Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ghosts of Weekends Past, #3

Like sands through the hour are the weekends of my past....well, at least the past month (or so). :-)

Yes, it's I am....yet again, telling you that I'm sorry I've been absent as of late. Apologizing for my lack of posting.

It's true, I've a a blog slacker.

(hanging head in shame)

:-) :-) :-)

But, dear reader, here I front of my computer.....getting ready to fill your reader with a plethora of posts, a bushel of bloggy goodness, an abundance of....of......well, you get the idea.

05/02/10 cont

After we got done playing ball with the dogs.....we left the house in search of retail therapy.

First stop was Shopko for some plants. They were having a sale, and there isn't one that far away from our house. We loaded up the truck FULL of stuff for both houses.

Then went back to our place to unload it all.

Big Lots was next. We needed to get pots and such for the plants we'd just purchased. Mot and I also picked up a grandfather clock for the living room...for $40. At Big Lots. Who knew?!?!

Then we went back to our place to unload it all.

After that, went to the local nursery literally right around the corner from our house.

Why? Well...we bought more pots than we had plants.

Then we went back to our place to unload it all.

Are you seeing a trend here. It's like buying 10 packs of hot dogs, and 8 packs of buns....then needing more buns for the two extra hot dogs...then needing more hot dogs for the 6 extra buns.

By now the neighbors have watched us unload a vehicle FULL of stuff.....for the third time in two hours.


It was then we realized the day was getting away from us, and we hadn't made it to the ONE place we'd intended to go that day.

"Welcome to the Hot Shops Art Center, an art center (approximately 92,000 square feet of space) consisting of art studios, showrooms and various gallery spaces, catering to the art community in and around the Omaha area."

It was one of their annual open houses...when you get to go into the artists studios where they work!!!!

They also had entertainment in the hallways as you walked through all three floors....from studio to studio.

Apparently while we'd been inside, a storm had com through.

A storm in Nebraska. No wayyyyy!!!!!!

We were getting hungry, and thought we'd hit a classic Omaha burger joint.

They weren't open.

So...we went to the Worm. :-)

Here is photographic evidence that we actually go there just to play cards sometimes. :-)

Everyone was very serious about their cards that night, apparently. :-)


Miss Yvonne said...

Oh man, I miss Shopko! They don't have any here in Texas.

Also? Dinkers is probably the best restaurant name ever. The end.

Nej said...

No Shopko in Texas...that's horrible!!! :-) There's one pretty close to my house, but I don't go all that often. I never remember it's there.

Dinkers, a little whole in the wall bar/restaurant. The place is PACKED over lunch, people love their burgers!!! :-)

Badass Geek said...

You? Go to the Worm?

You never go there!

Nej said...

I know, I know....just call us loyal customers!!! We had every intention of not going....but everything else in the whole city was closed. (giggle)