Thursday, May 7, 2009

Weekend Update #14 (part 3) Who the decks idea was this, anyway?

Visit Deck Building Fun with Mot and Nej (part 1) here and (part 2) here if you haven't already. :-)

My camera was just laying about the job site all weekend, and it's getting harder and harder to pick which pictures to post. So, instead of doing a bunch of talkie is day 3, in pictures.

(What we started with Sunday am.)

(Rowan - the blind dog - after getting groomed the day before.)

(You could hear this squirrel over the saws....crunching on nuts...he didn't seem too worried about us and the noise we were making.)

(My allergies were killing me, and I ran out of Kleenex.)

(The support framing done.)

(Starting to put the joists on the deck.)

(Robin and I made tacos for the crew for lunch.)

(Sick of the camera.) :-)

(Anchoring the joists.)

(Danny and the ding ding man.)

(The second load of wood...decking and some of the materials for the steps. After the truck damaging episode the day before, we decided to steal the neighbor and his trailer for the second batch of lumber.)

(Here we are, explaining the truck damage to my dad.)

(Putting the border on the top edge of the deck.)

(I don't know, how many friends DOES it take to screw in a piece of lumber?)

(The foundation is finally done, starting to put the decking on.)

(What it looked like at the end of Day 3.)

(Once the project is done, all pics will be posted on my webshots page)

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