Friday, August 8, 2008

The car wash ate my car!!!!!

Well, maybe not 'ate my car'...but it took a bite for sure!! :-) The flap is about 1 foot wide. I heard it crunch, but was in the middle of the wash. Had I gotten out then to check it, there would have been a good picture of me covered in suds!! :-)

For lunch today, I needed to run some errands and also stop by the car wash to give my car a much needed bath. I decided to wash and vacuum the car first, then hit my other stops. I haven't cleaned it since just before leaving on vacation, and it really needs it. As I'm driving through the wash, I hear it. ccrrruuuunnnnccchhhhhh!! Uh-oh, that can't be good. :-) As soon as all the soap was off the car, I could see if flapping around back there in my side mirror. Crap! At this point I started calling the men in my life. Hubby isn't answering cell or home phone..crap, he's in Plattsmouth - with no cell reception. OK...I'll call dad. No answer on cell or home phone...he's probably still sleeping. So...I just went ahead and vacuumed out my car...I mean, I paid for the wash, and you get free vacuum....may as well use it, right?? :-) I finally get ahold of Mot. When I ask him what to do...he says "I don't know." Doesn't he know he's bound by the I'm Male So I Have to Know What To Do in These Circumstances laws? Argh!!!!

I drive it back to work, going maybe 25 miles per hour to keep the bumper from flapping in the wind as much as I can. Mot finally gets back into town from Plattsmouth, and comes by to check out the damage. I have him take me to lunch, since I missed all the stuff I was going to do (including eat) over my lunch hour. At Subway he tells me he'll just have me drive the truck and he'll take the car. But, by the time we get back to work, he's changed his mind and wants me to drive it home after work. Now, being the independent woman that I am, I can't tell him I'd really rather not drive it....and I prefer he do it. Nooooooooo. I just smile and nod, while sending psychic messages to his the car home for the car home for Jen.

No luck, he drops me off at work, and says "take the back roads and drive slow." Great!!! I wonder if we have any duct tape at home. Hmmmm...I wonder if we have any duct tape here at work??

As soon as the Jeep is out of the body shot (we bought a Jeep, but they are repairing a couple door dings for us), we'll replace it with my car. Silver lining...I get to drive the Jeep back and forth to work before he does. That's what he gets for leaving me here to drive it home....bumper sticking out like a dorsal fin. (hehehehehe)

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Mel said...

Man. That sucks! :)