Thursday, August 21, 2008

Adventure Boot Camp - Day 14, 15

Missing one day stinks...getting up the next morning is HORRIBLE!!! But I did it. I wish I hadn't missed yesterday. :-) Today was mostly legs....ok, it was ALL legs. Squats, ice skaters, lateral squats, three way squats, run up 'the hill', wall sits, run back down 'the hill', burpies, sprints (quick walks for me), walking squats forwards and backwards....then it started all over again....and again. I think we only actually did the rotation twice, but it took us up to almost our hour. The last ten minutes was abs. I sweated my life away today, and burned 100 more calories than I have been since I stopped running. It really does feel good, being active and getting healthy. I don't notice ANY difference in my body...but I made it all the way through both sets of wall sits without stopping. So that's improvement. I just wish I was seeing more results. You know???

2:00 pm.....I could lay my head down on my desk right now, and sleep that way all afternoon. Man I'm tired. Like, I need to curl up under my desk tired. Or on top of my desk....I really don't care which. They say that working out gives you more, ummm.....when does that start? Was it a form I didn't get filled out? :-)

Wow, she just keeps hitting us with new things. Today was the 'big push'. We had to push her car around the park roads....up hills (but not down - she coasted to the bottom and waited for us to catch up to her). She divides us into teams of people.....and the teams will trade off pushing the car around...the goal is to not let it stop. So.....that nightmare that everyone has comes true....she divides everyone into even teams...I'm last, odd man out. She explains to everyone that she's hesitant to let me do that stuff today, because it involves running. The good thing about her announcement, is that she told everyone what is wrong with now I don't (totally) look like the wuss who never runs. each team pushes, the others run along behind the car....switching every 30 seconds or so. Since I can't run...I'm just to walk around the HUGE loop of road we're using, and join in when the car gets to me. Sounds great and all....but it takes quite a while to get around the these teams are pushing quite a bit....and I only push when the car makes it back around to my walking arse.

I ended up going cross country, over the hills and through the woods, back and I could catch the car on each side of the loop. It worked out nicely, they were dying by the time I got to them, and I could provide support. I actually got the car going so quickly I had to stop pushing, because it was going at a running pace. That thing I'm not supposed to do. Ugh!!!!

After wearing tennis shoes all week, and not legs really do feel much better. Now - when do I start doing things again??? How do you know when it's healed?? If I did this for a week, and then try running and re-hurt them...and have to do it all over again...I'll cry. :-) :-)

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