Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Two strikes...one more and I'm outta here!!!

Where would I go, and what is it I'm leaving? Well, I don't really know. But I do know that I'm mad, I'm frustrated, and I feel like I'm 70 friggin' years old!!!

Let me back up and explain.

I hate taking the garbage out. I find that not many people enjoy it really. I also like things to be symmetrical. Again, not a rare characteristic in people.

We have two garbage cans in our kitchen. They are the same size, same shape, same everything. They are narrow, but taller, so as not to take up too much space. One is garbage, and one is recycling.

After much searching, I found garbage bags that fit the can perfectly. They aren't too short, so they don't fall into the can when you throw away those first few items of garbage. The have drawstrings, so I don't have to try and tie the darned thing closed, and they are those Force Flex bags....which means they have texture to them. Why is that important?? Have you ever tried to take the bag out of your garbage can, and the whole garbage can is lifted off the ground...because of the suction created by the bag laying flat against the side of the can???

Well, if the bag is textured, you just lift up on the bag, and it slides out. No fighting with it!!! I love it. I know that love seems like a strong word for garbage bags, but I do love them.

About two months ago, my grocery store stopped carrying them. Then I couldn't find them at the hardware store either, or WalMart...or ANYWHERE!!! I quickly emailed their customer support.

My worst fear had come true. They had discontinued the product, with no plans of replacing them. "We sell them in black." Well, that's great, but my garbage company wants them in white....AND....black bags in my kitchen will look horrible. Argh! (yes, I'm a nut!)

I'm not an obsessive compulsive...but I was raised by one. So, some of the tendencies slipped off onto me. It's annoying, but it is what it is. :-)

It's been two months, we're on our last box of bags...but I'm calm. I can deal with this. I can handle it. I'll need to buy new garbage cans, but Mot will deal with it by shaking his head, rolling his eyes, and saying nothing!!! He's so great!

So, if it's been two months, and I'm calm...why this post?

Well, it happened again today!!!! And this one really hurts!

I hate pantyhose. Anyone who's worn them knows where I"m coming from on this one. Plus, anyone that is shaped the same way I am, REALLY knows where I'm coming from.

When I was a size 0, I was shaped the same way. It has nothing to do with being overweight. Longer legs, shorter torso, and very boy shaped. Meaning, even when there is no fat on me, I have no waist. Shoulder, abs, hips, thighs....if you are looking at me from the front, it's all the same width.

I do have boobs and a butt - but they stick out in the correct directions (i.e. not to the sides). So, when wearing normal pantyhose I have problems.

The short torso I was talking about, means I have a short rise. So, to buy jeans that sit on my natural waist, I need to by low rise jeans. Low rise jeans being in style was a godsend. Low rise fit me like regular rise fit most.

So, when wearing pantyhose, they go up to my armpits almost. And, they roll down if I move. (and I've found moving a very convenient thing during the day) :-)

Why am I telling you all this? Well, because I found the solution to the problem this summer. Thigh high pantyhose. Most thigh highs you find, have this annoying lacy crap at the top...which is very uncomfortable. Plus, thigh highs aren't really the style, so they are harder to find.

But - being the resilient person I am...I found some that are awesome!!! Spanx makes them, and they are the bomb. They stay where they need to, they are uber comfortable, and they are durable. (don't snag on a whim)

I went to order more today, and they are not on the Spanx website (well, I take that back..they are, but only one size).

UH OH!!!

I looked on the Nordstrom's webpage. Same story. OH NO!!!!!

I immediately emailed Spanx, and they just responded. I was terrified to open the email.


They are being discontinued with no plans to bring them back.

I'm going to cry. I really am. Over pantyhose for crying out loud!! Now what do I do???????

This is why I feel like I'm 70. I love a product, I want to use that product forever, and they go and get rid of it, without asking.

(They did an episode of Seinfeld about this same problem...but the product was different.)

OK, so maybe the sales aren't what they want them to be...but if the sales are that low...shouldn't they know who buys them? Shouldn't they at least call us, the loyal consumer, and tell them what's happening? Is that too much to ask????

OK....I'm going to go cry now. I mean, why not? There's nothing else I can do.

If anyone who reads this really cares for me....and if you're really my friends...please contact Spanx and Glad. Please have your friends contact Spanx and Glad. These are the products we can't live without. Tell them for me! Please!!!

(And if you only want to help me with one product, chose the pantyhose, whether you're a gal or a dude, that's the one that hurts the most!!!)

** Spanx, Her Thighness, Size 2, black and nude

** Glad, Force Flex, 30 gal, white

I thank you for your support in such trying times!!!!

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Lyvvie said...

We don't get glad bags in the UK, but we do get plenty of white bags. Nothing textured though. I tend to buy the year supply from Costco. Has a drawstring too, but I prefer handle ties. I also hate the suction thing. I wonder if a hole drilled in the bottom of the can would stop that? But would we get trash juice dripping on the floor then? Such a pain.

I just wear trousers and avoid the whole panty hose problem. If the product is discontinued, have they sold off their overstock of it? Would they tell you who they sent them too if they did?