Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Sundays, they're weird things, aren't they?? Today was the epitime of Sunday to me. The only thing missing was waking up to my dad playing country music way too loud. It was his way of telling the family that he was awake, and the rest of us should be as well. But you know, as much as I hated it then, I smile when I think about it now. It also usually meant that we'd be cleaning the house until noon....but again, I smile when thinking about it now. I'm sure it has something to do with why I have to be listening to music if I want to clean effectively. (but NOT country) :-) Now, contrary to what the beginnning of this blog entry may make you think, I did NOT clean my house today...nor did I wake up listening to music. Actually, it's 6:10 pm, and I just got done watching a well......intersting movie. If you know me, or when you get to know me, you'll find that movies and me aren't always good things. I'm an emotional leach....if the movie is happy, I'm happy....if the movie is angry, I'm angry....if the movie is sad...well, you get the picture. But, no matter what the movie genre may be..or what emotional journey it may take me on....I still usually end up the same way. Emotionally drained....and a blubbering idiot. Now, take into account, this usually only happens if I'm watching the movie alone. With someone to chaparone me, I'm as normal (as I can get) when the movie is complete.

You know what, let me back up, and take you to the beginning of my day. Up at all hours of the night, because my psycotic cat insists on playing with everything she can find (or imagine) all night long. This is the second night of it (Tom insists that it's every night, I just usually sleep through it)...but anyway, for the sake of my story, it's the second night in a row of the feline madness in our bedroom. Of all the rooms in the house that they can play in, ours is the one they pick. Nala ends up in bed sleeping with us eventually....but Morgan considers the room her playground....and everything in it is fair game!!!!!

At 8:00, I finally drag myself out of bed, put on some workout clothes, and go into the garage to load up the bikes. Inny (my sister Cindy) and I decided to go bike riding. She is currently without bike, and using Tom's. We load up and head for the local metro bike path that goes all the way through town. After riding for 30 minutes, we turned around and headed back. An hour workout...burned more calories than I do in my early am torture. Can you believe that??? I guess I'm going to have to start loading up my bike in the am's once boot camp is done??? legs were done when we got back to the Jeep...after pushing a vehicle around Friday thighs were complaining. :-) The end of the trail starts near my house....far enough away that you have to drive there...but it's not far. It's actually listed as the lesser used end of the trail..and also the most scenic (well, as scenic as biking in the middle of Omaha, NE can be anyway)....and we met very few people. I was pleasantly surprised actually. The trail was gorgeous....the people were all friendly (the men more than the women, go figure)....there were restrooms and water fountains every not and then even. Quite nice!!!! After unloading the bikes back at the house, Inny (her nickname has a be told later I'm sure) left for home, and I came in for some brunch.

I watched TV, and then thought about getting something done around the house....decided against it. Watched a couple of movies on TV, that we own, and I could watch sans commercials...but didn't want to get up to get them and put them I was 'one with the commercials' today. All in all, my day after 10:00 am was pretty much a waste. Like, I did nothing at all.

The last movie was one I actually got up to put in...Waitress. Little slice of life movie....not really happy, not really sad. Just a movie, that I'll probably never watch again...but I don't consider it 2 hours of my life I'll never get back. The leading lady was in a relationship that she hated, that she feared, and that she eventually got out of. Those kinds of movies always make me think. No matter how bad life seems sometimes, it's really not all that bad. I mean, I have a roof over my head....that's actually mine, and it's not made of tin. I have a job that pays me every week...maybe not as much as it should pay, but it's pay none the less. I'm healthy...well, half of my body parts are currently on strike, but I'm still reletively healthy when it all comes down to it. I have two cats that are awesome personalilities, and at least one of them likes me. Three dogs that are pretty well behaved, but not spoiled nearly as much as they should be. But, most importantly, I have a hubby that loves me like no other. After a handful of long, and horrible relationships, I had a hard time believing that he actually loved me. He wasn't out to use me, abuse me, cheat on me, or anything like that. He just loves me. Wants to be around me (well, unless there's a computer within a 5 mile radious of his current position). :-)

I bought him a bike this weekend. A motorcycle to be more specific....I wrote an entry and put a picture in, in case you haven't seen it already. I love seeing the smile on his face....and I dread the speeding tickets he's bound to get. In fact, here's an intersting story. He called me today, as we were unloading the bikes. He said that when he pulled into the fire station this morning, a cop with his lights on pulled in right behind him. Said he's actually radared him on the interstate. Ugh! He told Tom that he wasn't speeding, but he really needed to be careful....the bike looks like it's going alot faster than it actually is. Now, to make this information even more funny....on my blog about the bike, I wrote about him taking me for a ride. It may have only been 10 minutes long....but the talk we had when we got back was much longer...much, much longer. If we weren't at a stoplight, he was speeding!!!! I told him that after buying the bike, we can't afford to pay the tickets...and he needs to slow his ass down, or I'm selling the damn thing. So...the cop stopping to talk to him might have actually been a good thing. I also really dont' want to be a widow this early in life. Especially if I'm not the one killing him. (hehehehe)

So, here I sit....6:30 pm on Sunday. I have to get up early for the last week of boot camp tomorrow morning. I'm going to try running and see how it goes. Wish me luck with that!!! I really need to go downstairs and do laundry. I really need to put all the dishes in the dishwasher, and put the clean ones undoubtly in there already away.

I've been down in the basement multiple times today. I have all of these things that need done down there....but once I get there, I have no energy to do them. I have this dream of getting our home gym arranged so it's more functional.....but just don't know what to do with it. I have all of these dreams of putting up shelves and such down there, so that the stuff we have (and don't need - but can't seem to bring ourselves to get rid of) away in an organized fashion....aka, I'd like to be able to move no more than 1 item to get to what I need.

Here I go....what a rambling entry this is.....but my mind just reels with mindless thoughts when I get done watching a movie on Sunday afternoon by myself. Sometimes I just need to say things out loud (so to speak).

Well.....I'm off. Household duties call!

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