Friday, August 8, 2008

Adventure Boot Camp - Day 4,5


I know I'm going to say this every morning, but today was the toughest getting up. I'll eventually get used to this schedule...won't I?? Please lie to me and tell me I will. :-)

Today was abs day. Abs, abs, abs!!!! We also did dead runs up one of the hills in the park...over, and over, and over. Abs and running up hill.....and I paid to do this???? :-) :-)

4:00, physical therapy appt. I only have one word to describe it.....OOOUUUUCCCHHHH!!!!! That dude has the pointiest fingers, I swear!!!!! I'm going to be bruised tomorrow. It doesn't really feel any better we'll see how it feels tomorrow. I'm NOT quitting this boot camp!!!

08/08/08 (that's a cool date!!!! 888)

Today was a milder boot camp day, but not a milder boot camp the same time. It was the day for our nutrition talk, so it was only going to be 1/2 hour, instead of the normal 1 hour. We started the day with our normal warm up, two laps around the parking lot (which is on a hill by the way)...then back to our mats. Once there, she informed us that our workout for the day would be a one mile run. Some people reading this may think "only one mile? that's not far." If you are saying that while reading this - I hate you!!! (OK, hate is a strong word...and I'm not a hater....but darn it - pretend, for me, that a mile is the impossible dream - OK???)

For me, and 3/4 of the other people, it was a run/walk. I'm proud to say that I did run MOST of it...but far from all. I think my final time was 10:49. I was quite a ways away, when I heard her say "you're almost at 11 minutes". Well!!! That just wasn't going to work! So I full out sprinted the last long final stretch. Sprinted - me!!!! Can you imagine? My sprinting actually prompted everyone who was already back, to stop what they were doing (sucking air, and trying not to die), and applaud and whistle on my way in. Man, that actually felt good!!

About 10 steps from the finish, I started getting really cold and clammy - uh oh....I think I'm going to be sick. I'm sprinting with everyone watching me...puking right now probably wouldn't be a pleasant idea. (hehehehe)

I made it to the end, no barfing. Yeah for me!

The lady in front of me had a tshirt on today, that said "There are no shortcuts to somewhere worth going."

Here's an interesting, and depression, tidbit of information I got today (I love tidbits of info...they are so fun!)....anyway.....if you eat ONLY 100 more calories then you burn everyday, you will gain 10 lbs each year. 100 calories!!!! That's a granola bar...that's ONE bite of chocolate cake...that's a 1/2 bite of cheesecake. Hello!!! Makes me think back to that trip to the Cheesecake Factory in Des Moines. I put on 10 lbs that one meal!!! :-) :-)

Oh yeah - update. I can walk today, much le
ss limping. And I ran that mile without my calf muscles going on strike. I go back in for another PT session on Monday. He told me to bring workout clothes and my tennis shoes (I usually just wear regular shorts with whatever top I'm wearing that day). When I walked in the door, he was disappointed to see me back. We thought we had it all fixed. When he asked me what happened, and I told him...he was stumped. No pain before boot camp started, none. No issues walking, climbing stairs, nada!!!! But, I just had to take 1 or 2 steps on that first run on Monday...and I knew there was trouble. Joking, I told him that I must just run stupid. He laughed and said "well, that's an interesting point...I've never seen you run". So....I get to run for him next week. No one should ever watch me run...I'm not a runner...I guarantee you that my runners gate would make real runners cringe. :-)

That'll teach me to be a smart ass!

One of the better reasons to get up at 4:45 for a early morning boot camp. This is what I drove home into. (Ignore the dirty, bug splattered windshield!!!!)

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