Monday, June 28, 2010

Ghosts of Weekends Past: #4 (to be cont)

04/25/10 cont

So...we've been out for breakfast, we've tried on silly hats and bought a bag of books.....

The weekend before was the last official week of league bowling, but this weekend was the week the league bowlers show up to collect their winnings (we actually placed in the top 15, 11th or so I think.....), and bowl in a 9 pin no tap afternoon.

It's also an excuse for many bowlers to drink to their hearts content.

Steve and I ran home to feed the dogs between bowling and heading downtown to the Worm. When we got back to the alley, this is the condition they were in.

And it was only the beginning of the evening!!!!

(to be cont - one more time)

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