Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Perms, Curtains and a Vivarium

I have this crazy, messed up hair. No really!! Up until college, it was straight as a board. Not an ounce of curl to speak of. Then, just out of college, a co-worker (ex-beautician) gave me a perm. It would seem that the perm brought out the natural curl. :-) Really, I can't grow it straight to save my soul now. :)

But, unlike my sister's hair, my new natural curl is not attractive. The top isn't curly at all, the middle section is really curly, and the end 3 or 4 inches is a strange, twisted, unattractive curl.

So, because of this unfortunate state of hair, I now have my hair stylist perm my hair every so often, to control the craziness. This happened on Monday night. It's now Wednesday morning.....and it's finally time to wash the mess. We had a million mile an hour winds yesterday, and while I was out and about running errands, it effectively blew my hair into a bozo the clown looking mess. :-)

After much consideration, I've decided to not take a picture so everyone can see. (sorry Sheila) :-)

Tuesday was a busy day. My body is getting used to this unpaid week off. It just doesn't seem to want to get up earlier than 8:00, even though I'm usually an early riser. It must understand the "enjoy it while you can" concept. :-)

I got up, picked at my newly curled hair, and met a buddy for lunch. Olive Garden...yummy. :-)

After lunch, I stopped by a fabric store. Yes, Nej in a fabric store...can you believe it? Talk about a fish out of water. I have no clue what to do in these places. But, you see, I had to go. The sewing machine I was about to use needed new bobbins, I needed thread, and also pins.

Why in the heck did I need these things? Well.....those darned curtains in the bedrooms weren't getting completed by little elves in the middle of the I guess I'd better just break down and finish them....right?

To my surprise, I found all that I needed, and was out of the store quite quickly. I didn't have to ask for help or anything. It's a holiday miracle!!!! :-)

The curtains in the master bedroom needed completed.....let me give you a quick recap of what needed done. You see, I bought new curtains and bedspread, but they didn't go with the color of the walls as well as I'd hoped. So I was sewing a panel of fabric to them, that matched the walls. I completed one windows weeks and weeks ago, but the other two windows had been horribly neglected.

I also decided, that since I had the darned sewing machine out, I may as well hem the curtains from the upstairs bedroom. When we moved into this house, over a year ago, I bought new curtains for the guest bedroom. But, because of the placement of the windows in the wall...they were too long, and hung so low, they actually laid on the floor. The cats were most appreciative of the new beds, but it was driving me nuts!!!

When I got home, I decided to tackle those curtains from upstairs first (you see, they were going to be the easiest - I know what battles lie ahead of me for the master bedroom curtains, and I was flat out avoiding it at all costs).

With only a few little snags along the way (like measuring the length from the bottom of the curtain rod pocket, instead of the top - whoops) I got all 4 curtains completed and hung. I tried ironing them - didn't work. I tried putting them in the dryer with a wet towel to steam the wrinkles out - didn't work. So you know what? I have wrinkled curtains in the guest bedroom.....and I don't care. If anyone is going to see them, they are a guest sleeping in the room....and shouldn't complain. :-)

I then took to ironing the panels for the master bedroom. I got all 4 done, just about the time my quartet showed up for rehearsal, so the sewing will have to wait for another day. (like today - gulp!!)

Another project in our house right now, is the transformation of Puffer's (may he rest in peace) tank. Instead of keeping it as a fish aquarium (making hauling buckets of water up and down the stairs a necessity), we are going to make it into a Vivarium. With poison arrow dart frogs. I can't wait!!! This is going to be soooo cool!

Mot and I went to Home Depot on Monday (before the perm) to start purchasing the supplies. You see, once it's all put together, it will need to run for a month or better before we can put wildlife into the sooner we get it started the better. Plus, with it being winter and all....shipping the poor little beasties is risky and expensive.

Don't you just love going to the hardware store, with that list of supplies that makes the employees wonder if you're making a bomb...or time machine...or something? The combinations of items in your really has to make them wonder.

Our Home Depot people usually get into the fun of it though. They are always curious what we're up to....and love helping find things that will work. On this last trip, our HD employee was excited to suggest using screened gutter guards in place of some materials we were looking for. I can't wait to get started and see if it works!!!!

I'm guessing we'll work on it a little today. Or, at least, I hope we do!! I really don't want to have bought all the supplies, and then have them sit (as a number of our projects seem to do). The tank still has water in it, although you couldn't tell with all the green slime on the glass. :-)

Well....I'm off! I gotta wash this hair, gotta motivate Mot to get this fish tank transformation going, and gotta maybe start on those darned bedroom curtains.

It's New Year's Eve today, isn't it? Holy crap!!!! I think we're doing dinner with mom and dad....but no big plans besides that. We might even stay up to ring in the new year, for the second year in a row...can you believe that??? :-) :-) :-)

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