Monday, June 21, 2010

Ghosts of Weekends Past, #1

Like sands through the hour are the weekends of my past....

Well, at least the past month (or so). :-)

Yes, it's I am....yet again, telling you that I'm sorry I've been absent as of late. Apologizing for my lack of posting.

It's true, I've a a blog slacker.

(hanging head in shame)

:-) :-) :-)

But, dear reader, here I front of my computer.....getting ready to fill your reader with a plethora of posts, a bushel of bloggy goodness, an abundance of....of......well, you get the idea.


When we moved into our house, we knew that there were a couple of things that it lacked...#1 a second bathroom (plans are in the works to fix this)...and a big ole' master bedroom closet.

Granted, the house is nearly 90 years old, so I'm willing to cut it some slack. :-)

Initially, I gave Mot the closet in the bedroom, and I took the closet in the hallway outside the bathroom and the master bedroom. Because our schedules can clash with each other at times, the arrangement actually worked fairly well.

Although, with the laundry facilities being in the basement, my closet slowly migrated down there. Actually, it didn't migrate so much as the clothes just never made it back upstairs after being washed. I lived out of laundry baskets for a while.

Eventually I hung some closet rods on a wall near the washer and dryer.

Finally, this particular weekend, I'd had enough. It started with getting a rug for the floor that can get a tad chilly - even for me - in the winter. Then I thought I may as well paint the walls.

And...well...the project grew and grew and grew.

So big, in fact, that my co-worker and friend Tracy stopped by to help.

I moved and piled everything from the area....and off we went!!!!









I think it turned out quiet well actually. Now I have an official closet AND I don't have to carry my laundry upstairs after it's done!!!! Win/win if you ask me. :-)

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