Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mot's New Toy

Yep...that's's pretty isn't it??? :-)
This morning we get up with no plans. The Ducati dealership in Omaha is having their annual tent sale and my company picnic is this afternoon....after that, sitting on the couch being a bum maybe?

We headed out about 8:30, stopped at Brueggers for breakfast (the store bought it for us when they found out Tom is a fireman, that's always so nice!!) The Ducati event started at 10, so we headed that way. Figured we'd drool over the bikes for a couple hours, buy a tshirt, then head to the picnic. 2:00, we left the dealership....I was in the Jeep, Tom was on his new baby. It's a 2004, the owner bought it brand new in 2006, put 2200 miles on it, then traded it in for the newest Ducati release. He also bought the 5 year extended warranty, so it still has 3 years left on it. The price was right, the color was what he we went for it. He's been looking at this bike for years and years. Actually, Ducati discontinued it last they don't make it any more. I thought he was going to cry the day he found that out. it sits in our driveway....and Mot has the biggest grin ever on his face. We were going to get him one this spring....and with the deal that was presented to us today, August is close enough to spring for me! :-)

He took me on a ride. This bike IS NOT made for hauling passengers. Yes, the thing might have that 'seat' on the back...but it's just for looks. Hello!!!!!! You feel like you're seventy feet in the air, and there's nothing to hold onto, but the driver. And if you hold onto him, your helmets smack each other. My butt was sliding around all over the place.....I was craning my neck to keep my helmet from hitting his...and I was trying to simultaneously grip my hands together for dear life - and put my hands on the tank to keep myself from pushing on him too much. My arms were jelly, and my neck was mush when we got back. Good thing I'm going to buy my own next year after I take the drivers test...because this thing (as we both new when buying it) is NOT for passengers. Well....unless you're 16, weigh 107 pounds, and are 4'11". :-) :-) :-)

Now, having said all that....I will now say HOLY SHIT!!! What an awesome f*cking bike. He wanted a bike by his 40th, and I beat that by 9-10 months. Big time browny points for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ducati 749, birthday 08/23/08.

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Mel said...

Oh WOW!!! That bad boy is beautiful! I am totally digging the color! Congrats Mot! :)