Thursday, May 7, 2009

Weedkend Update #14 (part 2) Having one Deck of a Time

Visit Deck Building Fun with Mot and Nej (part 1) here if you haven't already. :-)

It was hard getting up Saturday morning. We left the house about 6:45 ish and headed towards Wilson Island State Park, where mom and dad spend the summers as camp hosts.

We were going to borrow their truck to haul deck lumber...and leave the Jeep with dad to use for the weekend. The park was hosting a pancake feed, so we were also taking our long folding table up for them to use.

After picking up the truck, we had some time to waste before Lowe's opened at 9:00. We drove to Plattsmouth, NE to do some banking....and we also ate breakfast at a small diner in town. What a nice little place....wonderfully happy and cheerful waitresses. I expected one of them to say "Kiss my Grits" before we left...but sadly, it didn't happen. :-)

From there we went home and filled in the post holes with dirt, grabbed our work gloves and headed out for lumber.

(holes filled in and ready for construction - our blind dog, Rowan - not pictured - kept running into the posts - whoops)

(making sure we got all the bolts, nuts, screws, brackets and washers that we needed)

(pushing the first load of lumber out of the store)

(loaded into the pickup)

On the way home, driving an agonizing 15 miles per hour, we encountered a common "obstacle" in Nebraska....pot holes. One pot hole in particular had our name written all over it. Even though we were driving slow....the bump of the pot hole jostled the lumber straight up, then back down on the tailgate of the truck. The wobbling lumber then wobbled itself right out of the truck bed and into the middle of the the middle of town. Luckily, no one was anywhere near us.

Mot pulled the truck into a turn lane...and we both jumped out...and starting chucking the lumber into the turn lane behind the tuck and out of traffic.

Sadly, it wasn't the time to get my camera out...even though it did come to mind. :-)

One person drove by in the outside lane....honked and flipped us off, screaming "f*cking moron!"

I, being the quiet and shy person that I am, stepped out into the lane of traffic we had blocked....gave him the double bird, and screamed "f*cking a**hole!!"

This brought quite a few giggles to the minivan of people who were sitting in our blocked lane with their hazard lights on to keep us from getting hit. Glad I could entertain!!! :-)

On a less entertaining note...we bent the tailgate of their truck. Yeah, I about threw up right there when I saw it. My heart sank, and I thought Mot was going to cry.

(this picture really doesn't do it justice...but if you look really close, you can see where the tailgate is bowed out, and the tailgate handle is sticking out...the door closes and the handle is operational...but this is going to throw us over on our deck building budget, for sure) :-(

Robin, Aaric, Danny and Steve all arrived at our house throughout the day, ready to work.

(While Mot and Aaric started attaching the ledger board to the house....)

(....Robin and I took the opportunity to start giving our three Scotties their spring should see the piles of black fur in our yard!!!)

(Helping put the long section of ledger board on the house.)

(Starting to attach the beams to the posts)

(Making sure things were level and square.)


(Calling it quits for the night....Robin, Aaric, Mot and I went for pizza at our favorite pizza place.)

(Once the project is done, all pics will be posted on my webshots page)

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