Thursday, May 7, 2009

Weekend Update #14 (part 4) All Hands on Deck

Visit Deck Building Fun with Mot and Nej (part 1) here and (part 2) here and (part 3) here if you haven't already. :-)

I left work early on Monday (since my client was closed due to the swine flu - their manufacturing plant is in Mexico). When I got home...this is what was done. Almost all of the decking....yeah!!!!

(Aaric, Tom and Danny worked their butts off on the decking while I was at work.)

(Now to start building the steps.)

(Robin arrived when she got off of work.)

(Aren't they cute together?)

(Jealous of my tool belt, aren't you? hehehe)

(The first half of the steps on the long side were almost done when.....)

(...we discovered an issue, and had to take the whole mess off of the deck to fix it.)

(No one wanted to leave until that first section of steps was complete. We had to bring the lights out.)

(Mot attached the section of steps back to the deck...finally!)

Once we finished putting that top step on...we called it quits for the day. Mot and I sat on the completed section of steps after everyone had gone. Well....until it started raining on us. :-)


I went to work as normal on Tuesday and worked the full day through. When I got home, I found Mot and Danny hard at work...again.

(One corner down, one to go!!)

(Once the project is done, all pics will be posted on my webshots page)


Brook said...

Holy Cow! I am so incredibly awesomely impressed! You guys!!!!!
Way to knock out a project. I am so envious of your new deck and mostly your drive and know how! I know the truck part sucked but my god-look what you have accomplished. It looks incredible.
Wow! I am practically wordless...

Nej said...

Wow!!! Well, thanks!!! (blushing) We've learned allot doing it. Namely, that we don't ever want to do one again. :-) :-)

Also, we couldn't have done it without the insane help and dedication of our friends!!!!!!!

I can't wait until it's done done...and everyone who has helped can come enjoy it!! :-)

Brook said...

Again I say awesome-and even though I didn't help I would love to see it(maybe with a margarita in hand)
oh-any injuries what with the power tools and all? ;)

Nej said...

Funny you should ask about injuries....I really didn't write about any of them, did I??? :-)

Let's see...I got a 2x10x16 dropped on my ankle. I fell down the stairs going from our kitchen out to our breezeway...and caught myself with my I look like a domestic abuse victim. Mot fell through while balancing on the joists of the deck...and buggered up the back of leg right nice. Danny got a sliver the size of my pinky finger stuck in his hand. Robin ripped a pair of pants while crawling around on the deck screwing boards down.

Every time someone would cuss, or make a noise related to pain....that person would then yell "no blood!!" And everyone would go back to work. We were waiting for some good blood action. It's not a real injury until stitches are discussed. :-)

We still have the steps to finish though, so keep your fingers crossed. :-)

You are ALWAYS welcome to drink margaritas upon my deck!! Always!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

um, hello? where did you dig up those handy menfolk?!?!?! please send them to my house asap. i would like to have a deck for my yard. it really looks great!!!

Joey said...

I love the steps all the way around!! Getting a New BBQ for that deck?

Nej said...

@CWG - Aren't they sweet? I'm lucky to have such fantastic friends, and a wonderful hubby. They worked their butts off (almost literally, Mot's pants are falling off of him now).

@ Joey - Hello and welcome!!!

I LOVE the steps wrapping around as was a great finishing touch we all decided on while taking a break and eating tacos. It was a pain to figure out all the angles and such, but it looks great!

New BBQ? Well, after having to pay for the truck damage...we're a little over on our deck budget. :-)

I'm researching how to build an outdoor's something we can do ourselves. We'll just drop the cast iron section of our current grill into it, and all will be good. :-) :-)