Monday, August 18, 2008

Adventure Boot Camp - Day 11,12

First day of the third week....I'm over half way done now. Not being able to run like everyone else is really bumming me out, but I just have to deal with it, right??? I'm still burning decent calories....I just feel like a real loser when the 50+ year old lady who can't run, is running more than I am. You know? As I walk, I wonder if I'm doing more damage by even just walking. I mean, it hurts still, but nothing like running. Do I have to stop 100% to make these things go away?

Today was just like any other day...nothing really wowing to report. She DID have us do wall sits today, lots and lots and lots of them. If you don't know what that is....walk up to a wall, turn around so your back is along the wall.....put your feet out in front of you about 2 feet....while leaning against the wall, bend your knees to a 90 degree angle. Now stay there....FOREVER!!! It's cool for the first minute...then your legs start to burn....and burn....and burn. And, if that isn't enough, she had us doing dumbbell work while in this position. OMG!!!!! We were all about in tears, truly! Then, when you're done....she has us run. This is where I really felt bad...I mean, the other ladies are dying because they have to run. And here I am walking. I look like the biggest wuss ever!!!! Argh!! :-)

I found a can of bug spray at home last week sometime....made all the difference in the world. Working out, by a lake...without bug stuff's kinda like suicide via mosquitoes. I am proud to report, that I've got no new bites in the last few days. Thank goodness!!! :-)

Today would have been a really good workout....and I probably would have enjoyed it - had it not been for my body in it's current state of revolt!!!! We took off on the trail around the lake....running (well, walking for me) for 3 minutes, then stops to do torturous activities for a few minutes (squats, lunges, etc, etc). At one point of my walk (argh!!), I came around the corner of the trail, and stopped dead in my tracks. The trail, as I said, winds around the lake...but at this particular spot, we were on a peninsula and we didn't know it. The trees between us and the lake had cleared....and the lake was in full view. We were literally on the edge of the lake, and the sun was starting to come up a little. Fog was hovering over the water, the lake was glass, and you could hear birds of all kinds singing. It was pretty, no other words for it. I really need to start coming out to this lake to workout on my own. The trail around the lake (about 4 miles in total I think) is new, and very nice. In the hour we were there, we only saw 4 other people total. One guy and his hunting dog, running around, enjoying the freedom of no leash - he was only a blur!! :-) One guy was riding his bike, and one couple were out walking.

My physical therapist asked me in therapy last night, what kind of shoes I wear to work. I told her that it's an office, so business casual is the least amount of dressy I can get away with. She asked if I could wear my tennis shoes...and I told her I could if I needed to. She told me I might want to think about doing that. Ok, I thought about it.....but that was about it.

Then, this morning, the boot camp instructor was walking with me along the trail for a while...she asked what kind of shoes I wear at work. HELLO!!! Geezzz....I guess I'll start wearing the darn tennis shoes for a while. (hehehehe) So, here I slacks, turquoise top, and tennis shoes (but, my shoes do have turquoise on them, does that count?)....just not the look I like to have....but if it makes my legs better, then I'm all for it!!!!!!!!

Now, for the highlight of the morning. As we were all getting into our vehicles to drive away, I noticed that putting the key in the Jeep's ignition was not turning on any dash lights....and not only that, turning the key was not starting the vehicle. No clicks, pops, buzzes...nada! Well..that's not cool...everyone is gone, and my new (to me) vehicle is dead. After a quick glance to make sure no one was looking - dead vehicles are always embarrassing, I popped the hood and messed around with the battery cables (hoping I wasn't going to electrocute myself). Luckily, whatever it was that I did, made a noise like a spark....and then I could hear the Jeep dinging because the door was open. I tried to start it, and it went dead again. After two or three times of messing with that same battery cable, and then trying to start finally did start. Hmmmmm......looks like that battery connection needs a good cleaning. And here I am without a can of Coca-Cola. :-)

When I got home, Tom was taping (Gorilla Glue tape rocks by the way!!!!) the bumper of my car so it would survive another trip to and from work. Then, he got to work cleaning off that battery cable connection. He took it out to drive around while I was getting ready for work...and when I got out of the shower, he was home. He seems pretty darn confident that the corroded battery cable was the issue, but wanted me to still take the car, so he could drive the Jeep all day...and see if it ever repeated the error. Hopefully it doesn't, so I can drive it...and he can take my car in to get it's rear repaired. :-)

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