but not too bad. Next up, just running sprints. My partner is one of the older, out of shape ladies in the I knew we weren't going to be breaking any record no pressure for me. I tried it. I didn't sprint, just 'jogged' up and back. But on the way back, my face was all scrunched up, and I was saying 'ouch, ouch, ouch' under my breath. Probably not the best way to hide the pain.....the boot camp lady busted me on it. "Jen, I heard that....don't do this if it hurts." Yeah, she kinda said it like I was two years old...I deserved it. But darn it, I'm stubborn, and this is getting really, really old!!!!!!!!!!

We got our camp tshirts today. I put XL for the size I wanted. These XL are like hockey player over their gear XL. Holy crap. With a pair of heels and a belt, I could wear that thing for evening wear. Bummer. I'll try shrinking it, see if that works. It's a really cool tshirt. I'll have to post a picture if I think about it.

After getting home and showered...I stood in my closet staring at my clothes. "What do I have left to wear that I can make look somewhat decent with tennis shoes?" This is where I entered the "I really don't care anymore, it's not getting better anyway, so why do I have to wear dorky tennis shoes to work today, what good does it do" phase. (I hit this with my shoulder surgery as well. It wasn't tennis shoes then, it was that darn sling. Ugh!!!) I went to Target over the lunch hour with Robin last week sometime, and found an outfit on clearance, (well, the skirt was on clearance at least)....anyway, I hadn't gotten a chance to wear it yet. So I put it on, along with a pair of nice high heels that I hadn't been able to wear yet either.

By the time I'd left the house, I'd completely changed clothes, and have on more appropriate shoes. My legs weren't hurting, but the guilt was getting to me. The heeling part is slow, and heels aren't going to help matters. Ugh! I hate being responsible. :-( Granted, I'm not wearing tennis shoes.....a little compromise never hurt anyone, right???

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