Friday, May 8, 2009

No Blood!

Any of you who have read this blog for any time, knows Mot has a propensity for getting injured while completing projects around the house. Brook reminded me that I hadn't filled everyone in on the injuries sustained during the deck building here goes.

Saturday I had a 2x10x16 dropped on my ankle. We had camera waiting, hoping for the first occurrence of blood. No luck there...just bruising.

Sunday I fell down the steps, inside our house. There are 4 or 5 steps going from the kitchen down to the breezeway that leads to the garage. I was in a rush, and just barely missed one step with the back of my heel...and down I went. Bruised the crap out of my forearms....but sadly, no blood.

From then on, every time someone would cuss, or make a noise sounding like pain was to be had.....everyone would stop what they were doing. The injured would look at the wound, and proclaim "no blood!"

You'd think we were vampires or something....waiting for that first "real" injury. (It's not an injury without blood.)

I think Danny has the honor of the first official blood drawn. He was unlucky enough to get the most splinters of anyone all weekend. One was the size of my pinkie finger...I swear!

OK...maybe not that big...but it was huge, and it bled well. :-)

On Monday, Mot was backing across the joists with a large piece of decking in hand...when he fell. His foot slipped off the joist, and down he went through the beams. The back of his leg from knee to butt cheek is now missing the top layers of skin, and is bruised like nobodies business...but no blood. :-)

Robin was basically spared all blood and bruising....but she had a pair of pants that didn't fair (fare?) so well. While crawling across the deck, helping me screw down some decking, she caught a splinter of wood with her knee...and ripped a hole in her pants. She discovered later that at some time, she must have done the same thing to the other knee.....because she had a small wound the next day. She noticed the rip in her pants, but not the rip in her knee??? :-)

Both Aaric and Mot are having back issues now. In fact, Mot finally made an appointment with his chiropractor for today....without me telling him to.....the first sign of true pain. When I don't have to make him call. :-)

He confessed to me last night, that he wasn't going to make the appointment until the deck was done. Because he knew the doctor was going to tell him not to do any work or heavy lifting.


When I got home last night....Mot had been working on the deck steps all day. As of right now...this is all that is left on the project.....

Yep, that's step. :-)

(I'm working on getting all of the project pics up on my webshots page, they should be done this afternoon and ready for viewing.)


Brook said...

WeeeeHoooo! I hope Mot's chiropractic visit helps...sore backs are no fun. Ripped pants but no notice of slightly ripped knee-sounds like someone was working hard. And the tripping/falling stair thing-according to a martial artist I know =)falling on your forearms is the only way to go.
You guys are gonna love your new deck!

Nej said...

After 18 years of studying dance....and a number of years taking Karate from an awesome dude from Okinawa....I may still a klutz, but I'm a klutz who can fall gracefully. :-)

Brook said...

I can't wait to meet you guys!

Nej said...

Ditto!!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-)