Thursday, August 14, 2008

Adventure Boot Camp - Day 9 and 10

OK, I admit it....I was a little whinny yesterday. But, if you were smart - you didn't read it anyway!! :-) :-) I pretty much had myself convinced that I wasn't going to be able to get anything out of this camp, if I couldn't commit myself to it fully....but I woke up this morning, with my normal attitude in tow. I decided I'd do everything, but the running....and see what happened.

It actually went pretty well. As I was completing my first lap around the parking lot for warmup (and everyone else was coming up behind me running their second) I told the instructor that I felt like such a goober. She assured me that I wasn't....that I was doing exactly what I should be doing...and that it was good I didn't quit and give up just because of this one hurdle. Hell - ONE hurdle? I could win in the Olympic track and field event of hurdles right now!!!!!!!!

Anyway, the rest of the hour went well. I did try to run one section. They had cones set up, and they were racing from one cone to the other (uphill). I tried one section - running in the grass - as it's a softer surface, and was recommended on some of the online sites I was reading the other day. Yeah - well......that was the only section....and I was in pure agony the rest of the time there this morning....and it was really, really bad on the way home. I put ice on it and took some's much better now. So...lesson learned....NO running, whatsoever...until this heals. Darn it!!!!!!! :-)

You know, I never thought I would complain about not being able to run. That's a first!!!! :-) On another good note, I'm noticing a difference in myself, and my fitness. We did lateral squats across the parking lot again today, and they were MUCH, MUCH easier than when we've done them before. And this time, we were paired up....when one person was doing the squats across the lot, the other person had a resistance band around your waist providing more resistance (like we needed any more). :-) :-)

Day 1 of no running. I wasn't in tears on the way home. I'm burning roughly 100 fewer calories per workout by not running....but the paybacks are much better. I'm half way through the camp...and it's getting easier and easier to get up. I feel better at work, even though I'm dragging a$$ because of how tired I am. I've started the habit of falling asleep in the evenings again. If it was cooler out, I'd probably find a park at lunch and take a nap. I'm trying to think if anything really good happened today...and nothing is sticking out to me. It was a hellish workout, but that's what we're there for, right?????

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