Friday, January 9, 2009


Hubby's been complaining about some pretty hefty shoulder pain for a couple of months now. He's blamed it on sleeping positions and large, overweight ladies.

(for those of you that don't know, he's a paramedic/fireman - that make alot of calls to extremely overweight people, that need lifted)

Anyway, on Tuesday, he was supposed to go swimming at the Y after he got off work. But, at 7:00 am, he walked through our front door as usual.

Nej "Why aren't you swimming?"

Mot "My shoulder is killing me after swimming yesterday."

Nej (my standard response) "Make an appointment."

Mot (sigh) "But I don't wanna." (pouting)

Nej "Fine, then keep hurting! Would you make the appointment for me, if not for yourself?"

Mot (sigh) "Fine" (still pouting)

Today, the day of his appointment, I get a phone call here at work.

Mot (obviously aggravated) "Why am I going again? My shoulder feels fine today."

Nej "Because you haven't been using it. And now the inflammation, or whatever it is, is better."

Mot "But I don't wanna go. It feels fine. Why do I have to go? I don't wanna."

Nej (sigh) "fine, don't go....go swimming instead...and then call them back to reschedule when you're done"

Mot "I changed how I'm sleeping, and it's better. Besides, it's a long ways to drive to the doctor. And....I don't wanna go."

Nej (sigh) "whatever"

Mot "Fine, I'm calling to cancel now. What's the number?"

Nej "I don't know...I didn't write it down. I didn't know you were going to chicken out and not go."

Mot "You call them and cancel for me."

Nej "Oh, HELL no. This is all you, buddy!"

Mot "I'd do it for you."

Nej "Not if you thought I should be going."

Mot "What's the number?"

He's as bad as a three year old when it comes to going to a doctor.

I'll let you know when he finally goes to the doctor. (changing how he sleeps isn't going to fix this, I speak from experience) :-) :-)


Heinous said...

Just let him know that the next time it acts up, you will gladly punch him in the shoulder until he calls the doctor ;)

Nej said...

Heinous, I like the way you think.