Thursday, May 7, 2009

Weekend Update #14, Deck the Halls

Hello everybody out there in blogger land. Today we're presenting part 1 of How to (and Not to) Build a Deck.

This post is sponsored by Home Depot, Lowes, Home Depot, Home Depot, Lowes, Lowes, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Lowes, and the place that does the body work on my parent's F250 truck. (we'll get to that story later - body work quotes are still coming in)

Who knew building a deck could be so interesting? So informational. Such a growing, physically injuring, and property damaging experience?


The story starts on Friday, May 1.

I got a couple text messages from Mot...saying something along the lines of....

...started to build the deck today. I loaded 1000 pounds of concrete and 4x4's in the back of the Jeep. I think I took a couple years off of it's lifespan.

...think I'm going to take the manual post hole digger back, and rent an mechanical one for the day. I don't feel like digging eight 44 inch deep holes today.

...dug all 8 holes for the posts. By hand. Will put concrete in the holes and fill them with dirt tonight, when I have help.

Then, I get a call.....

Mot: How big do we want this deck?

Nej: I thought you had all the holes dug, what's up?

Mot: (frustrated) Well, I made a mistake. Unless I fill in and re-dig the 4 holes on the outside, the deck will be 2.5 feet less wide than we'd planned.

Then later in the day.... those 4 holes. This will be much better.


When I get home, I help him work on getting the 4 holes aligned, bags of concrete poured, and posts leveled.

We finished the last couple after the sun had gone down...but darn it, they were done and ready for building the next day.

(Mot dug a total of 15 holes for those 8 posts. Saying he was tired and sore would be a gross understatement.)

(digging that hole...for the third time...poor guy!)

(holes dug, and ready)

(concrete poured and setting)

(much needed beverage break)

(Once the project is done, all pics will be posted on my webshots page)

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