Thursday, January 8, 2009

Best Laid Plans

Life has a way of getting in the way of life....have you ever noticed? You have your day planned out, and none of it goes as it did in your brain that morning. You continue to adjust, shuffle, and scrap bits and pieces of the plan...until, at 8:34 pm, none of it happened the way you'd hoped.

My alarm went off at 5:30 this it always does. Somehow, in the two weeks of holiday vacation, my hubby hid this in his brain, and refuses to admit it. So, when my alarm went off at 5:30 this morning...he let out a string of cuss words, preceded by his "oh, for crying out loud" sigh.

Normally, my alarm goes off at 5:30, then I hit snooze three times, and get up around 6:00. I putter around the house, switch over some loads of laundry, load or unload the dishwasher, put the cushions back on the couch the way they should be, jump in the shower, feed the animals, leave for work. It's my schedule.

But, today, I put that plan on hold....because Mot seems to think it's a horrible plan. Let me ask you blogger nation. There are snooze button people, and there aren't...right? Me being told that I have to get up the first time my alarm goes the same thing as me telling hubby that he has to hit the snooze three times. Right?

We're not compatible when it comes to methods of waking up in the am. What do we do???

So, I turn off my alarm and tell him to wake me up when he's out of the shower. Does he come in and gently wake me up? Nope, he retaliates for the 5:30 yelling at me to wake up from the living room. Argh!!!

Fine, so I get up, get ready...still with a smile. I mean, the little things in life aren't worth arguing over, right? Right??

Work goes basically OK. Nothing to write home again, nothing to blog about. Just boring, and usual. Well, except this....this is what I came into this morning. I should have taken it as a sign.

After fixing the chair (with what is surely a temporary fix), the morning continues on as normal...until Mot emails me, asking what my plans are for the evening.

"I'm going home from work, feeding the animals, changing into workout clothes, then heading back to the gym. I'll use some cardio machines for 30-45 minutes, then jump into the Tai Chi class. Why?"

"Can you get a guest pass for someone to go to the Tai Chi class with you?"

"Yes, who..and what night?"


"OK...for who?"

(silence - no return email)

Finally, a response "What are you plans for lunch?"

"Nothing, I brought my usual pbj and chips. Why? OK...what's going on?"

(silence - no response)

Crap, is he hurt, why does he want to go to lunch, why isn't he going to be at work over lunch. What happened? Is everything OK??

My phone rings. "So, I'm on my way home. I got the day off. They were heavy on people, and I put in for the day."

Well, that's pretty awesome!! I'll get to see him for lunch, and tonight. Completely unexpected...and very nice!!!!

Healthy (healthier) lunch scrapped, I'll eat it big deal.

After work, I come home....and he mentions wanting to run to a couple of stores. OK...well, I can work out at home. One of the stores sells heaters, and I need to get one for the gym in the basement anyway...that will be perfect.

Running to the hardware store then home, turned into hardware store then Williams Sonoma. We didn't' get home until 7:30. OK...I can workout for an hour, still have 30 minutes to wind down before going to bed. No problem.

Nope, I can tell he's eye-balling the vivarium that we're constructing in the living room. Hmmmmmm....if I go work out, he'll just stare at it, fiddle with it, and then upset himself because he rushed into it and did something without planning it out. He suffers from lack of patience, and ADHD. He'll admit it freely.

Fine, we can work on this for a little while, and while it's drying, I can workout. I'll just have to read in bed a little longer to relax before falling asleep. But it's worth it!!! Spending time with hubby is always a plus, especially when I didn't expect to get to do it tonight.

Construction goes until 8:15. Well...I can still workout for 45 minutes, it's better than nothing, right?

I grab a DVD, and head downstairs. The new heater has thawed the icy chill that is our basement in the winter. Awesome! I put the movie, in....and it won't load. Hmmm.....and not only will it not load, it won't spit it back out. Argh. And, now I can't even get the darn thing to shut off. It's just flashing "open, open, open." Yes, I understand, I pushed the eject EJECT DAMN YOU!!

"Mot, the DVD player ate my movie!!"

"Which one?"

What the heck kind of question is that? Can't you sense the frustration on my voice? Don't you understand I need a knight in shining armor worse than oxygen right now? As if it matters WHICH movie it is?? It's the movie I want to watch, while working out, that I'm not getting to do. And...................

Uh oh....I'm starting to get frustrated. I can feel the patience escape my body at an astronomical rate. 10 seconds to complete meltdown..tears and all.

Nothing today is going the way I'd hoped. Granted, most of it was different in a good way...but the way I woke up sucked...and not getting to work out blows goats.


OK, nevermind, I won't work out. Damn it...take that!!!

I grab my laptop and head upstairs. Mot was using it today for bread recipes, and let it run out of battery. No problem...I can plug it in.

Crap, Norton did it's thing before it shut down, after turning it on, I now have to turn it off so everything will run.

To quote my mother..."god damn fucking ass son of a bitch!!"

(she can cuss with the best of them, and that's my all time favorite combination) :-)

Shit, here come those frustrated tears again. Back girly tears...back!!!!! It's just a laptop. I only want to post a blog entry. There's no crying in blogging!!!!!

OK, I'm going to bed. Maybe tomorrow will be better??

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