Friday, June 25, 2010

Ghosts of Weekends Past: #4

Like sands through the hour are the weekends of my past.... Well, at least the past month (or so). :-) I am....yet again, telling you that I'm sorry I've been absent as of late. Apologizing for my lack of posting.

It's true, I've a a blog slacker.
(hanging head in shame) :-) :-) :-)

But, dear reader, I've returned.....I'm in front of my computer.....getting ready to fill your reader with a plethora of posts, a bushel of bloggy goodness, an abundance of....of......well, you get the idea.



OK, you've probably noticed that I've skipped back in time? As I was digging through my camera bag, I found a memory card. I experienced the same feeling I used to get when I was digging through a drawer, and found an undeveloped roll of film.

What the heck is on this thing??

Luckily, unlike with the film, a mere minute later I could find out what was on it.

And boy am I glad!!!!!

You see, my friends, another one of the many reason I stopped blogging for a while, was the concern I was getting from friends and family.

Concern, you ask?

Yes, concern.

It seems that my family and select friends were worried that myself, my hubby, and my close friends were becoming alcoholics. It turns out spending time at a bar = drunken debauchery. I've tried explaining to them that we always have at least one, but most of the time no fewer than two people who aren't drinking. Most of the time, between the four of us, we have MAYBE three drinks. That most of the time, there might only be one of us drinking at all. And (gasp) many times, NONE of us are.

You see, we happen to really dig the people at the Worm. And why wouldn't we?? They're awesome!!!!! (yes Nat, I'm talking about you my dear!!!!!) that I have that little sidebar out of the way....let's get back to the drunken debauchery....shall we??? (giggle, snort)

I say that because, well, this particular day was one of those times that there actually WAS some serious alcoholic consumption going on.

(ahem) Mot and Danny - yes, this post is for you!!

Thought I'd forgotten, didn't you? Oh no....not quite!!!!!

But wait....let me back up....I should probably start from the :-)

Sunday morning, last day of bowling. Actually, it was the week AFTER the last week of bowling. It was the day everyone in the league went to the alley to get their winnings, to bowl for fun....and, for some, to drink themselves into a complete and utter stupor. (giggle)

We got up that morning at met at...where? You guessed it....Leo's!!!!

My breakfast was WONDERFUL!!!!

Like I said, it was good. :-)

This picture cracks me up. Danny seems almost disgusted with how much food was placed in front of him.

He made a pretty good dent in it though.

Steve was like me.....breakfast didn't stand a chance. (the food is amazing!!!)

Mot's, on the other hand.........well, his breakfast gave me the willies. Hasbrowns, biscuits and gravy, with eggs on top. They call it the island.

You can also order the fantasy island....but I can't remember what else they add to the mix.

He did damage...but I think it won. :-)

After breakfast, we loaded up and headed out to do some mindless, wandering, Sunday shopping.

First we hit Garden Ridge. I was in the market for a rug for my closet project (yeah, like I said, this post is a little out of order). :-)

As we were walking towards the rug section, we apparently passed the hat section.

Not only did we pass the section, we stopped and spent a little time in it. (hehehehehe)

Great hat babe, but don't you know you can't wear white before memorial day??

(by the way folks, he's never going to let me take pictures of him again after this post)

They had sparkly cowboy hats in every color imaginable. (giggle)

What did we come here for again??? Oh yeah, a rug!!!

After Garden Ridge, we drove over to the bookstore.

And bought a few books. :-)

(to be cont)


Mel said...

Those pics of Mot in the hats are freaking hilarious - the best one is of him and the boys with the multi-colored cowboy hats - they look like overdressed go-go boys! Oh yeah - Only people that love you will give you an intervention - whether it be warranted or not - remember that.

Nej said...

Oh sweetie, I know! :-)

Nej said...

There were a couple pictures that I didn't post. I wanted to stay married. (giggle)

MJenks said...

I haven't had lunch yet.

I wanted to eat the monitor with the pictures of your breakfasts on it.

Nej said...

I haven't had lunch yet....I'll split a monitor with you?!?!?!