Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas, part deux

Last time I posted, I was getting violently ill on a snow drift in front of my inlaw's house. )I still blame all of those chewy Sweettarts.)

Friday was fairly uneventful.

Saturday was xmas with my side of the family. It was a small (thank god!) get together. Just grandma, mom and dad, Inny and her family, Mot and I.

Good lookin' crew, aren't we? :-)

Avoiding cameras seems to run in the family!!!

Yet, the kids, enjoyed taking pictures of each other with their new digital cameras.

See what a good actress grandma is? She told me on Black Friday that she wanted a new, lighter weight vacuum for the holiday. But she still acted surprised when she opened it. :-)

It was a good day of family, presents, and food. My sister and I played some Guitar Hero for the Nintendo DS....the boys did some Guitar Hero playing on the Playstation.....then we finished the day by watching the holiday episodes of the "Big Bang Theory" television show. (if you haven't seen any of them, check them out.....I laugh out loud during every one)

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