Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Let's catch up..

Life has gotten away from me. My blog has been severely neglected.

I'm sorry blog!

Let's see....

Christmas was interesting, both days of it. I didn't mention that my sister announced she was pregnant. Another little niece or nephew on the way. Unexpected and unplanned for them....but everyone was excited.

Happy New Years!!! We went to eat at Cracker Barrel with my parents and my sister's family.

We ate at 5:30 with the entire elderly population of Gretna, NE. :-)

On the way home, we were at a loss of what do to. So, we stopped by the nearest grocery store, bought some booze (that was a given!) and went home. The plan.....drink as many margaritas as we can while watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy. At midnight, say Happy New Year!...and then go to bed. 7 hours into the first movie, some friends of ours arrived on the doorstep. We finished watching the first movie, put in the second. Watched about 9 hours of it, then midnight came and went.

January 2nd, 2009 - Happy Birthday Nej!!!! Mot played Wow for 3 hours that morning, and then we finally left the house to run some errands and such. A little after lunch, he looked at me and said happy birthday. He knew that he couldn't hide that he'd forgotten. :-) I'll not let him live it down, trust me!! :-)

We've been working on the vivarium here and there since I first posted it's beginning. (and no, the curtains are still not done!!) I need to start a post on it's creation. Here's a little teaser.... ambulance trip is involved.

Everyone is OK....and thank goodness I had my camera handy!!!! :-) I'll download some of those pictures when I have time this week.

I had to go back to work on the 5th of January, with everyone else in town. It was just like I'd never been gone. Same issues, same problems, same craziness.....nothing new.

We've gone from tshirt weather, to frigid -23 degree weather (this morning)....and every stage in between. Snow, freezing rain, horribly cold winds....but I admit it, I still love winter!!!!

At some point over the holiday, I took the time to put all of our books on a spreadsheet. I'm getting sick of going to our favorite store (Half Price Books), and wondering "do we have this one already?" Official count was just over 400 books at home. Sure doesn't look like that many on the shelves.

Sunday afternoon, Mot was bored. He wasn't playing on the computer, there was nothing on TV. So.....he came up with something to do. During his master's degree, a very large (3 gallon I think) Pyrex container from the biology lab. This "jar" has been the resting place for our loose change for as long as we've been married. In our less than rich (really poor) early years of marriage, we raided the jar numerous time. Lately, we've been good about leaving the change alone. For some reason, on Sunday afternoon, he couldn't stand it any longer. We spread out a sheet on the living room floor and counted it out. An hour or so later, we knew how much was in it (we didn't count the pennies, or we'd still be sitting there counting!), our legs were asleep from sitting on the floor, and our fingers were disgusting. Makes you realize how dirty money really is. Yuck!

Sometime early early Monday morning, mother nature decided we hadn't seen enough snow...and dropped a couple more inches down upon us. The weather people didn't forecast it either, so Monday's commute to work was.....well, adrenaline filled.

I'm pretty sure my car escaped without damage.

To be honest, I was so happy to finally get here, I forgot to look and see if there was any. And now, on Wednesday, I can say I still haven't looked. The car drives fine, there are no thumping or thudding sounds coming from that front I'm pretty sure all is well.

A downhill stretch of road, insane snow and ice, and nearly bald tires = not good. I got up close and personal with a very tall street curb. As I was sliding towards it, I was hoping the car would hop the curb.....but I had no such luck. It was a bit taller than I expected....and my car came to a sudden stop, against it.

And lastly, I had to leave work early yesterday. My sister had her first ultrasound (she's 4 1/2 months along), and was told the worst two words any parent could ever hear "no heartbeat."

Sis and her hubby are doing well, considering. I spent all afternoon and evening at her place yesterday. We all spent a little time being upset, and allot of time trying to find things to do to keep our minds off of it.

I think that pretty much catches us all up on the major events. Pretty boring really.

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Lyvvie said...

Happy Belated Birthday! It's the day after mine! Capricorn Wonder Powers Unite!